Saturday, October 31, 2009

The Land We live.

Little we know,
Little we understand ,
Little we care,
Little we think
About the Land We live.

Little we give,
Little we share,
Little we nourish
Little we feel
For the Land we Live

Little it consumes,
Little it partakes,
Little it deliberates
Little it falters
The Land We Live.

Little it spends,
Little it musters,
Little it flourishes.
Little it survives
The Land We Live.

Much we devour,
Much we thwart,
Much we squander,
Much we swindle.
The Land We Live.

Much we pollute
Much we scorn,
Much we infuriate,
Much we poison
The Land We Live.

Brooks all disdain,
Tolerates all insults,
Absorbs all disgrace,
Accepts all contempt,
The Land We Live.

Best Batsman -Regulators Of U.S.Banks.

What a superb innings the Regulating body has made!!
It has made 106 runs-mostly singles, occasionally fours and rarely sixes.and still not out.
Much more elegant shots are in store till the year is out.
Well done!

Amazing is it not?
The regulators have closed 106 banks or the year 2009, up to October
Yesterday, it was nine banks.
Friday is the day for winding up failing banks.
There is a Good Friday , during Easter, every year.
But Failed banks Friday is all through the year.

These nine banks will be rebranded as U.S. bank ,which is the California focused unit of U.S Bancorp ,that operates a network of 770 branches across Arizona,California and Illinois.
The status of the employees of these bank is uncertain.

Cal national , the fourth boggest bank that has faced failure , lost $500 millions on heavy investments in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
Banks hold about $1.7trillion in commercial real estate loans or about 15% of their total assets.As these loans weaken ,the banks are losing their credibilty.
Few banks with better diversiication, Zions bancorp,Columbus,Synovus Financial corp, and Commercia Inc.,will survive .

The regulators have pulled down ths shutters of all these 106 banks in quick succession.
What is the government going to do?
What is the destiny of the employees?
What will happen to the deposit holders?
How are they going to resolve the advances and loans ?

By these foreclosures , it is those who had availed financial assistance from these banks are going to gain.Their loans will be classified as bad loans, and will be written off.

Where is it heading too?
Economy has revived , say our financial experts.
But the revival is seen as a masquerading manipulation.
The euphemism is fizzling out.

This Is Africa.

Africa is both rich and poor.Does not it sound like an oxymoron?.Well, it is a combination of contradictory and incongruous analogies.

The dark continent has many bright resources in store.
Vandalism prevalent outshines the intelligence subservient.
Despondency dulls beauty.

It is rich in flora and fauna.
It is endowed with mineral wealth.
It has huge man power.
Human species originated from the continent.
It hosts the world's ancient and long lasting civilisation -the Egyptian
It saddles the equator and encompasses numerous climate areas, stretching from Northern temperate zone to south temperate zone.
It is surrounded by sea on all sides.
Advantage Africa.

It is poor in economy.
Slave trade has been practised in Arica throughot the recorded history.
The Arabs made money by indulging in this deal.
The European nations scrambled to colonise entire Africa , leaving ony two states free.
They made good of their occupation.
The natives were illiterate, boisterous and rough. .
The climate and the dense forest attracted disease.
Ethnic conflicts are rampant.
Murder, theft, and agitation are part of African life
The uncanny violence, the epidemic spread of disease mars the economic growth.
Poverty is significantly present ,assuring a drawback in progression.
Malnutrition is the cause for most deaths.
Health care is neglected.
Disadvantage Africa.

When one thinks of Africa, it is the picture of a malnourished child,,with protruding bones, wrinkled skin.unkempt hair,, eyes sunk, barely clad, putting out an empty bowl,comes to our mind.This specific haunting illustration if depicted on a backdrop of the beautiful images of the Sun city,would certainly elucidate the incongurity of Africa.

The thrill of African Safari, the ravaging beauty of the Sun city, the dazzling diamonds of South Africa and the incredible Egyptian civilisation sink into oblivion.
What a paradigm shift?

Friday, October 30, 2009

The U.S. Soup..

Soup is a combination of meat, vegetable, stock juice and water. It is highly nutritious. There are mainly two kinds of soup, clear soup and thick soup. Clear soup is prepared by boiling the vegetable or meat in plain water,sauted with onion, pepper and salt. The thick soup is more or less the same, but is thickened by adding purees, bisques or cream.
It is a good appetiser.

