Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My dear Jeffrey

Jeffrey came to me ten years ago.
My children were kids then
Jeffrey was their play mate.
My house rocked with the boy's shouts and Jeffrey's barks.
I am allergic to dogs.
I never went near the dog.
My kids grew up.
After their graduation,they moved out.
Jeffrey found solace in the presence of my husband and me.
A year after, my husband took up an assignment overseas.
Jeffrey and I were left together..
There was a silent understanding between us.
The absence of the family did not make much of a difference to the dog.
Last year ,I had to move out of home, to join my husband.
Jeffrey started feeling lonely.
The domestic staff of the houshold took good care.
But that was not enough.
Every morning, it would see me with a sparkle in its eyes.
Its meals were prepared under my supervision.
It was in the pink of health ,when I left shore.
I came back after six months.
Jeffrey has lost its charm.
The sprightly walk ,the cherubic expression stately posture,and the resonant barking .were all lost.
It was its poor self-battered and rattled.
I felt guilty.
I was pained to see Jeffrey.
"Jeffrey Jeffrey,"'I bade.
It looked at me, then turned back and walked away.
The unspoken bondage between us has snapped.
The twinge of solitude and the pangs of seperation,has eaten up my Jeffrey.

Mistaken Fortitude

Gunshots tranquillised Delhi.
Thirty died.
Hundreds injured
Media came out with heart rending narration.
The Telivision channels flashed poignant scenes.
The Prime Minister expressed his deep concern.
Security was beefed up.
This is a repetition of bomb blasts in Bengaluru and Ahmedabad.
Bomb blast.
Media reaction.
PrimeMinister's comment.
All in a row.
Same action.
Different place
A software for the bomb attack can be worked out..
The people show great strength ,either it be Bengaluru or Delhi.
This is India.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Tata, Nano ,Mamta

Tatas are prime business family of India.
Nano is the One lakh car.,dubbed as People's car.
Mamta is a politician,fighting for the peasants at Singur.
A very piquant situation.
There is a common algeberaic formula,
If a=b,
then a=c.

Apply this formula to Singur.
Tatas = Mamta.Very simple.
I am being very childlike.
The din Mamta is making is irksome.
The peasants are disillusioned by Mamta's relentlessness.
They want the factory to be set up in Singur
They have a found a new occupation.
They have started earning .
The Tatas ,are not cheeky business magnates.
They are noble, wise,and practical.
Leaders of Mamta's calibre should be responsible .
Progress should not take a back seat