Friday, August 29, 2008

Obama in White House

Obama's campaign is buoyed by Clintons.
His speech to 75,000 odd people was simply wonderful.
It was meticulously crafted.
His brilliant knock out was on the subject of economy.
He means what he says, I hope.
He wants to uplift the average American.
His economy does not center on Fortune 500 companies.
He does not direct to the wealthy.
He has really hard nuts to crack.
The financials has to be straightened.
Inflation has to be curbed
Unemployment is rampant.
Job cuts abound.
He has to plan suitably.
The war thirst has to be quenched.
Steering a ship in a storm is difficult.
Obama has to take ahead a bleeding nation.
will Obama perform?


Thursday, August 28, 2008

If not bread eat cakes.

David Weidner's remark chicken littles and banking crisis is amusing.
He proclaims that there is no crisis at all.
Banks 9 of them have failed.
It is only a mild setback,according to Weidner.
He goes by numbers.His collection of details is amazing.
He refers to the crisis in 1982, 1986.
He also takes us back to the age of depression -1930.
It is a neat statistical study.
Banking crisis is cyclical, is another significant quip by Weidner.
His write up is beautiful rhetoric.
The story is a cover up of the flaws ,foibles,and mistakes of the Fed.
I am impressed by the rhapsody.I enjoyed reading it
The art of writing is perfect in Weidner's article
But,I am reminded.God forbid of the French Queen's retort
If not bread eat cakes.
So is Weidner's announcement.
No crisis but a mild one.
An unusual similarity ,may it be

Monday, August 25, 2008

Melodrama in Singur

Singur in West Bengal, India is the most happening place.
The West bengal govenment called Tatas to set up their car manufacturing plant.
It was a bolt from the blue.
The communists ruled state had lost its progress due to its anti capitalistic policy.
The incumbent Chief Minister wanted to make up for the loss.
The Tatas acquired 1000 and odd acres in Singur, a very small hamlet .
In course of time Singur attained a star status.
Mamata Banerjee took up the cudgels.
She made life difficult for the Tata.
Tatas lost their patience.
A few days back , Ratan Tata, red with anger, announced, that he is ready to pull out his factory.
He nonchalantly thundered,that his investment is important, but the routine life of his employees is of great concern to him.
Mamta and her supporters are rattled now.
Most of the farmers who have given up the land want the Tatas to stay.
A sudden twist.
Tatas or Mamta
Singur decide.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Economy of U.S

Farrel has dubbed the U.S economy as "The outrageous war economy"
It is a classic interpretation of the world's biggest economy.
The people of U.S are brainwashed,misguided , by their politicians.
War and economy sound similar in U.S.
The retreating economy is camouflaged by declaration of war .
This unexpected turn diverts the focus of the people.
Newton's law of motion states"For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction .'
So for every financial fall ,there is a war, Iran war, Afghan war, ,way back there was the Cuban war, Vietnam war.
Now the venue is Georgia.
U. S is all set to enter the battlefield.
My clarion call to the universities of the world-Add a new branch to the subject of economics. "The war economy"-courtesy Farrel

Saturday, August 23, 2008


Reading maketh a full man -Bacon.
Business brings profit-lot of money.
Business also brings loss-depletes cash
By business, I include trading, manufacturing,and property development.
I have not inherited any of my father's business,though I was entitled for a lion's share of the best of his property.
My share has been usurped by my siblings.
I experience great pain.
But ,unwittingly,I have imbibed one of my father's best qualities-Reading.
Reading is my passion.,as was it to him.
Writing is my love,as my father felt it.
The exhilaration I undergo while reading compensates the anguish I suffer of having been deprived of my wealth.
As of now, my siblings have lost their well or ill gotten wealth.
Now they turn to me for solace.
Turn away, cries my mind.
Shun them, shouts my heart.
Equanimity and composure prevail upon me.
I extend a helping hand.
My father has passed on a quality that is of great value, than all the wealth he possessed.
Thank You Dad!!


Friday, August 8, 2008

Leave Me Alone.