But the U.S soup, the centre of our topic,has a similar mix up of stimulus, which has brought in economic recovery, the Afghan intrevention which has created a wasteful espenditure, and unemployment, which has affected the morale of the people.. These three vital vistas go to make up the U.S.'s present standing.

The economy is back. There is some cheer. Dow shows an increase in points. The revenue has appreciated.The modest turn around is a relief to Obama.

The U.S remains undecided with regard to Afghan war. The Talibans have become outrageous. Inssurgency has converted many to get into terrorism,. The U.S troop stationed in Kabul, is insufficient to cope with the Taliban attack. The military general, has requested President Obama to despatch a batallion. The President is in two minds.

100 banks have closed. Business have stopped hiring. Most companies have introduced wage cut and implemented retrenchment.The government says , it has created jobs. Jobs have come into existence , but they are temporary. A secured job is still a dream.

President Obama, has to give a consideration to these pressing affairs in his land, than playing a gunfight in remote Afghanistan. Health care is also in a deplorable state. Hospitals are flooded with H1NI patients, especially the kids are most affected.Vaccines are insuficient.

The recipe Of Obama's U.S. soup, is not mouth watery. It tastes bitter. It smells foul. A casual sip, burns the tongue,reddens the lips,and irritates the eyes.


The Mandatory Disguise.

Live for yourself,
Live as you like,
Live for truth.

How many of us do live as we like?
Very few, I can count the numbers. .
There are compulsions which decide one's life. A general practice of getting up early in the morning, going for a walk, have a bath, followed by a quick breakfast,an hectic rush to the office,getting engrossed in work, droleful return, switch the T.V on. then back to sleep like a log in the cosy bed. This is the mandatory routine of all.This is acceptable, as life has to go without much breaks.

The pretext, we assume in our life knowingly is a disgusting vehemency.

A philanthrophist,say Mr. Door, donates billions to a community based charity. Does he do that in a quiet manner?Never will he do, as this donation ushers a publicity. His name is flashed in newspapers. T.V.'s give him a bigger propaganda by telecasting Mr. Door who is dressed up in expensive costume, beaming with a heavy smile, flanked by his darling wife, who in turn is decked up in fine jewellery, and heavy make up.The applause follows.His coterie glorify him as a messenger of God, as an angel, and take him to heights ,which even the high powered jets could reach. Mr Door , totally flattered by now , revels in his new found disguise.This can be termed as propitious disguise.It is akin to spinning gold with hay.

Coming nearer to day to day activities,we find a large scale pretensions, though less dramatic . Relaxing at home. after a recent indisposition, an unexpected visitor dropped in. This one had done much harm than good to me. She had come ,under the pretext of enquiring about my health, hiding her rancour beneath a cover of kindness .It is deceitful disguise.It is exactly that of igniting a combustible material

. Now her entry , as a well wisher ,enraged me. Suppressing my anger, I greeted her, exchanged some pleasantries, gave her a hot cup of coffee. I had to act out of compulsion. It is also a variant of disguise. Concealing the feelings behind a curtain of hospitality is a needed pretension.It can be tagged as suppressed disguise..It is simiar to holding the loose ends together.

A politician will it into this caption perfectly. He is the best representaive of this art. He poses himself as a common man's friend, by hugging him, in front of a crowd. He does this with the votebank in mind. He appears to be an intimate ally of a business man , by dining with him in splendour.He performs this for a handsome handout. He rushes to the spot of danger, and to the area of agitation. He rolls his sleeves up and gets into the troubled spot, just to catch the attention the people. In a few seconds ,he gets into the limousine, drives away un noticed. By the time the scene has been captured by the broadcasting , and telecastinc channels. He has done the homework perfectly , for the next mandate.How do we call it?I am at a loss to ascertain a term to this peculiar disguise.Oh ! My head is whirling . A flash. Yes , undoubtedly,it is a high demand disguise.

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Health Care.

I recall a popular saying
"When wealth is lost nothing is lost.
When health is lost something is lost,
When character is lost everything is lost"

Governance is focused on creating wealth.
Building the economy is a prime concern,
But caring for the people is still more essential.
The governments world over, the civic authorities in each and every city, should pay attention to health hazards that plague the country,
A few months back, there was a rapid epidemic of Swine Flu, or H1 N1 virus.
This unknown virus took many lives and created trembling fear.
The scare was so dominant, that one could see people walking with masks around.
The production of vaccine for this specific virus is still not sufficient to meet the world's demand.

