Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ambanis Back With A Bang.

Ambanis have sunk their differences.
They would work with harmony.
They had buried their erstwhile deals.
The Indian stock market is joyous

See, how the brothers rock?.
Se, how the billionaires shake hands?
See, how the poor Indians are swindled?
See, how the government is happy?

These improbables ,if happened in the early ninteenth century,  would not be amazing.
But, in the 21 st century, these manipilations hold strong, making the country bow down in shame.

The natural resource is the property of a nation.
it belongs to each and every citizen.
Every Indian ,is the proud owner of the gas found in plenty in the Godavari basin.
But ,a full settlement has been made in favour of the Ambanis.
The elder Mukesh , got the petroleum arm of his father Dhirubhai's empire.
The younger Anil, inherited communications and the financial portfolios.
The tussle began.
The brothers had corporate fights.
Finally ,the Supreme court gave a judgement, favouring the eldest.
The mother ,pacified the brothers.
they are now back with a bang.
The Indian Nation is a puppet in their hands.
The governmant obeys the brothers'call.

The petroleum, will once again enrich the Ambanis.
The billionaires ,would emerge as trillionaires ,in no short a time.
Namasthe Mukesh!
Namasthe Anil!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Wear and Tear

The wear and tear concept is used as a base to analyse a man made product .
It is also figuratively used  to pinpoint the degeneration in the human organs.
We can apply the same principle to economy.

Economy ,which we  virtually undergo is experiencing a complete degeneration.
It is an age old technique that we are adopting.
We have also added a few clauses to give a face lift to the haggard economy, such as globalaisation and a deferred guarantee such as derivatives.
These had added ugly acne spots to the wrinkles of the battered economy.
They have not given a lift but has rendered a weary blemish .

The economy, as we understand, is a business of the nations.
It  has to be considered as a serious part of research,inducting policies that would suit the present trend, eschewing disciplines that are an anachronism in the new era.

The euro, which was hailed as a progressive tool ,in the new economy, has slammed a fatal blow on the Euro zone, when Greece faced a collapse.
The dollar ,which was held in high esteem, for a few decades has slided down.

The developing nations, India, China and Brazil,have made their advent by making their presence felt.
There are many shortcoming in the economy of these nations, but the steady advaance is to be taken into consideration.
The Chinese manufacturing speed is amazing.
The Indian stamp on the information technology is vigorous.
Brazil  is working modestly in the cofee output.
The economy of these nations, which were once at the nadir, has blossomed into a beautiful piece ,by the economists who did yeomen service to carve a niche for their respective countries.

The interest rates of the banks are governed by the central banks.
The appraisals are done perfectly.
The manufacturing industry is given a momentum.
Agriculture is cared .
The gold reserve has been stadily strengthened.
The stocks and shares ,are affected by global cues to a certain parameters.
Foreign investment is let open.

Savings , is the primary quqlity ,that has helped these nations prosper,
They are able to push their necks aboard, when the rest of the world is fuming and frothing,wallowing in the muddle of depression..

The economy, if it has to sustain , should give way to new existential policies, that would appropriately fit the age.
A loose fitting would wallow up the goodies.
A tight counterpart, would stifle the benefits ,before they see the light.

The economy needs a rehabilitation.
The process, should be sincere and impregnant with lofty themes ,that would correspond to the present sitiation.
A blight and bleaky environment should be modified ,and the whole global atmosphere should become bright and cheerful.
If winter comes, can summer be far behind.?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dependence -What for?

Dependence is a catchy snippet.
It is a quality that takes us to the core.
It is a significance that makes us look pathetic.
It is a syndrome that builds in us an insecurity.
It is a distinction that impedes in us lethargy.
It is a euphemism that prompts us to slip.
It is a cataclysm that enables us to shift the responsibiltiy.
All in all, it is a sheepish qualification .

Of late, Man reposes his investing confidence in hedge funds, mutual funds  and other debt promotions.
He sits behind  with his hands folded back.
He entrusts his money to a hedge fund manager, and relaxes.
The fund manager does the work.
If it goes north, well and good. If it turns south , then there is a mad chaos and confusion.
The regulators blame the fund manager for pushing a product designed to fail.
The hedge funds, the investment banking division face the brunt.
They are sued,fined and penalised.

Does this not sound jarring?
Why rely on others?
Why not trade all by yourselves?

The funds are manged by professionals, who are humans , prone to self deceit, liable to cheat, free to convert fraudulent transactions to genuine contracts.
In this era of malignant choices we have to evince keen speculation.
In this period of illegal franchise ,we have to keep track of the oscillation.
In this years of jugglery and fraud ,we have to work with strict caution
A deep study of the market condition personally is the essential faction.

