Saturday, January 30, 2010

A confounding Economy

Economy of different countries makes us untenably  awry .
The Cambodian economy is remarkably scary .
There is absolute poverty.
Yet there is surplus resources.
There is no development.
Yet there is abundant manpower.
There is no  revenue.
Yet there is deceit.
There is no export.
Yet there is potentiality.

The natural resources  in the form of ruby, sapphire, emerald , diamonds silver and gold  abound the Palin area.
These gems pose a valuable  front to the miserable economy of Cambodia.
The commercial  price tends to be cheap, but most times it is damn treachery.
The abubdant mutlicoloured stones captivate the perceiver.
The price tempts the prospective buyer.
The bargaining tactics deployed make  him proud.
Finally the deceit involved in the  transaction renders him wounded, demoralising  his code of business ethics.

The government remains silent .
The administration works not for business promotion but for irrational commitments which are powerfully packed in a course of lies and dishonesty.
The shops of standard form indulge in dubious transactions, by arousing the interest of the buyer, by  enticing him to enter into bargainining , whilst in reality confounding him into a prism of negative  conductivity.
The eonomy is sure to  not to take positive trends if such debasing moralities are implicated.
It is a caution to the cambodian government.
If it does not curtail such false sales , the tourism industry which is the only positive point in this otherwise defunct country, will be badly affected leading to further improvisation and perpetuaal poverty.


Friday, January 15, 2010

Falstaffian Economy

Falstaff ,the Shakespearian character,is a bundle of contradictions.
The delineation of his character is exceptionally superb.
He says one thing and does another.
His humour is sublte and deep.
His comic interludes make the drama most exciting .

Such a way the economy is hitting the world.
It is a cheerful diaspora today.
It turns out to be a drastic splurge the next day.
The cheer and melancholy complement each other.
The world is submerged in a pit laden ambush.
To come out ,it should take steps severe .

The results of Intel,and JPMorgan show a favourable trend.
Quiet unnaturally the stocks have fallen.
An episode of profitability  should have commissioned a buoyancy, instead it has committed a drag on.
The epiicurean delight of savy dish has not proved delicious.
Why doe this discrepency occur?
An untangible ,unanswerable, question has been put forth to the readers to answer.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Niceties -sonnet

A sweet smile bewitches,
A benign look captivates,
A lovely gift rejuvenates,
A warm touch  extols,
A kind word activates,
A  friendly approach enthuses,
A cajoling voice reverberates,
An attentive mind envisages.
The Niceties of Life  flow on

Sunday, January 10, 2010


Cricket lovers would be familiar with the word Howzatt.
The bowler cries feverishly "Howzatt"after having clean bowled the batsman.
The Umpire either gives the batsman out by raising his forefinger.
In lesser times, the umpire nods sidewise , denoting that the batsman is still in the game, much to the chagrin of the bowler.
The wicket keeper also uses this word, when he stumps the batsman  run out.
The fielders yell Howzatt, when they catch the ball,enabling the umpire to declare the batsman.
Thus the game of cricket where eleven players play, and eleven thousand fools watch , according to Benard Shaw,holds the breath of everyone.The spectators go rampant when the batsman scores fours and sixes.

Business also has become a game of thrill and excitement, keeping everyone in utter tension.
The sliding index of the stock market is enough to cause a cardiac arrest.
The esclating gold price is adequate to shoot up blood pressure.
The shriek Howzatt from the stock player is at times surmounting,at times  it isonly a whimper.
The business of the world ,where the mighty play,keeps us in a zig zag predicament.
The analysts are like umpires, scratching their head, pulling out their sparse hair  from their already shining head.
The cricketer makes a big hit or cracks a glamorous duck.His day is over, whether he out performs or underperforms.
The great business magnates have cast their die, whether it works out or works down is not their look out.

The perplexing economy has mangled real priorities .They have aroused dummy pivotals.
The enigma of business has to be unravelled, before anything of concrete progress is charted out.

Friday, January 8, 2010

A Compelling Scenario

India and China are striving hard to get to the top of the world.
The population needs work.
They require money to improve their standard of living.'
50% of Chinese are still living below the poverty line.
20% of Indians are lingering in poverty.
It is nearly half of what it was in 1970.
The Chinese and Indians make 40% of the total population of the world.
They are throwing open education, extending job opportunities by setting up factories , usiness houses.
Most of the educated are willing to move out of the country, to take up lucrative assignments.
The less educated, form a tribe called skilled labourers, become drivers, carpenters, masons, so on and so forth.
they live in humble abodes, slogging hard to earn a livelihood. They save a handsome part of the salary, which is repartiated to the countries.