Apart from this special infection, there are others like Malaria ,Dengue, Chickenkuniya, which are rampant in the tropical countries, most likely in India.
Certain other fevers, with symptoms of acute body pai, and swollen knees pose a great threat to the people

Health department which should come to the rescue, is lying dormant .The indiffernt attitude is much more critical than the disease .
The cause for such violent spread should be checked .
A swift move to eradicate the virus should be promoted.
Expenditure on health is most essential.
Expenses on war front is a spillover.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

A Fly In The Ointment.

Economy is recovering.
The recession which was in existence all throughout 2008 and part of 2009, is resolving into a finality .
The stimulus, the bail out and other fiscal allowances have tried to turn the table.
As the finances are looking up, there is a presence of cheer and happiness everywhere.
The unemployment is still looming large. But it is predicted to get settled by next year.
The rosiness is cherubic.

But as all good things have a bad patch, this surge has its own wrong steps.
The abyssmal footings have led to a much undesirable quantum of grief.
The indulgence of Afghan , is a mismatched entry.
Afghanistan and Taliban had shooed of Russia.
Now U.S. is facing the music.
A quick decision by Obama , as to call off his troops from the troubled country, would be pragmatic and much awaited outcome.
I can hear the sound Of Americans heaving a sigh of relief, while they read my post.
Obama ,will you do it?

Nail The Guilty.

The raids conducted by the CBI in telecom ministry regarding various telecom companiesreveal vast irregularities. The sale of licence in 2008 was conducted in the "first come first served basis"at 2001 prices without competitive bidding or auction.The DOT also put a cap on the number of applicants against the advice of the telecom regulator.

The connivance of private operators with the officials in the Telecom department
may have caused a 22,000 crores loss to the government.Mr.Rajeev gupta , promoter of Nirvana management group,has been interrogated,and his ofice raided.CBI has also visited Motorola Indian office in Gurgaon.

The minister in question Raja , has denied all charges.It is but, a usual course of event.
The government should take action against the guilty.
Law is same to a small time thief , and to a big fraud who swipes thousands of crores in one deal.

A petty theft of few hundreds is considered as a serious transgression.The wrondoer is put behind the bars immediately
A swindle of billions is kept at bay.It involves investigations, trials and subsequent upholds.
The accused moves about denying allegations. If nailed ,would try to come out on bail by paying heavy amount.

Alarmed to perceive the parity between the rich and the poor, even in mishappenings.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A Shot In The Arm

The mayhem in the economy,is both depressing and invigorating.
The stimulus package has smothered th ruffles present in the financial system to a certain extent.
The ironing out has not been performed to the fullest satisfaction.
The job market is pining with large scale dysfunctions.
There is surplus debasement and abundant displacement.
The down scale salary is accepted by few , but discarded by many.
The unemployment is beyond reconcilliation.
At this precarious stand out, the bail out package is really working a recovery.
The turn around , though not prominent , is still a sweetener to the soured economy.
To make things stagger to the right diretion,severe steps and exact regulations should be followed.
A garnish like a promotional stmulus is essential.
A peppered prologue similar to the regulatory appraisals is vital .

ATMASHRUTI: An Overtake.

ATMASHRUTI: An Overtake.

An Overtake.

Overtaking can happen at any time.
Connotations on this concept vary in degree.

A simple incident of overtaking a car, while hurrying to catch the train ,was made a big issue by none other than my own sister. My driver, after dropping me in the station ,was summoned to her house,note my usage of the word summon, for this trivial issue. He was bombarded for overtaking the car, while her husband was on the wheels.
My poor driver,bold in nature, did not talk back , as she happened to be my sister.
So much for the ordinary trackback

Coming to important portfolios,in business and politics , the same attitude of intolerance persists
A slight surge of a politician ,is vied with anger and discontent.
In a context of framed enemity,a natural rise is viewed with envy. A climb up on the basis of capacity ,is scorned. A promotion on necessity is discarded. The unholy contempt expressed illustrates the demeaning mentality of politicians.

Business is also not away from such derogratory principles.A competitor is not accepted as a healthy counterpart. The sight of him brews hostility, and infuses antagonism. A profitable venture stirs suspicion.A fall back in revenue bring cheer.

The overtake is out of need. It is an endorsement of ability. It is a fine quality, that should be admired and appreciated.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Indo china Relations.