If one is not inclined to get deep into the activities of investments in stocks , it is better to refrain from depending on reputed hedge funds and mutual funds.
It is convenient to deploy the money in other opportunities.

The trend ,is so precarious, that the most reputed company , Goldman Sachs ,is facing the music as it has defrauded the customers by pushing  a synthetic collateralised debt obligation  down their throat.
This CDO was  expected to collapse.
Yet it was commited.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Unmindful expansion.

Deploying procedures that are not coordinating to the environment has become the fashion of a day.
Building sky scrapers ,when there is land in plenty ,is a new system .
Huddling into flats ,apartments and condominiums ,is the effect of high style living.
Using electrical gadgets have become a neccessity.
Thus the world rotates , while there is a loud cry for going green.

This direction to  bring in not so much required identities have spelt a knell on the earth getting warm.
Days back, the houses were built  with cross ventillation.
The air could move from one direction to another.
Modern constructions reveal windows on one side,.
There is no free flow , thus stifling the air circulation.
This feature leads to breathing problems , like wheezing, asthma.

The restricted space in apartments , with the crowd of modern gadgets , make life pernicious.
The living room ,with the television on most of the time, seems to be a place of relaxation.
But the cringy movable space, and the yelling T.V ,send waves of harmful appeals.
The dining ,with the table set ,gives a grand look.
But the main component, the food, is all made in a hurry.
Pastas, and fast foods find their way to the table.
They are consumed even faster, proceeding to an indigestion and upset of the stomach.
The bedroom  with an elaborate cot and dressing table  presents a felicitous mood.
The time to get into bed ,and relax , gets minimised , by the work culture.
There looks  an extension of comforts but a withdrawal  of competence.
The bath with expensive fittings  has great ambience.
The kitchen with modular fittings express  a fine temperment.
The preparation also attunes to the exhibits .
A  sumptuous feast to the eyes is available.
Is it practical?
Is it eco friendly?

The construction programmes manifested in most cities of most countries , have not produced a monumnetal architecture.
Instead ,they  represent the junk type , typical of mass ,not delicate , not eye catching, not impressive form of art.
They contribute much to the disaster of environment.
They release an undesirable promotion, degrading the principles of  going green.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

The Prize

Prize ,little or small, big or huge, cheap or no value, costly or expensive, is a product to be cherished.
There are various parameters to judge a prize winner.
Crossing all examinations, overcoming all obstacles, tiding over all hurdles , braving nonconducive elements, the winner reaches the goal.
Considering the effective inputs in his endeavour to rise up, the prize he receives is nothing much to be  acclaimed.
It is the recognition, he gets  is that which goes on to make him happy and rejoice.
The reward may be an offshoot of his performance in academics, in sports, in business, in any other competition for that matter.
This is the  literal interpretation of prize.

Prize also bears other important significance.
This  try will get deep into the basics.
Honesty is rewarded, goes the maxim.
As all of us are aware, in this society, it is the other way round.
A honest person is put to hardships, and incurs enormous difficulty while maintaining integrity.
It is the cheat ,who goes away with the price catch.
Will honesty help you survive in this cantankerous, competitive , evil prone world?
Never . we can emphatically say.

Honesty finds its culmination, only in the later stages, when its true value comes to limelight.
Treachery and deceit , are like the gilted gold.
As time runs out , they lose their shine and sheen.
Honesty is 24K gold.
It will stand the test of times.
Investing in Gold is a financial prudence.
Living with honesty is an abstract distinction.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Cricket Madness.

Cricket is a game that makes everyone crazy.
It is madness , nothing but madness.
The  test cricket went on for five days.
People sat on the pavilion and gallery to watch the game.
The eleven players , in the field , made much fuss, while the eleven thousand spectators made  great noise.

Then came the one day match, with specified overs .
This became highly provoking.
Tempers ran high.
Excitement was rampant.
Money  became the  focal point.

Countries were represented .
There was a minute pick up of the players.
There was a certain extent of patriotism expressed
Mostly there is  only a handul of countries that engage in this jittery game.

Now , there is the IPL series .
The financial outflow is beyond comprehension.
The sponsors spin money, as the cricketers spin the ball.
The game has lost its quality.
It is now money ,nothing but money.
It is an easy way of making billions.

