Monday, November 30, 2009

Rewinding 2009. Economy

December is only left to complete this year.
The year covered up many disasters, many fiascos and many cataclysms.
The natural affectation was terrific, causing heavy casualities.
Floods, quakes, drought , land slips were the outcome of nature's fury.
Accidents, riots, bomblasts , war caasualities were man made.

The financial scenario is no better.
There is an extraction of rebounding value.
The ups and downs are truly ghastly.
The suffering is unwarranted.
The recovery is pleading mercy.
A slight jack up is evident , but the push forward is limited by unforeseen disasters.
The recent default of the Dubai world is making the head reel.
Why do such unconventional approach is established?
The ostentation of the oil country is been ripped out by its indulgenmce in high rise buildings.
The not so necessity of such snobbish activity has destroyed the spirit.
It is akin to a golden cup filled with sand.

Analysts felt that 2010 would turn the table.
But it will not be so.
There is an uneasy break down.
The countries like China and India, which are not badly afgfected by the recession, have to think twice before they take any major decicison.
Deliberation leads to procrastination , which in turn takes to a deformed manglement.

Economy is like a mirage.
It seems to be confined once, but apparently becomes rampant most times.
The world is encircled by gloom.
A thorough progression is not to be found.
The mystery remains unsolved.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Dubai Underway

Men may come,
Men may go,
Economy falls forever.

The recession is heading for another fall.
The Dubai cataclysm is inciting and igniting.
The fall back ,which was a cruel blow to the nations, is again battered by the failure of the Soverign wealth fund.
The Dubai World has stopped the interest payments .
Its postponing the teleconference added woe to the already jolted inance.
The Dubai world had engaged itself in construction which went bust.
The fiasco has shifted the focus.
Companies become bankrupt.-an accepted norm.
Now ,it is the nations which are failing.
Investors owed money by Mexico, Russia and Greece , saw the price of insuring themselves against
default rocket.

Dubai's debt is $80 billion.
The hubub was so fierce because no one is sure as who the creditors are.
Markets world over lost their indices yeasterday.

European banks would have given credit of 36 billion pounds, and much of it is at risk.
400 construction projects worth more tha $300 billion have been shut down or postponed.

The cataclysm is remniscent of Iceland which went round buying everything around the world , when it turned out it had nothing but only fish.
Dubai has played the same game, when it had nothing but plain sand.

The economy of the country is doomed.
The impractical practices has landed Dubai in a catastrophic destination.
What is the great necessity to build skyscrapers in a desert ,which has sand as its priced asset.
The incorrigible impudence of building castles in the air, in this case building high rising apartments , without requirement, has bursted the bubble.
Many nations ,which had gone astray would ape the Dubai plight.

Oops ! goes the United Arab Emirates.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Mumbai Rebirth

The night mare of last year terrorist activity , costing 166 lives ,would have jolted any city to the core .but not Mumbai.
The city went to work , the next day ,as normally as it does bearing with it a heavy sorrow, a high anger and a vibrant disgust.
The transitoriness of life was made known by the violent horrendous attacks.

Men, who had went for work did not return home.
The Police officials , who were on guard fell a prey to the inhuman shooting.
The elites ,who were making merry , in high end hotels were eliminatedby the gunshots.
The train commuters succumbed to the killings.
Hospitals were under seige.
Expectant mothers, just born babes were at the mercy of the trerrorists.
Well, what a devastation!death could not be crueller.
The monstrous barbarism did not leave any corners at liberty.
Mumbai was bleeding on 26/11/2009
Mumbai was shocked on that day
Mumbai was weeping uncontrollably unable to bear the atrocity.

Yet , the shattered Mumbai came to terms.
The next day ,it gathered its torn edges,fastened them together, bound them with a thick adhesive of stoicism,made a brave entry into the world, as if nothing has happened.

The world was aghast.
Eyes fell out when people saw the telecast.
The bruise got healed in no time .
Mumbai was up on its heels on 27/Nov /2009.

Mumbai has given a beautiful lesson to the terrorists , that no crime , no ghastly act, no hideous irrelevance can buckle its spirit.
Long Live mumbai!!!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Adequacy Package.

Adeaquacy is the vitality behind recovery.
Any possible equipment requires sufficient funding.
Reforming the stumbling economy, rebuilding the jerky finance, restoring the normal stature reaffirms a lot of patience and a high level funding.

The stimulus package in vogue recalls an insufficiency that has not evolved fruitful yieldings.
The bail out which had been in circulation demands in trillions, but the Obama government has extended only $787 billions, which has not rounded off the deficit.
It is neither this way nor that way.
It is neither progress nor detioraration.
It is stuck in between , which is highly risky and damaging.

The government all over are scary of the eventuality that they shirk from letting a free despatch of funds.
If an unrestricted or unbridled flow is allowed another chaotic turmoil would reappear, is the feeling of the administration.
But a strict regulation in the outflow would also rewind the confused scenario.
The econmists should set up a panel , study the efficacies, analyse the flaws, research on the prime avenues, and work out an exact preview to the input .
A configuration of the required input would evince a keen disbursement of the output ,which would focus on the revival.
A dishevelled approach is to be stopped.
An unkempt diligence is to be arrested.