India has now  a evidential advantage ,as being the land for outsourcing.
the people are well versed i  English, so are accomplished to take up this employment schedule.
They are prepared to work at any part of the day.
This proforma may seem to be gluttunous, but it is the spirit  of intention which borders on the issue of not only helping oneself, but also the entire family , comprising of parents and siblings.
India has succeeded , to a large extent.
the soft ware boom has brought in a class , neither rich, nor poor, -a middle class.
This genre is self sufficient, but not extravagant.

make hay while the sun shines reads the maxim.
India and China have exploited the situation fully.
They are in a winning streak.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Legalised Casinos

The stock markets are legalised Casinos ,calls Dacid Weidner.
No better epithet can best describe the stock markets.
Casinos make you a billionaire , overnight.
they also push you to become a pauper over the day.
The addiction is so immense, that you have to wrestle out to come out of this temptation that is so fascinating, rather so overpowering that you lose your mind,forget your status, behave quixotically.
The lure for money , quick money  will force you to enter the gamble with vigour and velocity.

A similar behaviour is found in the stock market trading. A long time stock is an investment. A short one is a gamble.
The intraday is the best conspirer, or precisely  a perfect conjurer.
One day you make thousands, some acquire millions, without any money. it  is playing .
The next day you lose millions or billions too.
The day after , you cannot be at rest,instead you enter trading.
You win or lose.,does not matter, but you have certainly lost your balance.
The play is legalised. it is respectable than Casinos.
You can proudly say that you are doing share trading.
It is a profession
Casino is not a profession.

Both are seductions, harmful and impish

Monday, January 4, 2010

Hail to Thee_India

Jobs are likely to grow in 2010.
2009 was the worst year.
The aviation industry  is posed for a high voluminous increase in providing employment.
The Information technology sector is poised for a nominal growth.Though the industry faces a retarded advance,most companies are in a hiring mood.
Autos are also engaged in an expansion spree. The intake will be most predominant this year.
The attrition appears to be encouraging.
These occurences are not in U.S ,U.K, or other western countries , but in India.

Leaving behind the absorption locally, India looks forward for giving employment to its sons of the soil, who left the nation to greener pastures ,after graduating into medical professionals.
25,000 Indian origin British doctors are coming back to India in 2 to 4 years time.
They would be accomodated in AIMS, which is going to set up eight colleges with an attached 850 bedded hospitals.

So, now ,it is eastward ho.

Iunusually think about the Christmas song,

"Jingle bells,jingle bells
Jingle all the way,
Oh! what fun is to ride
In an one horse open sleigh."

The carol may seem ,out of context, but analysing deeply, we presume that India is in for  a oy prosperous drive.

The Indian is dashing through the snow to return to his native home.
East or West -home is best.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Key Year To China's Econmy.

The chairman of Chinese  Central Bank, has called the year 2010 as the key year for Chinese economy.

The east asian country, has done itself proud by registering a profound magnetic stamp during recession. The world was struggling, was beating all odds , was indulging in bailout packages, was mires in failures and collapses,but the two most populated nations, hiterto termed as poverty stricken countries, stood like a rock, unperturbed, and undisturbed. needless to say, that these two nations are China and India.

Zhou xi oo Chuan,has given out that the credit policy would be relaxed. It would cater to the expansion of domestic market,and of course will take care of the agricultural sector.

In 2009, the GDP was 9%.
In 2010, it would marginally slide to 8.

The interest rate would be hiked , but that would be done only in the second half of the year.

China beams with pride, rejoices with accolades, resurges with admiration, reflectsits past status.

The wheel of fortune turns.
During this decade it is Asian countries that will recapture their one time glory and ettle in high spirits.

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The surging heart

The uprising waves ,
The overwhelming tide,
The splasing noise,
Not in the ocean,
But in the heart.

The extracting tedium,
The compelling tenure,
The suppressing  constraint,
Not in the mountains,
But in the heart.

The rudderless move,
The lifting frame,
The powerful throw,
Not in the  land,
But in the heart.

The jumping  cadence
The oscillating rhythm,
The rhythmic seduce,
Not in the music,,
But in the heart.

The  sucking avalanche,
The sobbing decry,
The shuddering quake,
Not in the Nature,
But in the heart.

The wild cry,
The treckling tears,
the heavey sigh,
Not in any terrain,
But in the heart.