India is making careful progress in the economical front.
China has made a remarkable growth in the financial world.
The advancement of these countries is watched with attention and envy by the west.
These two ancient countries rich in heritage, great in skill, and superior in mental capacity, were prosperous two centuries back.
The depromotion of India and China , to the status of almost a negative pronouncement, was due to the outcome of quarrelling syndrome, divisive forces,weak management, population rise,and last but not the least was to the damage inficted by the West, who came as traders but ended up as rulers.
The British, Dutch, Portuguese and French robbed these nations, not only of their abundance but also of their spirit.
It has taken sixty long years for these countries to re equip and surface as strong economic powers.
As they have become cynosure of all eyes, there appears a small skrimish faction that may knock down their unity. If the differences find their way ,there would be a setback to the handsome growth.
India and China should bear this in mind and make a determined effort to lead the world to a path of glory and prosperity.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

The Marathon Race.

The world is witnessing a competition.
The Asian countries have entered into the economic race with a bang.
China and India are a emerging as a reckoning force.
Their growth is amazing.
The resplendent glory of these nations is so overwhelming ,that the Western countries are looking up to them with awe and respect.
As dollar is losing its sheen, a new currency has to be evolved.This neccesiated outcome would be organised by India and China.
The Indo china relationship, is getting soured by trivial issues, most undesirable at the present juncture. The countries should exclude their differences and join together in producing a superior economy.
The Westeren stalwarts should admit their shortcomings,and learn to accept the Supremacy of the emerging economic powers
Let the marathon race be competitive, effective and robust.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Under The Grip Of Mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes ,small in size but massive in menace, are a troublesome breed.
Many dreadful disease spread through mosquito bites.
The tropical countries nestle and rear mosquitoes so affably, that the tiny insects shower the people with amorous kisses .
The civic authorities ,pay no attention to this rampancy, that there is a violence of infection .
The viral ,thus transmitted , plays mayhem over its prey.
The infected complain of high temperature, muscle pain, dizziness and nausea.
The strain is alive for a week or even more.
Hospitals authorities are at a loss to handle the cases.
Each one has different symptoms.
The doctors prescribe a pain killer, an antibiotic and advise the patients to take lot of liquids, unsure of what to do. .
If only the municipalities have taken cautious steps well ahead of the havoc, thespread of illness could have been averted.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Passion Over Reason

Obama and his men are thin skinned, a rare breed in the community.
Politicians ,everywhere in the world are known for the "do not care"attitude.They go about their way, unmindful of criticism.
Obama gets provoked at the slightest indignation.
Restrictions are imposed on TV,s and radios ,as to the broadcast of anything that embarrasses the president.
Is it not going too far?
Curbing the liberties of free speech is a gross violence.

During the election campaign,there were incidents that reflected Obama's anger.
Palin's nomination to the vice Presidency incensed Obama . "Obama operatives" landed in Wasilla, Alaska. They spread false reports on Palin's administration,as to book ban ,cut funding for special needs children.Ayers episode Illinois in August, saw a flooding of emails to the office of Chicago WGN radio, when one of its radio host unearthed the connection of Obama with Ayers.This was executed by "Obama Action wire'.

Joe the Plumber entered the race. This middle class personality represented Obama's policy of spreading wealth all around. Joe was traced as a divorcee. The Obama group got little jolted by this news.Vivacious Obama should have tested the veracity of the middle class voter, before projecting him as an icon for his campaigns.

Obama , as a President , is still harsher in his partisan favour than he was as a candidate. he warned congressional Republicans against listening to Rush Limbaugh., who offered to sit down with Iranian President.Speech restrictions in political meets are being advocated.Shauna Daly has been appointed as director o political activities ,and moving the ofice to the white houseare sure indicators of partisian excess.

Obama and his men should understand that reason is above passion. Silence and patience should be adopted. Intrigue and indignation should be avoided.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Quick Money Is Akin To Quick Sand.

The stories Of Ramalinga raju, of satyam, Raj rajaratnam of Galleon, stop us or awhile.
The halt makes us wonder.
Wonder we did , when they were making huge money.
Wonder we do, when we see them behind the bars .

How did they amass wealth in such a short time?
If we question or analyse their movements, we will findmillions of illegal connivance.
These tracking would have been shooed of by critics, when the protagonists were i their hey days.
Once their system collapses, many controversial theorems, conspicous conspiracies come into the fore.
The world , in large, is aghast.