The economy awaits a solid promotion.
It is not interested in haphazard planning.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Living With Inflation

Recession and inflation are rocking the world.
The escalation in prices of commodities has led to an uneasy trend and a severing anomaly that has created a difficult proforma to the people all over.
The commodities , especially the price of gold is at the pinnacle.
Silver and platinum have gone high up.
Oil which crossed $147 last year is now at $77.
The consumer products are posing an alarming threat to the mid level customer.
How are we going to cope up with such unprecedented rise?

We need food for survival.
We cannot brush aside this regular requirement.
We can live without gold, silver and oil.
But imagine a community without bread.
The economy is making a slight turn.
But the presiding features of exorbitant advancement of consumerism has evolved a sideways growth.
The governments are puzzled ,as to how to square up this impending danger.
Implicit cuts on jobs has accumulated great misery .
Without secure jobs and without firm salary , spending gets hurt.
Trimming the expenditure is a vital enforcement .

Unhappiness prevails.
The consumer has left with no money.
The products are in the demanding portfolio.
Stringent measures are applied to curb spending.
But the essential has to be taken care of for sustenance.
How are the governments going to resolve this issue?

How do the people intend to meet their requirements?

An uneasy calm surrounds.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Getting Into GOld

Gold is a metal that invites a liking which cannot be restricted.
It is an investment , and a prestigious asset.
In 1900 the price was $21.1!935 saw a mild rise, it was quoted as $35.
It was 37 in 1945.
Between 1945 to 1974, it was range bound ,oscillating between $35 and $40.
Then the hike was overwhelming.
In 1975 ,it was $151.
It jumped to $641 in 1980.
1985 saw a decrease to$354.
Again there was shift, the price was $424,in 1990.
Then there was slight repercussion, it was $385 in 1996
The year 2000 saw a drastic fall to $200.
There was leap in 2005, it was $420.
2009 witnesses an historic rise.
Gold is now $1151/ounce.

Is it still a safe investment?
Gold may extend to $1180.
The price escalation has suffocated the buying capacity.
There is an apprehension to the price enhancement.
Lot of predictions are rife,about the gold price
Lot of hesitations are prevelant, about the gold swing.
The surge is invitable, as the dollar is losing out.
The decrease in price is anticipated later next year, as there are ups and downs in the market standard.
An unreasonable upward trend is sure to bring in an unimaginable downward cast.
So , be wary of investing in Gold for a distinct period.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Economy Turning East.

Economy grows vertically, horizontally., say analysts.
Interpreting the same we presume that it moves upwards or downwards.
It also moves sideways.
Upward trend means a positive growth.
Downward tells us that it is negative .
Sideways growth is not healthy.
Take for example a plant, the up shoots show healthy growth.
The sideways spread insists on a totally difficult expansion.
This should be pruned in the initial stage.

Coming back to economy. we find a revolutionary change.
So long it was the West which dominated the world economy.
Dollar was holding sway.
Most currencies pegged their exchange against dollar .
The dollar is loosening its grip.
The Asian countries are rising up.
It is east,which has taken control.
As the sun rises in the east , the flowers and trees look to the sun for their activity like photosynthesis.
The economy tired of the cold countries domination ,wishes to nestle close to the warm nations .
India and China have rendered their accessibilty to the exasperated economy.

GDP forecasts 1.9% for most of the industrialised western countries.
But China would have more than 10% , coming rom the stimulus.
India can expect 7.3% .

It is an Eastward HO!!!

Obama Under An Umbrella

The media is excited to see Obama with an umbrella, in China.
This posture has won Obama many fans.
I was amused to read the excess media attention to this trivial issue.
It is but natural to use the umbrella when it is raining.
Everyone did, does and will do when they have to move out in rain.
Obama is no exception.
He will not want himself to get wet.
He would not wish to catch cold.
He would have been advised by his mother or grandmother, as it was his granny who brought him up, to use the umbrella during rain, lest he would fall sick.

Obama had unfolded the umbrella , and held it above his head in China, all by himself,when there was a bout of rain.
The chinese got the shock of their life , when they saw him uholding the rain protector,without help.
What a feat!
What an achievement!
An impossibility is it!

Chinese Premieres and those in high offices, have ghost writers, have speech writers, have a long retinue of aids and helpers.
Obama too has all these in great numbers.
He too has umpteen speech writers, hundreds of advisors, fifties of groomsmen,forties of attendants to take care of his wants, twenties of chefs to provide him the best of meals, and tens of close personal tenderers to supervise his routine.

Yet , he held the umbrella over his head ,without help.
This simple gesture has triggered media attention, and won many a heart.
Obama has been knighted as a chivalrous hero overnight.

The virtuousity and honour he extended by his umbrella posture are dazzling.
Strange are the ways of human.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Obama and East Asia.

President Barack Obama , is visiting countries, not only forpolitical benefits, not only for economic show up, but also most imporatantly to win over the admiration of the people worldwide.
He became Predident in a much distuebed times.
Great procedures and results were expected from him.
As expectation is in high swing , performance find it difficult to cope up with such ratio of high demand and difficulty .
It falls behind or rather it looks as though it is retreating.