Of late, the junior minister , in the Indian Government, Shasi Tharror has got entrapped in the scandal.
Many stories , that of he favouring  his would be bride , has taken the people by surprise.
The Indian parliament is rocking with this issue.
A play has become a disaster.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

An Aesop Fable

The Tortoise and the Hare, is the best of Aesop's fable.
It includes an interesting reading and an enlightening feature.
It is a simple naration of how the Hare ,in all its anxiety , huddles through its way to reach the winning post ,and how the tortoise plods and prods its move to reach the goal.
Who wins ? is not the fascinating part of the story, but how it is accomplished is the distinctive impression that adds charm to the ordinary telling.

Management techniques are laid bare in this tale.
This is not an exaggeration, but a proclaimed enunciation.
The hare like managers ,seem to be the majority  in this era.
Quick decisions ,are not to be shooed off entirely.
They have to be given a trial before they are  pronounced.
Speedy execution ,is the need of the hour, cry the managers of this tribe.
Rigth, procrastination is the thief of time, but a sincere work out , a practical approach should be envisaged , before carrying out the order.
A time for thought, is to be taken , before planning the schedule.
A time for programming is to be entrusted , before going ahead.
A time for visualising the result ,should be adopted before executing the task.
Thus the Tortoise slogged its way to glory.
It is think, programme , visualise and achieve.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

What is it? Yes it is.

It is a come back certainly
It is a temporary rise
It is a  stabilising actor .
What is it ?mutters the investor.

It is a bulls market ,
It is a speedy access ,
It is a quick money, invest
What is it ?mumbles the investor.

Funds inflow is great,
Indices upsurge is high,
Financials hold sway,
What is it?whimpers the investor.

Returns will be effective,
Revenue will be excessive,
Value will be glamourous,
Is it so ?shouts the investor.

Markets are temptng, 
Yields are attractive,
Fortunes are  emphatic,
Yes, they are . nods the investor.

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buoyant growth

India has gone through a phase of buoyancy.
Buoyancy in economic growth.
Acceleration in poverty.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ,proudly says that the Indian economy is in powerful medium.
It discerns the future by recollecting the pat.
The growth is vivid .
The scope is illustrious.
Yet we see poverty down the line.
An anachronism glaring , a controversial oxymoron  glistening, a confronting activity gleaming.

Melinda Gates ,in her interview ,has said  Gates foundation is contributing much to the elimination of this sub continent.
There is still  Polio found in two states in India.
Her stress is to eradicate this dreadful disease, which crippled young babes ,once they get the infection.
The Indian Government in general, and  the concerned state governments  are unaware of the prevelance of this harmful virus, which they expressed has been totally eradicated.
India  requires a Melinda to find  out the existence .
India needs an Overseas foundation to eliminate this spread of virus and eliminate poverty.
Yet , Manmohan singh conveys that India has achieved a resonant success  in the economic scenario.
Does he give a thought to the abysmal poverty that is still hovering around.?
Will he visualise the mouths that go without proper  food?
How many children are malnourished?
Is he aware of the statistics?
How many young ones are school drop outs?
Does he poseess any data pertaining to this aspect?

India ,which blasts about its economic upsurge, is blasphemously struggling to get over the substantial delinquency of infant mortality, undernourishment, poverty, and disease.
A serious consideration has to be pushed into the metabolism to bring about a fruitful  rejoice.
As the economic independence and growth is celebarated , so also social stamina and dignity has to be impelled by the governance to make India  a relevant country in the world.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lady On Move.

Heard of  A Lady with the lamp,
Seen  A Lady with an iron hand,
Spoke of  A lady with  a sword,
Not heard of A Lady on move.

The Lady  on move,
Is a common slot,
Is a regular scene,
Is a real virtuosity,

The Lady on move,
Is not admired,
Is not eulogised,
Is not sung,

The Lady on move,
Has a radiant smile,
Has an iron will,
Has  daring courage.

The Lady on move,
Nurtures a delicacy,
Nourishes a kindliness
Nestles an affection.

The Lady on move,
Dedicates to service,
Directs to targets,
Deduces to infinity.

The Lady on move,
Is none other than the ordinary,
Is none other than the commoner,
Is none other than you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reforming Health Care.

Obama has finally won.
His health care reforms have been voted .in favour
The nine votes has made the diference.
Obama ,it is stated ,is the happiest person.
He was in all smiles.

The Republicans are enraged.
Their stiff opposition  to this policy  made the smooth passage a trifle difficult.
Several states have planned to sue the Fed over the constituionality of the bill.
This move would postpone the bill and if the court ruling is in the favour of the states, it would be thwarted..
The most irking wording is the ".heavy fine"
If anyone fails to take a health policy hae has to lay a heavy fine.

The trillion dollar accruals from the insurance schemes would  save the countrys deficit..
The lenghty legislation process would become expensive and would not save the many number of health plans.