The Raju and the Raj, unwittingly the names also tally,were hailed as successul business men with keen acumen and enlightening foresight.
They created charities and oundations to help the needy.
They were looked up as demi gods.
But their default has denounced them.
They have been deprived of their wealth (ill gotten), reputation, and peace.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Political Business.-Business Politicians.

Politics is business.
Politicians make good money thanbusiness people.
A few decades back, politics was constrained to a limited society.
People with true intention to serve the country took active part in politics.
A few years back, politics has attained the status of a profession.It is an occupation, which will earn a lumpsum and which expects less strife is politics.

The politician ,of this decade, is a billionaire. He rides in Mercedes,flies in private jets, clads in expensive clothings, decks himself in flashy jewellery .He owns vast properties, lives in a sprawling mansion. A rejoinder to such sumptuous extravaganza , is his audacious behaviour. He demands respect, commands authority, leashes out violence , promotes chaos.

Business Politicians,primarily make huge profits by aligning themselves with people in power. Rules and regulations are altered in their favour. Tax sops are given to suit their needs. They, in turn , feed the ministers and oficials with kickbacks. The ordinary business man becomes a tycoon . In no short a time.his life style changes. He ,like his beneficiary,occupies a huge mansion, criss crosses the world in private planes, spends lavishly, throws huge parties and walks about in a dangling style.

Politics and business are so dear to one another. They are inseperable twins.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Smokes And Mirrors.

Smokes and mirrors ,is a metaphor, that holds my attention.
A mirror reflecting a smoke, is a vague transmission of reality.
It portrays the visual perception,undermining the apparent proposition.

How many action that we witness bear a tinge of sincerity?
How many transactions that boast of genuinity , are really so?
How much talk that overwhelm in eloquence are orations of truth?
How many overtures of affection are exactly so?
Behind every deal, every move, every speech, every caressing touch ther is a hidden shadowy data.
The veiled advances may mislead, may misquote,may misguide the receiver.

Obama has talked inanger about the insurance companies procedures. He has precisely criticised their proposals of extending insurance claim as an eyewash.

Help and aid ,charity and philanthrophy are a disguised proclamations that enable Man to seek benefits and profits in a dignified manner.
They may also reflect a cover up of the sense of wrong, or guilt that Man has committed.

Smoke and mirror illustrate the state of society ,we are in.
The economy is under pressure.
Employment is under suppression.
The rich expose extravaganza.
The poor reel in poverty.
The governments of nations speak out that there is enormous growth in GDP.Inflation is contained is another common call of the rulers.How do they conclude?How do they calculate?

Three words give us a vast interpretation."Smokes And Mirrors"

An environment of uneasy calm persists.
GDP rise does not mitigate the suferring of the poor.

Monday, October 19, 2009


Bonus has become a major issue . Materialistic world is much obsessed with money.
When the recession is making a rapid stride into the financial sector, creating a situation of gloom and scarcity, where does the issue of bonus comes in?
Bonus , is actually a gift provided by the company to its workers on the basis of service, experience and merit.
When the provider is in trouble, how can he extend a substantial offer?
Prosperity supplies propensity.
In good times, the company was generous in ite distribution.
The bad period demands frugality. It not only deems , but also could not afford a magnanimity.
If the receiver fails to understand this simple corelation, then the industrial climate will be in deplorable state.
A volunteer submission of a relative low percentage of bonus at times of down turn by the labour force , will promote a healthy environment.
Similarly , a willing acknowledgement ,of a high consolidation of bonus, at times of surge by the companies, will again propel a saliburious atmosphere.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Return Of The Native,

A year exactly has rolled on.My atmashruti was left with no care. I am back with a bang.
Many experiences have been left out.
Many happenings have not been recorded.
Many feelings have not been expressed.
An obsession ,which is unexplainable, had set inm
A preocuupation overtook the writing spirit.

The year that was, saw many ups and downs.
The economy has made a smart recovery,
Employment is still a taboo.
Nature made its presence known by its terrific violence.
Political stability is yet to be established in many nations.
Environment is at risk,with increasing carbon emissons.
"Going Green", is the epithet, profusely used to target people.

The internal combustion in Man is still very pronounced.
There is a general feeling of fear and discontent.
Greed and deceit still persists.
Riot and turbulence still exists.
Joy and peace, charm and cheer, beauty and divinity, appear to be remote abstractions.