This dullness predicts a stagnant disappointment.
Obama's visit to the East Asian countries, especially to China , is a memento of retracted destiny.
The chinese are a hard working lot, with a desire to overcome the most powerful nation.
China appears weak , or most surely is way behind the all potent nation U.S
But its growing pace is in full speed , that unless the country itself refrains from progress the advancement proves highly emphatic.
The currency is kept low ,against the falling dollar , for the benefit of its exporters , thus enhancing the profit proportion..U.S is feeling a little uneasy over this aspect .

Obama, should work hard on the preliminary objections that presses the nation.
He should act, act should he, to pull the nation from sinking.
He should stabilise the dollar, as there are strong rumours going round that Yuan will become the world currency in a short time.
Growing steadily is the maintainable promise.
Advancing vertically or horizontally in a slipshod fashion is an uncouth expansion.
The president should aspire to become assertive.
certainly, it is authority and confidence that would work out an assured prosperity.

Struggling Economy.-FAQ

What are we doing?
Reviving the economy.

How are we doing?
By tangible efforts but the means are intangible.

Why is it so?
None can understand the critical situation we are in.

How did it become so messy?
It has fallen into a muddle because of inefficient handling.

What do you mean by inefficient handling?
Well, economy has been in the hands of few, who dealt with it as they wished.

Can you elaborate on this issue?
It is nothing ,but an irrational spend out, an irradical composition, an erroneous flaw.. Housing was the first default. This was followed by scams , scandals and mad deficits that prevailed in the manufacutring area.The borrowings exceeded the capacity, as the interest was very low. A lavish free credit movement has brough woe to the economic structure.
A penetrating dent has been created.A delicate approach and sustained tinkering should be accomplished before reversing the derogatory trend.

Economy is fast recovering . Is it so?
It is and it is not. Recovering is there but in a snails space.before we could assess the damage , the recovery has started, and before we could foresee progress , there is a stagger that derails the progress.

How should we designate a renewal?
A fourfold path should be deviced.
One for employment.
One for appraisal.
One for infrastructure .
One for futuristic discipline.

Employment brings in revenue.
Appraisal points out the worthiness.
Infrastructure covers education, health, roads, and environment.
Futuristic is an explicit design to save .
If these derivations are pushed into the economy, it would become invulnerable and invincible.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Bidding For A Successor.

The Tatas , the foremost business family of India, is on a look out for a successor to the seventy one year old Ratan Tata.
The Tata group, is known for its business ethics,financial charisma, and its investing affability.
The long standing business house ,the Tatas are formidable for their performance and integrity.
Generally, these two do not go together.
But Tatas made both these principles as their code of conduct.

The Tata conglomerate are into manufacturing all sorts of products.
They are into sugar,salt,tea, coffee, cement,autos, software, jewellery, steel, chemicals,,everything from A to z.
Ratan Tata has acquired Corus Steel , the largest steel manufacturer in the world
He has also made a surprise deal in the Jaguar ,Land Rover acquisition.
This bold move has pinched the Tata's finances,as the recession is underway.
But they have repaid the $3 billion borrowings , in the most difficult circumstances.

Now , the successor to this business empire has to be located.
Ratan Tata, has expressed that there may be a possible reference from the family.
If the candidate is an Indian citizen , it would be far easier to cope up with the Indian business portfolio and the Indian way of conducting transactions.
As of now, the group has gone global and the incumbent could be also an expartiate.

The hunt has taken wings.
The Tatas would certainly embark on a candidate ,worthy to adorn the shining mantle and fit enough to wear the glowing attire.

A Traumatic experience.

Writing is a pleasure .
Creating a blog is fascination.
Seeing your words in print is simply lovely.
Peppered with ads from adsense is really tempting.
The blog looks like a savy mouth watery delicacy.

Certain times the ads look so impressive that the writer tends to click the advertisements that appear in his postings.
He gets lot of information while going through the advertisements, link units.
May be they gave him a food or his next posting.
May be they provide him a sense of belonging.
May be they extend to him a fund of information required for his business.
He would not click ,just to escalate his earnings.

A blogger , mostly is a responsible man, with a good educational background, and a self respecting pride.
Indulging in violation of terms would mar his position in the society.
He would dare not involve himself in such atrocious behaviour.

The ad sense programme should consider all the factors before deciding on an outraging act of diabling the account.
If such an aberration is found, a warning could be issued , before resorting to any serious action.
The blogger , will check himself and work towards a consolidated programme.

Earning revenue for writing is a fine device.
Knocking it of at the prime of the skill, is a damaging attempt.
The creativity gets killed .
The liveliness gets subdued.
The reputation is sullied.

A chance for reforming, if at all he has made a mistake , should be offered.
This step would make the blogger more responsible and most careful.

Ad sense do you hear me?

Monday, November 16, 2009

Expecting Too Much

A general feeling is that we expect too much from certain people, beore they assume a position.
The euphoria is too much , that if the individual falls a litle short of it , damn goes his reputation, down tumbles his credibilty, flat becomes popularity.

Obama, became the president of U.S, exactly 300 days back.
Much water has flowed under his presidentship.
He is yet to prove his mettle.
He is yet to diagonise the ailment that irks the country.
He is yet to sort out the divisive probems that plague the economy.
He is yet to repair the much disruptive ,detracted, disoriented, pride of the nation.
Yet in haste ,he was awarded the nobel prize for peace.