The uninsured become insured. 32 million get themselves insured.
Kid still the age of 26 are eligible for dependent insurance.
Health care providers will be rewarded on the quality of their service.
Senior citizens will get $250 rebate.
The squabble between rhetoric and reform has come to a close.
Reform has emerged victorious.
Obama has finally signed the $938 billion. Health Care reform.

Let us wait and see the reactions .

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Redeemable Debenture.-InvestmentAgenda

Debentures are loans that are usually secured.
Debenture holders are privileged creditors.
They are entitled to interest ,even if the company makes a loss.

A business has many ways to receive money.
They may be in the form of deposits, debentures , laons .
The debenture holders have a hold in the asset.
This is the most secured form of  advances.
Failure of business may place other creditors in a secondary level.
The secured debentures can be reclaimed without much of a loss.
It is another form of investment that  the investor can think of.

Such being the scenario, the investor can unload his surplus in buying debentures  in credit worthy companies.
At the time of redemption , they stand to gain .
The gain would be of  a reasonable stance say to the tune of 10-15%.
No loss or wipe out as in the case of shares can be envisaged.

This instrument is the most reliable ,most revenue yielding, most assured investment.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Unmindful Throw Away

This is a story of a family, which is  very conservative in spending .
Their lifestyle is deformed, almost without any simple comforts.
Their aim is to collect interest out of the money lent out, get rentals from the let out properties,have frugal meals,devoid of nutrition.
Their assets increases in a stipulated format.
They live a life of exempted luxury ,calling themselves as simple people.

In such a family,  a girl from an ordinary stock gets married.
She remains quiet or a couple of years, watching the regular routine.
One fine morning, she sprang  as a leopard, taking the control of the finances.
She is an elementary school drop out, with no experience in handling money.

A revolution takes place.
She makes a puppet of her husband.
She with the help of few partly educated staff, just throws the currency.
She builds two houses in the same lane.
She decorates the house in the most gaudyfashion.
She keeps a retinue of servants.
Two to take care of her husband, two to be her errand boys, two to look after her child, and two more to to cook , and still a dozen to house keeping and driving.
She donates heavily to schools .
She also participates in Rotary and Lions club meetings, without understanding a word of what transpires.
Her car stable consists of a Mercedes , a Honda city, a MUV, and a Camry.

At a time she enriches her wardrobe with expensive dress materials, replinshes her jewellery with diamond and gold.
Her husband watches her in thrill and excitement.
The other members of the family, who live a below an average life get baffled by this unmindful throw.

The whole town is startled to perceive such a lavish expenditure,from a miserly family

Monday, March 15, 2010

Living Away

It is nice to live away,
from gossip and confusion
from bickering and frustration,
from hate and rejection.

It is nice to live away,
from crowd and bustle,
from noise and hustle,
from  buzz and rustle.

It is nice to live away ,
from greed and conceit,
from frenzy and deceit,
from fear and retreat.

It is nice to live  in
with cheer and fortitude
with happiness and beatitude
with  peace and solitude

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thinking Aloud

Corruption of JusticeReactions  differ.
Thoughts vary.
Perceptions are range bound.
Judgements  refract.

Justice is beyond any critical evaluation.
It is above any slander.
It is not encompassed by time, prejudice and material.

That which is exactly efficient  is now reigned by unethical codes.
The standard of judgement has detiorarated.The verdict is not plausible, as it is tagged by various factors.
Getting deep into it, we can enunciate,
Power corrupts justice.
Money grapples justice.
Emotions control justice.
It is finally , a decision of the heart, than that of  thinking that dominates.
The faculty of reasoning  assumes a dull endeavour.

Those in power employ, deploy and frame the conduct as they wish and as they desire.
The judges, who have taken an oath, affirming not to deviate from truth,go astray at times, thus extending justice to unfair means, and  deceiful entities.
The wealth  with all its resources directs justice to unwarranted movements.,stalling factual references and  sincere editions.
The burst of temper ,imprisons faith and trust motivating to distasteful approach.

The potentiality, the prosperity, and the prejudice sentence justice to an instant death, robbing it of its value and pride.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Resignation Untoward.

An unusual discomfort prevails.
An uncalled  depression lurks.
A switch over is eagerly  watched for.

It  was a bright morning,with a sun up early in the morning.
Got up with a bright cheer,and a radiant smile,
While browsing through  the morning news, got a call ,which caused an upset.
The whole day got spoilt.
It was an unimportant news, no way connected to me.
But the way it was delivered, and the impudence expressed made me sad.

