Thursday, May 27, 2010

Ambanis Back With A Bang.

Ambanis have sunk their differences.
They would work with harmony.
They had buried their erstwhile deals.
The Indian stock market is joyous

See, how the brothers rock?.
Se, how the billionaires shake hands?
See, how the poor Indians are swindled?
See, how the government is happy?

These improbables ,if happened in the early ninteenth century,  would not be amazing.
But, in the 21 st century, these manipilations hold strong, making the country bow down in shame.

The natural resource is the property of a nation.
it belongs to each and every citizen.
Every Indian ,is the proud owner of the gas found in plenty in the Godavari basin.
But ,a full settlement has been made in favour of the Ambanis.
The elder Mukesh , got the petroleum arm of his father Dhirubhai's empire.
The younger Anil, inherited communications and the financial portfolios.
The tussle began.
The brothers had corporate fights.
Finally ,the Supreme court gave a judgement, favouring the eldest.
The mother ,pacified the brothers.
they are now back with a bang.
The Indian Nation is a puppet in their hands.
The governmant obeys the brothers'call.

The petroleum, will once again enrich the Ambanis.
The billionaires ,would emerge as trillionaires ,in no short a time.
Namasthe Mukesh!
Namasthe Anil!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Wear and Tear

The wear and tear concept is used as a base to analyse a man made product .
It is also figuratively used  to pinpoint the degeneration in the human organs.
We can apply the same principle to economy.

Economy ,which we  virtually undergo is experiencing a complete degeneration.
It is an age old technique that we are adopting.
We have also added a few clauses to give a face lift to the haggard economy, such as globalaisation and a deferred guarantee such as derivatives.
These had added ugly acne spots to the wrinkles of the battered economy.
They have not given a lift but has rendered a weary blemish .

The economy, as we understand, is a business of the nations.
It  has to be considered as a serious part of research,inducting policies that would suit the present trend, eschewing disciplines that are an anachronism in the new era.

The euro, which was hailed as a progressive tool ,in the new economy, has slammed a fatal blow on the Euro zone, when Greece faced a collapse.
The dollar ,which was held in high esteem, for a few decades has slided down.

The developing nations, India, China and Brazil,have made their advent by making their presence felt.
There are many shortcoming in the economy of these nations, but the steady advaance is to be taken into consideration.
The Chinese manufacturing speed is amazing.
The Indian stamp on the information technology is vigorous.
Brazil  is working modestly in the cofee output.
The economy of these nations, which were once at the nadir, has blossomed into a beautiful piece ,by the economists who did yeomen service to carve a niche for their respective countries.

The interest rates of the banks are governed by the central banks.
The appraisals are done perfectly.
The manufacturing industry is given a momentum.
Agriculture is cared .
The gold reserve has been stadily strengthened.
The stocks and shares ,are affected by global cues to a certain parameters.
Foreign investment is let open.

Savings , is the primary quqlity ,that has helped these nations prosper,
They are able to push their necks aboard, when the rest of the world is fuming and frothing,wallowing in the muddle of depression..

The economy, if it has to sustain , should give way to new existential policies, that would appropriately fit the age.
A loose fitting would wallow up the goodies.
A tight counterpart, would stifle the benefits ,before they see the light.

The economy needs a rehabilitation.
The process, should be sincere and impregnant with lofty themes ,that would correspond to the present sitiation.
A blight and bleaky environment should be modified ,and the whole global atmosphere should become bright and cheerful.
If winter comes, can summer be far behind.?

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Dependence -What for?

Dependence is a catchy snippet.
It is a quality that takes us to the core.
It is a significance that makes us look pathetic.
It is a syndrome that builds in us an insecurity.
It is a distinction that impedes in us lethargy.
It is a euphemism that prompts us to slip.
It is a cataclysm that enables us to shift the responsibiltiy.
All in all, it is a sheepish qualification .

Of late, Man reposes his investing confidence in hedge funds, mutual funds  and other debt promotions.
He sits behind  with his hands folded back.
He entrusts his money to a hedge fund manager, and relaxes.
The fund manager does the work.
If it goes north, well and good. If it turns south , then there is a mad chaos and confusion.
The regulators blame the fund manager for pushing a product designed to fail.
The hedge funds, the investment banking division face the brunt.
They are sued,fined and penalised.

Does this not sound jarring?
Why rely on others?
Why not trade all by yourselves?

The funds are manged by professionals, who are humans , prone to self deceit, liable to cheat, free to convert fraudulent transactions to genuine contracts.
In this era of malignant choices we have to evince keen speculation.
In this period of illegal franchise ,we have to keep track of the oscillation.
In this years of jugglery and fraud ,we have to work with strict caution
A deep study of the market condition personally is the essential faction.

If one is not inclined to get deep into the activities of investments in stocks , it is better to refrain from depending on reputed hedge funds and mutual funds.
It is convenient to deploy the money in other opportunities.

The trend ,is so precarious, that the most reputed company , Goldman Sachs ,is facing the music as it has defrauded the customers by pushing  a synthetic collateralised debt obligation  down their throat.
This CDO was  expected to collapse.
Yet it was commited.