His achievements, apart from his noisy intersting oration is the frequent travel he undertakes around the world.
He has travelled extraordinarily during these days, waxing eloquence, in Muslim countries during August. The present tour he is making in Asian countries, is also another ostentatious rambling.

The reformation work is still pending.
The health care bill is hanging in the anvil.
The stimulus package is rickety.
The banks have been closed for good.
Autos are turning negative.
Dollar is weakening.
Gold is shooting up.

The people thought Obama would work out a miracle.
Obama , is like any other Tom , Dick and Harry,an ordinary human.
He is not a magician, who can bring prosperity with his magic wand.
As his performance has fallen short of expectation, people are discontented .
The disappointment is slowly being transformed into anger.

Obama has to decide.
Decide he should, as quick as possible to amend the defaults. and laminate the economy.
Will he do?
Can he do?

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Suu Kyi

A scholar turned politician is under house arrest from 1989.
The daughter Of the founder of Modern Burma , has been treated shabbily by the military regime.
No amount of protests and pleadings from nations all over the world could put Suu Kyi back to freedom.
Her relentless patience is a quality that keeps her going.
She had her schooling in English schools in Burma.
She did her graduation in Delhi ,where her mother was posted as Ambassador by the civilan government.
She did her advanced degree and research in Oxford.
She worked in U.N for three years, where she met her husband DR. Michael Aris, a scholar of Tibetean culture.

Suu Kyi, came to Burma in 1985 to tend to her ailing mother.
She got involved in democratic movement.
She saw her husband only 5 times. between 1985 -1995.
Her husband was not given visa to meet her, when he was ailing, but the government allowed her to visit him in U.K.
She refused for fear that she would not be allowed inside Burma , once she leaves .

Her famous words are it is not power that corrupts , but the fer of losing it corrupts those who are weilding it.
International pressure is mounting and recently Obama has asked the Burmese government to releas Suu Kyi.
Praise her fortitude.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Solar Energy

Solar is a derivation from Sun-the world's largest producer of light, heat and power.
Go to nature , you get plenty of resources.
The abundant resourcefulness keep us amazing.
But we turn away from such glorified epithets ,to something artificial.

Solar or sun has been in long use
When life started in the world, Man knew not how to make to make fire.
He used to eat fresh .
He did not cook.
he ate everything raw.
Being so, he once , staged an experimant , of drying certain food productS.
the process gave him a different taste.
Then he Further advanced into investigation.
He kept some dry parchments under strong sunrays.
The dry leaves triggered .
That was the first physical sign of fire.
This red flame emitted heat.
The first step was set across.
Cooking came into existence.
Centuries have gone by.
The solar power has not been tapped to the fullest extent.

A slow and a not too serious intrinsic examination has been emulated.
Countries like Australia has made tremendous progress.
But nations wiht plenty of sunshine, like India has not utilised the energy to the maximum.
There are some research going on.
There are some experiments conducted.
Thee are some systematic follow up .
But everything has not been harnessed totally.

If this uncared source is put to productive use, we can detach ourselves from the electrical expenses.
The production of electricity is targetted by erection of transformers, by transmtting power through cables.
In the procedure there is a wastage, that also goes into the calculation of cost.
This expenditure can be minimised if we work on a steady programme of tapping the much availabe Solar energy.

Nature is bounteous in its extension.
It is we , who shrug and shy away from extracting the essence.

The Nilgris Disaster

Nilgris In Tamilnadu, India, had been subjected to heavy rains.
The district is isolated .
Roads have been extensively damaged.
Land slips, and incessant rain have caused a riotous disaster.
The heavy rains in Ketti, 10kms from Ooty has defaced the lovely valley.
A family of 7 was buried in the debris.
Most of the houses in this area are in tattered condition.
They look as though they would crash land any moment.
Nearly 42 people have been killed.
The approximate loss is about Rs 300 crores.
600 people have been evacuated from vulnerable spots.

The beautiful district is in the grips of Nature.
Nature too gets angry at times.
It is hard to believe.
Men are prone to moods.
Nature too experiences such variants.
The anger has turned violent.
The violence has implicated destruction.
Destruction has grabbed lives.

To restore normalcy, a liberal aid is expected.
The central government has to arrange for this unexpected disapproval.
A month back, Karnataka and Andhra had a terribly bad trial .
The two states were battered by rain and flood.
Many hundreds lost their lives.
The Chief Ministers have demanded a wholesome amount as aid to renew the lost vigour of the districts.
Even after such copious rainfall, in summer , Taminadu will face water shortages.
The thought to save water has been ignored.
The way to conserve water have not been considered.
Is it due to ignorance or indiffernce?

The lovely Nilgris , with a retiniue of tea plantations, colonial houses, fine schools, and with the resource of high quality natural vegetation and best pictorial splendour ,has been smudged by unprecedented rain.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Dear Kids

Three little kids
Lovely as a flower,
Bright as a demanding bid,
Rush to me after an over.

Three clever boys
Fresh as a morning dew,
Playful as cute toys,
Run to me for a cue.