I am referred  as a determined person, away  from the dust and din of gossip,and slander.
I ,mostly remain undaunted, and unflinched by such unholy talks, but as age advances,I feel I am prone to more  anxious disturbance.
I withdrew , not from the visibility, but cuddled into my own,after this telephonic conversation.
I appeared normal , but was broken into hundred pieces  in my non physical interior.

Shattered mentally, I dragged on the whole day, entertaining guests, looking out of the day chores, answering my business calls
Dusk set in. No one else was able to find out my depression..
I could feel a strong throb in my heart, a violent gulp in my throat.
I rushed to my cosy bed.
Took solace in my pillow,broke down.
I sobbed to my hearts content.
Tears soaked my pillow.
I ended up with Why Me?,Why Me?,Why Me?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Man in a gullible garb

India is a holy land.
It is rich in  culture.
It is  a spiritual oriented nation referring every odds and every occurrence to Karma.
Vedas and Upanishads give out analogies to the day to day activities.
It abounds in temples  and Godly men,who dress up in orange attire,rudraksha,smearing themselves in ash.
The Indians prefer to have a Guru of their own,according to their taste and interest.

The upstarts in religion,have a huge sway over the people.
They play on the people's feelings.
They keep track of the devotees thoughts.
They ,then manifest their power  of charm to woo the people.
They work carefully and make a steady entry into the untreaded regions.
The  mesmerised devotee go behind him,not alone but with a troop of kith and kin.
They pay obeisance ,with a fabulous presentation ,which includes cash and kind.
The swamiji blesses them profoundly.
The blessing is proportional to the donations.
The more you donate ,the more you receive.

He indulges in manifold activities.
He sets up ashrams, where the inmates are treated with great care .
The old , the young and the invalids get consolation from his talks.
His interpretation of philosophy is so lucid that the gathering lose their selves.
Immersed in a deep trance his followers pay what he demands.
He gets fattened with currency.
He becomes a biilionaire in a time unimaginable,with properties all round .
He lives in a palatial ashram surrounded by mirth and pomposity.

As his wealth grows ,he loses his equanamity.
He enters into nefarious acts.
He wanders across for lust, or pleasure.
His rash ,indecent movements get exposed one day.
Then there is a mad rush and chaotic riots.
His ashrams are burnt.
Media ,which made him popular mangles him to dust overnight.
His followers  lay hurt .

Why this mad rush happens?
Why this ghastly defeat occurs?

The Sanyasi is not to be blamed but the people who are to be found fault.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Optimistic Greed.- Stock Market's Alchemy

Stocks are only paper assets.
The more you hold, the more you are trapped.
Long term investment  has been approved by all.
Short time ones are gambling.
Intraday trading are high end casinos.
In the casinos, it is the house that is rewarded, not the player.
We find the same calibre in the stock markets.
Yet the desire to compete never dies.
Can we term it as optimistic greed?

The ups and downs in the last decade ,have wiped a neat percentage of investment.
The despair was present for a few years, but the urge to win or precisely to make quick money has dispelled this strain.
Again there is a frenzied momentum in the market.
The cues signify a thrust upwards,and a pull downwards .
This tug of war has set in a throbbing unrest among the investors.
This oscillation is created by stock bourses.
While there is a mad rush for accumulation of stocks ,there appears a down trend in the market.
The gullible investor  gathers a  sizeable volume.
The market rises marginally.
Happiness looms large.
A step up occurs.Joy be with the investor.
He adds to his collection.
The temptation becomes unresistable.
The stock market crashes suddenly.
The investor is duped.
The suicidal inclination settles in.
Meantime ,the fat cats  in wall street, would have fattened themselves.
They would have earned millions in this volatile game.
Our friend, the investor has lost most of his savings.
He gropes in the dark.
This is for a couple of days.
Again , the addiction impels him to get into trading.
He is on the stage once again.

Is there any rehabiltation centre for investors such as the one  for drunkards and drug addicts?

Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Centrifugal force.

Finance is the centrifugal  force of the Nation.
When  the finance becomes jerky ,the nations shiver.
But  mostly the finance portfolio  under the governments is not in tight grip.

The shoddy treatment meted out to the finances  has brought a devastating irregularity in the financial arena.
The start ups and fall downs punctuate the economy.
The prejudice and partaility disfigure the essential proforma.
The follies and errors in the marking up of proposals derail the system.
The loopholes and  defects plug the economy from its vantage  status.

The financial selections should be carried out with great scrutiny.
The transactions should be under closed security.
The fiscal attributes should be analysed in  perfect diligence.
The micro should not overlap the macro.