Each city has a speciality.
Madurai is famous for Meenakshi temple.
It is an ancient city, with narrow roads and broad perception.
It is a nerve centre of trading.
It stood apart from the maddening industrialization.
Madurai hand looms,Sungadi Saree, jasmine flowers bring recognition to this city.
The people are equally conservative, steeped in tradition,
The city preserves the Tamil culture , the chastity of the Tamil language,the essence of hospitality. -a trait of Tamils.
The confederation of Indian industry and the government are working on projects to hasten a
rapid expansion.
Industries bring with them employment, money and competition.
They will dissipate the tranquillity, the consideration, the quint essence of simplicity and the deep spiritualism .
Industries can be set up.
Money can be earned.
Competition dissolves peace.
Can we establish tranquillity?
Can we instill consideration?
Can we buy simplicity?
Is Madurai not happy as it is?
Is Madurai not surviving?
Does Madurai needs a new face?
It is divine as it is. It is beautiful without the make ups.
Leave Madurai alone for heaven sake.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Growth inevitable.

Palm oil futures are hit.
The Malaysian Government and Indonesian Government have planned to divert their surplus to the manufacture of bio diesel.
Malaysia has announced that it will stop export of CPO,if the price tumbles further.
A brave and timely announcement.
Palm oil is the cheapest cooking oil available.
India, China and most of the European nations are the chief importers.
Malaysian economy depends largely on Palm oil.
Oil palm is Malaysia's cash crop.
The future of oil Palm is very encouraging.
Palm oil is an essential commodity for cooking.
It is a source for bio diesel.
Transport and food are vital for the living organism-man.
The downtrend in price is temporary.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Intoxicating Rich

The world is wide and large.
WE find all strata of people.
This class the rich, are growing in numbers in the past five years.
The way they live is stupendous.
The way they ride is fabulous.
The way they dress is fastidious.
The way they dine is sumptuous.
The way they speak is audacious.
The way they spend is horrendous.
The way they behave is ruthless.
The way they celebrate is fathomless.
The way they act is frivolous.
The way they engage is fallacious.
The way they execute is fictitious
An anthem for the intoxicating rich.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Retrograde Sustainability..

Oil is tagging to the law of supply and demand.
Oil is falling.
The supply in the OPEC countries is surplus.
The American economy is weak, demand is less.
Inflation is declining marginally.
The slide is transitory and momentous.
Oil's retrograde sustainability will bring encouraging results.
The shakiest of the economies will survive.
Brazil has successfully controlled inflation.
At this period of economic turmoil ,Brazil's inflation is only3%.
This has been possible ,because of its tight monetary policy.

Monday, August 4, 2008

A silent inspiration.

Bernard Shaw felt that lending money for interest is second to prostitution.
I have come across certain sects who do not partake food in a money lender's house.
Bankers ,a refined way of calling money lenders,squeeze their clients,by levying high interest.
They charge minimum 10% ,maximum 120%-150%.
The money doubles ,trebles in no time.
In lieu of the loan they take jewellery ,land documents as mortgage,apart from the surety.
The have ,in emergency flock to these lenders.
Sensing the urgency and noting the ignorance of the client, the lenders play the card.
Many have succumbed to this atrocities by committing suicide.
In milieu of all these rude sentiments, there is a slight breather.
A village Ammapatti in South Tamilnadu, India, has put up a board,"The Village has banned Interest on loans".
The inhabitants had experienced tough time by paying enormous amount as interest.
They had paid 100Rs for 1000 Rs on daily basis.
Fifty of the villagers have a formed a center which extends loan to the needy free of interest.
Ammapatti , a small hamlet,has set a precedent.
Its people, know no economics, know no balance sheets, know no banking procedures, Know no processing fee, know no EMI, (equated monthly instalments) -
But they have love for humanity, compassion for the have nots.
This congleration of fifty are not billionaires but from a humble background.
The initial capital is five hundred thousands.
A staff has been appointed.
His duty is to collect the monthly dues from the borrowers.
His salary is taken care of by the fifty sponsors
I cherish this tiny hamlet,because the givers are humble, ( usually it is not so) the takers are happy and in totality the experience is pure and beautiful.
It is an exhilarating adventure.
.Will the World bank take the cue from Ammapatti?
Shall we name it Ammapatti model?
"The child is the father of man"
Modify the saying .
Ammaptti is the father of Divine Economics.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Tragic comedy

We are watching a Shakespearean tragic comedy right now.
Dollar is the hero,oil the villain.
There is a tough fight between the two.
A tug of war is going on.
We are at our wits end.
Dollar weeps, struggles, dominates,recoils .
Oil sweeps,confronts,shrugs, rebounds.
World Economy is a mute spectator.
U.S. Bernanke.and Paulson,intervene.
They provide comic relief ,by pronouncing sweet nothings
The denouement was grand.
The catastrophe is being enacted,
The scene is blood soaked and haunting.
We are awaiting the finale.