Three grown up sons,
Deep as an ocean,
Sharp as pointed guns,
Straddle to me for a notion.

Three proud men,,
Tall as a hill,
Keen as a yen
Walk to me out of will.

My loved ones,
Do me proud,
Lead me to beacons,
People call me endowed.

The Afghan Nose.

Karzai ,the declared President of Afghanistan has to eschew corruption.
He has to attend to serious issues like education, health and security by keeping the country ,long torn by unrest and war in a state of peace and soberity.

Afghanistan a beautiul country amidst the Himalayas, with still more beautiul people is endangered by riotism.
Taking our perception out of the imminent problem,and peeping into the amiable aspects of the Afghan race, we find most pleasnt references.
The Afghan nose calls for special attention.
The long nose is a typical symbol of grace.
The Afghans have a pleasing fair skin, wihout blemishes.
They have a broaf orehead, acaueline nose, dark eyebrows , black eyes, aand a positive chin.
Their straight gait, erect , lean body keep them as the most handsome
Education is totallt absent. This deficiency manifets in their refinement.

When trouble brew in this hilly state, a decade back , the expectancy of endearing co existence beacame a peril.
The Russian intervention was a waste of exercise.
The follow up of the U. S in this Asian province had made matters worse.
Instead of compering peace, the U.S has promoted terrorism.
The military suppression has resulted in disappointment as many young Pathans have resorted to unruly activities. They had together formed a comunity Taliban.

Obama has not taken a decision as to send troops to Aghanistan.
His generals are demanding despatch of 40,000 troops, to quell the uprise.
But the U.S. envoy in Afghan, Kal Eikenberry has sent a message to Obama , saying that it is not a good idea to send more troops to Aghanistan, as Karzai has to prove his capacity to tackle corruption.

On top of all these the Afghans feel that there is wide spread corruption in disbursing aid. This has to be looked into primarily.

Corruption is the root cause of all the beseiging problems.
Japan has led the world by sanctioning $5 billion to be deployed for civilan concerns .
Other nations, if they really want peace in Afghanistan , can go by the Japan formula.
Military expense is a reluctant derailment in the world's finance.

India At Crossroads.

It is
Agriculture Vs Industry

Business Vs Job

Village Vs City.

Which do the Indians prefer?

Agriculture was the back bone of India. India is the largest consumer of rice, wheat, cotton and cereals.
Drought and flood intemittently affect production.
The farmers toiled hard to make both ends meet.
The agrarian community led a hand to mouth exixtence in the villages ,which had no proficient inrastructure like schools and sanitationIndia became a nonself supporting nation.
In 1960, M.S. swaminathan ,brought in Green Revolution.
There was a sea of chaange.
Indian farmers made money, educated their children in schools in neighbouring cities.
The green revolution , brought in vast progress, but in the four decades that followed, there seems to be a presumably disorientation.
The sustainability of land has been spoilt.
Chemical fertillisers increased production , but decreased the fertility.
A mother who gives birth to many children is proclaimed high as the most fertile woman, but her health suffers a setback due to frequent pregnancy, labour, and bringing up children.
The main symbol lost its significance, while the ancillary icons gained in popularity.

Educated children did not want to go back to the villages. They found a job in the city.
The job gives them assured income, security, besides the rental income they get from the land rented to tillers.
This concept is gaining momento.
Villages are deserted.
Agriculure is neglected.
Business gives way to employment.

It is an era of change, of reform. of transference.
Another transformation will earmark an exodus to villages,.
Cities ,with their hustle and bustle will lose their lustre.
Change is the only thing that is permanent.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Hero In His own Way.

Aaron jackson is a hero who performs in a way different from others.
His "Planting Peace" is an organisation, that tries to bring peace to the world.
He does not arrest agitation, does not enter into politics, does not deploy his skill in eloquent oration, doed not discover , does not invent, does not do business.
But then what does he do?
He deworms children.
Are you surprised! Are you shocked!
Yes that is what he does.

Deworming stops malnutrition, decreases anemia.
With aid pouring from all quarters, as he became the hero of CNN in 2007, and also a featured guest in Anderson Cooper CNN -360, he was able to buy medication for deworming 3.2 million children in Haiti, aiding over a million in Sudan and Dominican Republic.

Aaron jackson is an expert in disbursing aid .
Did any one think of this equation?
Philanthrophists promoted educational institutions.
They built hospitals, They gave aid for marriages.
They came out with enormous advances towards charity,erecting old age homes.
But they never aimed at the kind of cause Aaron Jackson constituted.
His theory of prevention is better than cure , is a wonderul axiom.
Getting children out of the parasital infection, is a feat that makes my heart swell with pride.
At last , I have found a man, who really loves children, who really feels for their welfare, and who really toils for their well being.
He concentrates in the poorest of poor countries, where there is no money, no education and no awarenessof infection.