The focal issues  have lost ground.
The immature  progressions ride afloat.
The pent up distractions rush in to burst into a resounding deliverance blindening the perceiver, deafening the hearer, and paralysing the entireity.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spirited Chime

Ding Dong rings the clock,
Cling Clang  clatters the rock,
Give give  creeks the flock.

Whoo boo rattles the wind,
Rush crush cries the fiend,
Smile  smile  calls the kind.

Baa Baa wails the goat,
Swish swish sails the boat,
Help  help  directs the  quote.

Tut Tut goes the train,
Tat tat falls the rain,
Serve serve reminds the brain.

Fun fun talks the child,
Rustle rustle speaks the wild.
Bless bless  quoths the mild.

Thus chime the spirited,
Thus enforce the strongest,
Thus emphasize the gracious.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Euro Vs Dollar.

The dollar lost its charm long back.
Now Euro is sinking.
The Greecian pull,like a gravitational pull is obliterating the value of the curremcy.
The Greece fulcrum lost its leverage,dragging with it the  the prestigious Euro.
The debt in Greece is making the nation blasphmeously deficit.
The European Union is demanding a transparency ,but greece is not responding fast , to recuperate the ailing economy.

How is  the bullish impulse   working to win over the bearish trend?
The multi million dollar question is keeping everyone,not only the European Zone, but also the rest of the world buried in the deep trenches.
A feverish struggle is making hay, while Germany is preparing to pull the sinking economy Greece ,from getting bowled over by the deficits.

Apart from this dilemma, the Dubai World is masquerading behind the veil ,thus forcing the economy to die  a sad death.
Stock markets remained bleak ,taking into the considerations, quoted above.
The worl d,in general ,and certain countries like Greece,  have been dead long ago.
The action is  carried on posthmously

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Blue And The Red.

The Colours throw an appealing effect to  a depiction.
They highlight the importance .
They underline the gravity.
They  create a sensation.
They develop a significance.
They add  to the imagination.

The pictorial hue glistens.
The verdent greenery  rejuvenates.
The  cool blue allures.
The bright red sparkles.
The golden yellow kindles.
The pale white purifies.

The colour schemes present a variable charm.
Commerce also assimilates the colour  pattern.
The best companies are blue chips.
Proper transaction of money is called  white.
Hoarded money or unaccounted money is  dubbed as black.
Failed companies are said to be in red.

Illustrations with colour is impressive
Deduction with colour is expressive.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Banking Nuances.

Raising loan is essential for setting up a venture
Funds are  required to start an industry.
A reasonable  proportion of  capital should be from own resources.
A limited ratio could be borrowed .

The capital is the seed for the growth of the industry.
The loan, if borrowed should be qualitative not quantitative.
The loan should generate from a reverential chorum, such as banks , financial institutions.
The bankers can take an equitable mortgage  from the borrower and then advance the money.
A timely action by the lender is the exact need  for industrial progress.
The banks should do a thorough scrutiny , weigh the pros and cons of the borrower, then give an affirmation or negation  as the case may be.
The intention to procrastinate kills the enthusiasm.

The scenario has been transformed now .
The banks look with scorn , react with contempt, express disdain ,during the schedule of advances.
They decipher that which does not exist.
They prod on non -detailed issues.
They excavate the materials that are irrelevant to the credit appraisal.
Thus industry is placed in a precarious status.

The same bankers work with glee, when it comes to deposit accumulation.
They coax and cajole.
They enliven and brighten.
They radiate a fastidious happiness when counting up the accruals.

A simple equation strikes the mind.
A money lent earns.
A money acquired spends.
In both relations it is the interest that copes up.
A rational level of income should correspond to a relevant degree of expenditure.

A simaltaneous effort should be arranged to ease out the banking tensions.
Financial instituions have a great responsibility in reclaiming the economy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Debt Explosion.

Economy is invigorated by stimulus, by bail outs for quiet some time.
Keeping the dead man alive by artificial  measures  is the new medical agenda.
The man is put in a vent and is  clinically alive.
He is of no use to himself, nor to his kith and kin.
He is a dumb being waiting for the release of the man made procedures .
The delay leads to immeasureable hardship.
His dear ones, in an effort to give him the best medical aid, postpone the eventuality.
This process involves financial peril, mental agony and physical  strain.
The disappontments emnating from the unnecessary watch are so disheartening.
The frustrations resulting out of  long wait deduce a terrible circumspection.

