Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Centrifugal force.

Finance is the centrifugal  force of the Nation.
When  the finance becomes jerky ,the nations shiver.
But  mostly the finance portfolio  under the governments is not in tight grip.

The shoddy treatment meted out to the finances  has brought a devastating irregularity in the financial arena.
The start ups and fall downs punctuate the economy.
The prejudice and partaility disfigure the essential proforma.
The follies and errors in the marking up of proposals derail the system.
The loopholes and  defects plug the economy from its vantage  status.

The financial selections should be carried out with great scrutiny.
The transactions should be under closed security.
The fiscal attributes should be analysed in  perfect diligence.
The micro should not overlap the macro.

The focal issues  have lost ground.
The immature  progressions ride afloat.
The pent up distractions rush in to burst into a resounding deliverance blindening the perceiver, deafening the hearer, and paralysing the entireity.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Spirited Chime

Ding Dong rings the clock,
Cling Clang  clatters the rock,
Give give  creeks the flock.

Whoo boo rattles the wind,
Rush crush cries the fiend,
Smile  smile  calls the kind.

Baa Baa wails the goat,
Swish swish sails the boat,
Help  help  directs the  quote.

Tut Tut goes the train,
Tat tat falls the rain,
Serve serve reminds the brain.

Fun fun talks the child,
Rustle rustle speaks the wild.
Bless bless  quoths the mild.

Thus chime the spirited,
Thus enforce the strongest,
Thus emphasize the gracious.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Euro Vs Dollar.

The dollar lost its charm long back.
Now Euro is sinking.
The Greecian pull,like a gravitational pull is obliterating the value of the curremcy.
The Greece fulcrum lost its leverage,dragging with it the  the prestigious Euro.
The debt in Greece is making the nation blasphmeously deficit.
The European Union is demanding a transparency ,but greece is not responding fast , to recuperate the ailing economy.

How is  the bullish impulse   working to win over the bearish trend?
The multi million dollar question is keeping everyone,not only the European Zone, but also the rest of the world buried in the deep trenches.
A feverish struggle is making hay, while Germany is preparing to pull the sinking economy Greece ,from getting bowled over by the deficits.

Apart from this dilemma, the Dubai World is masquerading behind the veil ,thus forcing the economy to die  a sad death.
Stock markets remained bleak ,taking into the considerations, quoted above.
The worl d,in general ,and certain countries like Greece,  have been dead long ago.
The action is  carried on posthmously

Thursday, February 11, 2010

The Blue And The Red.

The Colours throw an appealing effect to  a depiction.
They highlight the importance .
They underline the gravity.
They  create a sensation.
They develop a significance.
They add  to the imagination.

The pictorial hue glistens.
The verdent greenery  rejuvenates.
The  cool blue allures.
The bright red sparkles.
The golden yellow kindles.
The pale white purifies.

The colour schemes present a variable charm.
Commerce also assimilates the colour  pattern.
The best companies are blue chips.
Proper transaction of money is called  white.
Hoarded money or unaccounted money is  dubbed as black.
Failed companies are said to be in red.

Illustrations with colour is impressive
Deduction with colour is expressive.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Banking Nuances.

Raising loan is essential for setting up a venture
Funds are  required to start an industry.
A reasonable  proportion of  capital should be from own resources.
A limited ratio could be borrowed .

The capital is the seed for the growth of the industry.
The loan, if borrowed should be qualitative not quantitative.
The loan should generate from a reverential chorum, such as banks , financial institutions.
The bankers can take an equitable mortgage  from the borrower and then advance the money.
A timely action by the lender is the exact need  for industrial progress.
The banks should do a thorough scrutiny , weigh the pros and cons of the borrower, then give an affirmation or negation  as the case may be.
The intention to procrastinate kills the enthusiasm.

The scenario has been transformed now .
The banks look with scorn , react with contempt, express disdain ,during the schedule of advances.
They decipher that which does not exist.
They prod on non -detailed issues.
They excavate the materials that are irrelevant to the credit appraisal.
Thus industry is placed in a precarious status.

The same bankers work with glee, when it comes to deposit accumulation.
They coax and cajole.
They enliven and brighten.
They radiate a fastidious happiness when counting up the accruals.

A simple equation strikes the mind.
A money lent earns.
A money acquired spends.
In both relations it is the interest that copes up.
A rational level of income should correspond to a relevant degree of expenditure.

A simaltaneous effort should be arranged to ease out the banking tensions.
Financial instituions have a great responsibility in reclaiming the economy.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Debt Explosion.

Economy is invigorated by stimulus, by bail outs for quiet some time.
Keeping the dead man alive by artificial  measures  is the new medical agenda.
The man is put in a vent and is  clinically alive.
He is of no use to himself, nor to his kith and kin.
He is a dumb being waiting for the release of the man made procedures .
The delay leads to immeasureable hardship.
His dear ones, in an effort to give him the best medical aid, postpone the eventuality.
This process involves financial peril, mental agony and physical  strain.
The disappontments emnating from the unnecessary watch are so disheartening.
The frustrations resulting out of  long wait deduce a terrible circumspection.

The economy, like wise has been kept in an existential mood by the policies off the governments, and the brain teasers of renowned economists.
The packages have worked not miracles but deferred the demise of the economy.
An obituary would have been written by now.
Instead prayers are sung fervently to relieve the economy of its shackles and thoroughfares.
The faith of the economists and the belief of the policy makers are thwarted  by the jobless claims , by the banking  theories, by the government doctrines and by the defaulting deceits of the Wall street insiders.
An explosion of debt is on the anvil.
The surging lapses are blinking hard .
The investors are blind to the fact of the depressing economy.
They deliberately wish for a renaissance.
They not only wish,but  perceive a turn around ,enabling a positive investment scenario.
Such a happening seems to be remote and far fetched.