Ambanis Excel

Ambani brothers are once again in the limelight for their dispute.
Kokilaben , the Ambani empire's mother brokered a pact between the two brothers regarding sale of gas.
The Krishna Godavari dispute is being argued in the Supreme court.
Harish Salve , while arguing for Reliance Industries, said private pact between two people cannot bind a corporate entity and its shareholders.The pact has no legal validity.
The private deal by Kokila ben makes the selling price as $2.34/unit to the younger brother Anil Ambani's Reliance Natural resources.
The price tenure and quantity were based on a family reorganisation pact in 2005. Subsequently RIL had said that it cannot sell at this rate and had quoted $4.20/unit.
The RIL chairman ,the elder brother ,Mukesh Ambani has signed the pact. But the RIL board has never approved it.

An interesting engagement is keeping us in bewilderment.
Well, Did Mukesh sign the pact as Chairman of RIL or as eldest son of Kokilaben?
The mantle of the son does not work here.
It is his position as Chairman of the company that makes an impact.
Before signing, Mukesh Ambani should have procured the consent of his board
Why did he not do that?

If everything went well with the siblings the pact would have seen many approvals.
As there is bitter rivalry between the brothers, the private pact has lost its form.
Salve, a legal genius , is playing on the bare discrepency, that of private and corporate.
It is not the shareholders that are the primary concern of RIL's refusal.
It is the ego of Mukesh that is holding sway.
Tomorrow it Jethmalini's appointment.

Amabni's excel in business . They also excite in histrionics.

Looking Up And Looking Down.

The world is surprised over China's luminuous economy.
The progress is about 60%.
The economists are betting on China's future.
Chinese save 40 cents for every dollar of disposable income.
Americans refrain 3 cents of every dollar.
The saving culture of Chinese is alien to Americans, who spend what they have, keep nothing for the future.

Chinese thrift has become a myth.
As china is waking up to credit card, the spending has increased.
Every adult is entitled to credit card and the issue of cards is great in volumes
An individual can get as many as 8 to 10 cards.
This extravaganza lead to unmindful spending.
The distracted expenditure lands youth in debt.
As there is no bankruptcy law in China, the adults turn to their parents or friends to square of their liabaility.

Increased spending in China denotes the negative money, money which they do not possess.
It will take years for Chinese families to round off the debts that their offsprings have created.

As the world looks up towards China, China looks down which proclaims that it is no better than the rest of the world.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Japan's Gesture.

Japan will give $5billion dollar to Afghanistan,
This aid will spread out through five years.
The amount would be deployed to develop infrastructure, to create jobs, to set up educational institutions.
The first release would be utilised to bring peace to the much battered country.
This disbursement will include salaries to Police oficers,training for former Taliban fighters,and funds to agricultural experts to restore farmlands.

JICA -Japan International cooperation Agency., will undetake the distribution
Japan has refused to refuel U.S. naval in the Indian Ocean ,once the term gets expired in January.
Japan intends to restore peace through civilian source, not through fight.
Arms and ammunition predict disaster.They bring forth blood shed. Animosity breeds vengeance.. Terrorism lurks embitterment There pervades absolute horror and disenchantment.

Japan's move is an expression of noble thought, an exposition of human relevance, an evolution of tenderly love.

Shoplifting - A Popular Vice.

Recession has prompted many unforeseen repercussions.
It has led to suicide, impoverishment, and shoplifting.
Five countries are worst hit by the derogatory quality- stealing.

U.S-26.4 billion pounds.
Japan-6.031 billion pounds.
U.K-4.886 billion pounds.
Germany-4.444 billion pounds.
france 4.203 billion pounds

Most popular goods that are shoplifted are,
Clothing and fashion accessories.
Vehicle parts and accessories.
Luxury foods.

Shoplifting ia done by middle class people. They do such theft ,to maintain the standard of living.

A notorious concept is gaining momentum.
Theft organised by gang and opportunistic shoplifters are in the increase. But there is also an upsurge of this disorientation by employees.
To monitor such thets, retailers have to spend an extra 926 million pounds.The retailers revive this expenditure by taxing the customers
Every U.K household spends 227 pounds more per month , because of this supervision .

The economical dwindle has affected the financial part of life, and demolished th e principle of uprightness.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Obama Staggers.

Obama has won with a narrow majority, over the health care reforms
Can we call it a cat's walk or rope walk?
Well both are more or less same.

Obama has scraped through.
It was a neat stumbling.
He has to have many sleepless nights ,before the Health care bill become the law of the land.
Most incumbents Of the White House had similar experience

Planning and talking becomes easy , when you are away from the White House.
Once you are in, it is absolute distraction.
The ominous ifs and buts keep you sleepless.
The vigil makes you tired.
Holding fort creates extreme fatigue.
Mental oppression crumbles equanimity.
Obama 's year in office has been marked by caution and pilling out strategy.

A swift atonement to the practicalities of the highest office should be induced.
Obama is relatively young.
He will cope up with the hurricane and storm .
He has to, if he has to remain in office.

Economy Playing Truant.

Economy has become the most interesting subject.
Science is a study of future.
Economy is a study of the past.
Science carries with it new inventions.
It is an innovative technology.
Economy deals with money market.
It is a real time study.
It finds nothing new.
Discoveries and inventions bring cheer.
Graphs and curves associated with economy usher growth.

Economy, the analysis of how money plays, how the currency reacts, how the financials rise or fall, is the most necessiated discipline.
Without money, nothing will move.