The economy, like wise has been kept in an existential mood by the policies off the governments, and the brain teasers of renowned economists.
The packages have worked not miracles but deferred the demise of the economy.
An obituary would have been written by now.
Instead prayers are sung fervently to relieve the economy of its shackles and thoroughfares.
The faith of the economists and the belief of the policy makers are thwarted  by the jobless claims , by the banking  theories, by the government doctrines and by the defaulting deceits of the Wall street insiders.
An explosion of debt is on the anvil.
The surging lapses are blinking hard .
The investors are blind to the fact of the depressing economy.
They deliberately wish for a renaissance.
They not only wish,but  perceive a turn around ,enabling a positive investment scenario.
Such a happening seems to be remote and far fetched.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

A confounding Economy

Economy of different countries makes us untenably  awry .
The Cambodian economy is remarkably scary .
There is absolute poverty.
Yet there is surplus resources.
There is no development.
Yet there is abundant manpower.
There is no  revenue.
Yet there is deceit.
There is no export.
Yet there is potentiality.

The natural resources  in the form of ruby, sapphire, emerald , diamonds silver and gold  abound the Palin area.
These gems pose a valuable  front to the miserable economy of Cambodia.
The commercial  price tends to be cheap, but most times it is damn treachery.
The abubdant mutlicoloured stones captivate the perceiver.
The price tempts the prospective buyer.
The bargaining tactics deployed make  him proud.
Finally the deceit involved in the  transaction renders him wounded, demoralising  his code of business ethics.

The government remains silent .
The administration works not for business promotion but for irrational commitments which are powerfully packed in a course of lies and dishonesty.
The shops of standard form indulge in dubious transactions, by arousing the interest of the buyer, by  enticing him to enter into bargainining , whilst in reality confounding him into a prism of negative  conductivity.
The eonomy is sure to  not to take positive trends if such debasing moralities are implicated.
It is a caution to the cambodian government.
If it does not curtail such false sales , the tourism industry which is the only positive point in this otherwise defunct country, will be badly affected leading to further improvisation and perpetuaal poverty.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Falstaffian Economy

Falstaff ,the Shakespearian character,is a bundle of contradictions.
The delineation of his character is exceptionally superb.
He says one thing and does another.
His humour is sublte and deep.
His comic interludes make the drama most exciting .

Such a way the economy is hitting the world.
It is a cheerful diaspora today.
It turns out to be a drastic splurge the next day.
The cheer and melancholy complement each other.
The world is submerged in a pit laden ambush.
To come out ,it should take steps severe .

The results of Intel,and JPMorgan show a favourable trend.
Quiet unnaturally the stocks have fallen.
An episode of profitability  should have commissioned a buoyancy, instead it has committed a drag on.
The epiicurean delight of savy dish has not proved delicious.
Why doe this discrepency occur?
An untangible ,unanswerable, question has been put forth to the readers to answer.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Niceties -sonnet

A sweet smile bewitches,
A benign look captivates,
A lovely gift rejuvenates,
A warm touch  extols,
A kind word activates,
A  friendly approach enthuses,
A cajoling voice reverberates,
An attentive mind envisages.
The Niceties of Life  flow on

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Cricket lovers would be familiar with the word Howzatt.
The bowler cries feverishly "Howzatt"after having clean bowled the batsman.
The Umpire either gives the batsman out by raising his forefinger.
In lesser times, the umpire nods sidewise , denoting that the batsman is still in the game, much to the chagrin of the bowler.
The wicket keeper also uses this word, when he stumps the batsman  run out.
The fielders yell Howzatt, when they catch the ball,enabling the umpire to declare the batsman.
Thus the game of cricket where eleven players play, and eleven thousand fools watch , according to Benard Shaw,holds the breath of everyone.The spectators go rampant when the batsman scores fours and sixes.

Business also has become a game of thrill and excitement, keeping everyone in utter tension.
The sliding index of the stock market is enough to cause a cardiac arrest.
The esclating gold price is adequate to shoot up blood pressure.
The shriek Howzatt from the stock player is at times surmounting,at times  it isonly a whimper.
The business of the world ,where the mighty play,keeps us in a zig zag predicament.
The analysts are like umpires, scratching their head, pulling out their sparse hair  from their already shining head.
The cricketer makes a big hit or cracks a glamorous duck.His day is over, whether he out performs or underperforms.
The great business magnates have cast their die, whether it works out or works down is not their look out.

The perplexing economy has mangled real priorities .They have aroused dummy pivotals.
The enigma of business has to be unravelled, before anything of concrete progress is charted out.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Compelling Scenario

India and China are striving hard to get to the top of the world.
The population needs work.
They require money to improve their standard of living.'
50% of Chinese are still living below the poverty line.
20% of Indians are lingering in poverty.
It is nearly half of what it was in 1970.
The Chinese and Indians make 40% of the total population of the world.
They are throwing open education, extending job opportunities by setting up factories , usiness houses.
Most of the educated are willing to move out of the country, to take up lucrative assignments.
The less educated, form a tribe called skilled labourers, become drivers, carpenters, masons, so on and so forth.
they live in humble abodes, slogging hard to earn a livelihood. They save a handsome part of the salary, which is repartiated to the countries.