The recession experienced all these two years, looks very different from established fundamentals.
During down turn , usually. spending gets affected.
But there is a presence of high liquidity at this season.
Nowhere it is felt strongly than in commodities.
Gold has risen, Oil has gone up, consumer goods have sky rocketed.
This illustrates that there is excess liquidity.

On the other side of the fence there is double digit unemployment.
From where does the money come?
No one knows.

Economy is in no mood to listen to our grouses and grieveances.
It is marching ahead .
It is leaping in an horrible , profane gait.

Variants Of Money

Water is colourless, shapeless, and without smell.
This defines pure water.
But money,acquires changeable forms assumes colour reflects degree of sensitiveness,
Money is a form of payment.
It replaces commodity.
There are various types of money,
1.Commodity money
2.Fiat money.
3.Representative money.
4. Credit money.

There are various colurs attributed to money.
1. Black money.
2.. White Money.

There are various sensitivities attached to money.
1. Hot money.
2. Cold money

Black Money refers to unaccounted money, not liable to tax.
White money encloses money that which is accounted , liable to tax.

Hot money is moved by its owner ,quickly from one form of investment to another, as to take advantage of changing international exchange.It enriches the recepient country, and strips the donor.
Cold money is otherwise called ready money.Money is immediately available, paid at the time of purchase.

Thus money is dressed up in various attires.The story of money is fascinating/

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fits And Starts.

A lively exercise is being deterred by inflation.
A systematic progress declines due to poor monsoon.
India's recovery is seen in fits and starts.
India's slow recovery gets marginalised by fiscal deficit.
Social commitments and infrastructure development ,has got affected by this dormancy.

The disinvestment policy of the government to sell its stakes in Public Sector units,will give a surplus revenue of 250 billion rupees.. The government proposes to deploy the amount in social sectors.
The government has borrowed Rs.4.51 trillion, to und its record deficit.

The communists are against the disposal of governments shares.
A wide spread agitation by the communists is expected.

One remarkable feature, that propounds cheer, amidst slight gloom, is that the manuacturing industry is doing well and exports are growing.

So far so good.

Song Of Life.

I was little
I liked toys,
I loved play,
Then I withdrew.

I was grown up,
I liked study,
I loved arts,
Then I withdrew.

I was matured,
I liked family,
I loved children,
Then I withdrew.

I am aged,
I like leisure,
I love sleep.
Time to withdraw.

Health Care Reforms.

U.S House of representatives passed the Health care Reform Bill by a vote of 220-215
It is an important step forward.But will it become a law , depends on its passage in the house of Senate, to be posted in 2010. Thus Health care reforms will,become the primary issue in 2010.

The republicans are of the view, that the bill will enhance taxes in small business and medicare,increase family health care cost, and increase the deficit, and cut medicare.

Anti abortion amendment, brought forth by Democrats and catholic Bishop , restricting fed funds in respect to abortion got ratified..Abortions in extreme situations, that of rape , endangering mother's life could be allowed.

Barack Obama ,was a pleased man , and revelled on the success of the passage of the Bill.
It is a victory to his policy.

Bada Koda

Madhu Koda, Jharkhand's former Chief Minister,has been summoned by the enforcement directorate for interrogation.
This student activist turned politician has been charged with laundering 4000 crores,almost a fifth of the annual budget of the state he once ruled.He owns a coal mine in Liberia, hotels and three companies in Mumbai, property in Kolkata, and hotel in Thailand.

In 2000, he was elected to the assembly with the BJP ticket. He became a Panchayat Raj Minister under Chief Minister Babulal Marandi.In 2005, he contested as an independent candidate, as he was denied a ticket by BJP.He won and agreed to support the BJP government led by Munda. In September 2006, he withdrew his support to Munda.He was chosen by the United progreesive Alliance to become the Chief Minister.He resigned on September 2008.

On October /10/2009, he was accused of acquiring enormous wealth. He to escape the arrest , has got admitted in hospital for illness. The tax authorities claim that they have discovered documents relating to severalillegal transactions worth some 200o crores (20 billion).

Koda has done wriggling in a short time.It is beyond imagination, beyond comprehension.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Climate Change.

The talk about climate change is taking wings.
Environment experts relay umpteen grotesque errors to the dissolution of climate.
It is mostly due to the unmindful activities of the habitants , there is a predomoinancy in the affectation of weather.
The excess of carbon emission has polluted the atmosphere.
Refrigeration, Air conditioners, Dryers, and the smoke let out by the vehicles cause a destructive menace to the environment.

The felling of trees, deforestation,the letting out of sewage into the rivers, the impractical, detestable usage of the river, has contaminated the flow and serve as a hive for wreckless bacteria and germs, causing infection.
The water source evoporates , rises up as vapour, cools, then pours down as rain.
The dirtiness in the water also vapourises .
The rain fall mostly is a collection of dirt and pollutants.