India has now  a evidential advantage ,as being the land for outsourcing.
the people are well versed i  English, so are accomplished to take up this employment schedule.
They are prepared to work at any part of the day.
This proforma may seem to be gluttunous, but it is the spirit  of intention which borders on the issue of not only helping oneself, but also the entire family , comprising of parents and siblings.
India has succeeded , to a large extent.
the soft ware boom has brought in a class , neither rich, nor poor, -a middle class.
This genre is self sufficient, but not extravagant.

make hay while the sun shines reads the maxim.
India and China have exploited the situation fully.
They are in a winning streak.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Legalised Casinos

The stock markets are legalised Casinos ,calls Dacid Weidner.
No better epithet can best describe the stock markets.
Casinos make you a billionaire , overnight.
they also push you to become a pauper over the day.
The addiction is so immense, that you have to wrestle out to come out of this temptation that is so fascinating, rather so overpowering that you lose your mind,forget your status, behave quixotically.
The lure for money , quick money  will force you to enter the gamble with vigour and velocity.

A similar behaviour is found in the stock market trading. A long time stock is an investment. A short one is a gamble.
The intraday is the best conspirer, or precisely  a perfect conjurer.
One day you make thousands, some acquire millions, without any money. it  is playing .
The next day you lose millions or billions too.
The day after , you cannot be at rest,instead you enter trading.
You win or lose.,does not matter, but you have certainly lost your balance.
The play is legalised. it is respectable than Casinos.
You can proudly say that you are doing share trading.
It is a profession
Casino is not a profession.

Both are seductions, harmful and impish

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hail to Thee_India

Jobs are likely to grow in 2010.
2009 was the worst year.
The aviation industry  is posed for a high voluminous increase in providing employment.
The Information technology sector is poised for a nominal growth.Though the industry faces a retarded advance,most companies are in a hiring mood.
Autos are also engaged in an expansion spree. The intake will be most predominant this year.
The attrition appears to be encouraging.
These occurences are not in U.S ,U.K, or other western countries , but in India.

Leaving behind the absorption locally, India looks forward for giving employment to its sons of the soil, who left the nation to greener pastures ,after graduating into medical professionals.
25,000 Indian origin British doctors are coming back to India in 2 to 4 years time.
They would be accomodated in AIMS, which is going to set up eight colleges with an attached 850 bedded hospitals.

So, now ,it is eastward ho.

Iunusually think about the Christmas song,

"Jingle bells,jingle bells
Jingle all the way,
Oh! what fun is to ride
In an one horse open sleigh."

The carol may seem ,out of context, but analysing deeply, we presume that India is in for  a oy prosperous drive.

The Indian is dashing through the snow to return to his native home.
East or West -home is best.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Key Year To China's Econmy.

The chairman of Chinese  Central Bank, has called the year 2010 as the key year for Chinese economy.

The east asian country, has done itself proud by registering a profound magnetic stamp during recession. The world was struggling, was beating all odds , was indulging in bailout packages, was mires in failures and collapses,but the two most populated nations, hiterto termed as poverty stricken countries, stood like a rock, unperturbed, and undisturbed. needless to say, that these two nations are China and India.

Zhou xi oo Chuan,has given out that the credit policy would be relaxed. It would cater to the expansion of domestic market,and of course will take care of the agricultural sector.

In 2009, the GDP was 9%.
In 2010, it would marginally slide to 8.

The interest rate would be hiked , but that would be done only in the second half of the year.

China beams with pride, rejoices with accolades, resurges with admiration, reflectsits past status.

The wheel of fortune turns.
During this decade it is Asian countries that will recapture their one time glory and ettle in high spirits.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The surging heart

The uprising waves ,
The overwhelming tide,
The splasing noise,
Not in the ocean,
But in the heart.

The extracting tedium,
The compelling tenure,
The suppressing  constraint,
Not in the mountains,
But in the heart.

The rudderless move,
The lifting frame,
The powerful throw,
Not in the  land,
But in the heart.

The jumping  cadence
The oscillating rhythm,
The rhythmic seduce,
Not in the music,,
But in the heart.

The  sucking avalanche,
The sobbing decry,
The shuddering quake,
Not in the Nature,
But in the heart.

The wild cry,
The treckling tears,
the heavey sigh,
Not in any terrain,
But in the heart.