The destructive use of natural resources, that of mountains, oceans, rivers ,ponds have marred the climatic conditions.
The seasons are originally four, summer, spring, autumn, and winter.
Rain falls on specified areas on particular time allowing the people to get ready for cultivation. Agriculture flourished during this mainstay.
But, as the climate gets beaten up,by adverse utilisation,the seasons have dwindled to two, that of summer, and winter.
It is very hot or very cold.
Rains do not come on the appointed hour.
If rains arrive , they do it in full force, almost drenching the country, provoking floods, and causing deaths.
If the sun starts its forceful venture, then it is again a scorching heat, unbearable persipiration and sun stroke killing many
If the cold begins its revengeul endeavour, it is biting frost and the cold wave grabs the lives of many.
There exists a no neutral synergy.
It is an eccentric ,devastating, prediliction.
The destination is unnerving, demoralising, and shuddering.

Berkshire makes a triple jump.

Buffet's Berkshire's net income triples.
The investing baron often touts book value.
Book value is the written down value, that of assets minus laibilities.
It gives the exact picture of the status of the company.

Many conglomerates assume a cooked up value.
Cooked up value is an assimilation of fictitous revenue, fabricated expenses and exaggerated valuation of assets.
It renders a duplicate aggregation.

In times of recession this articulate performance by Buffet is amazing.The net income of Omaha, rose to $3.24 billion,or$ 2.087 per class A share,from $1.06 billion ,or $682, a year earlier.

Berkshire is the bellweather for the U.S. economy.It is diversification that has brought so much profit to Buffet .

The Macro Pull And The Micro Care

The mega size downturn in economy has afflicted the world so badly, that enough is not enough.
India has made a beautiful curve.
It was not deeply immersed in the whirlpool, but was getting into the madness. The timely intervention by the government,and the fiscal policies of the Reserve Bank Of India had detainedthe country from being submerged by the financial Tsuanami.

Obama had initiated the bail out with $787 billion. But as analysts put it, U.S. needs 1.3 trillion to work out a feasible proposition.
This release of $787 Billion, has made the economy straighten up, but not look bright.
It is not sufficient to to infuse new employment. This aspect is the present eye sore of the Obama government.
The cautious approach has yielded fruitless results.
The first pull is the recent elections ,which have given a winning standard to the Republicans.
The democrat idealogies have not been put to concrete effect.
A plunge is required.
A dive headway,and a resurgence head through should be the motivational spirit.
Anything done half way, anything expressed half heartedly, anything worked with fear ,will not oblige a progressive endeavour.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Man maketh himself.

Circumstances make a man. All are born innocent.It is life which moulds them. It is opportunity that figures them as good, as bad, as wealthy, as poor, as clever, as fool.
Conspiracies make him a terrorist.
Complications turn him into a sadist.
Contractions churn him into a thief.
Corruptions conclude him as a criminal.
Contempt projects him as an imbecile.

A straight forward man, transparent in detail, firm in truth , grave in transactions, does not succeed in life.
A noble man lives unpretentiously, fights for justice, works for the upliftment of society, strives for the down trodden, but is unrecognised.

A fraud , who makes tonnes of money by illegal means,who meddles into other's pocker, who usurps , who cheats, who is arrogant , does a smart turnaround.
An ignominous entity, who commits all blunders, who creates unpleasantness, who behaves violently, who suppresse the poor , gets a hero's status.

Well, that is society.
The abyssmal world is a contamination of evil, a pollution of deceit, a diaspora of greed and scorn.

Gold Skyscraping

Twinkle ,Twinkle little gold,
How I wonder,what you hold,
Up above the world so high,
Like a comet in the sky.

Gold is a fine asset.
It is a safe investment.
It has lot of potential value.
It needs no space to be stored.
It is a physical ,tangible property.
It is subjected to volatality, to a certain extent.
It commands respect.
It promises pride.
It predicts wealth.
It possesses significant sentimental notation.

The lure for this metal is understandable.
India has a special emotional commitment to gold.
A simple marriage requires a minimum of 40 grams.
A wedding of moderate threshold calls for half a kilo og gold.
A grand wedding is a show of of kilos of gold, kilos of silver, and carats of diamonds.
The Indian attraction to gold is from time memorial.
Every woman accumulates gold with what little she can save in her monthly expense.
So the Indian household has a stong coer of this valuable metal.

As the price range is glaring and glistening, there is a constant buy out, not to talk about the 200 tons bought by India rom IMF, for a resolution of $7 billion.
The Indian purchase , has stimulated the price rise of gold, much to the varied expectation of the analysts.
Gold will reach $1500 level soon, is the expectation.
Chances are bright.
Let us wait.

Infosys Sails In A Catamaran.

Information Technology is the most modern development.
It created a whirlwind.The perception of business assumed a sudden change.
Business were outsourced. A customer in NewYork complained to an executive in Bangalore.His problem got solved.
Banks sent their workings for computation to places across the sea.
Medical transcription became a part of this appointment.
Legal transmission also entered the arena,though a little later.
This sensational progress which resulted in excess prosperity, gave a boost to India, particularly to Infosys.
Infosys started off as a technology provider in early eighties. Its origin was the most humblest ever heard off.
As its start of with a few hundred ruppees was unbelievable, so phenomenal rise as a billionaire company in three decades is untenable.

Rise!they do.
Rose !they did.
Millionaires were created.
Salary was formidable.
There was an everyside growth.
The promoters swell.
Most are billionaires .
The employers grow.
Most are millionaires.
The share holders got enriched.
Most own crores.

India, the land of snake charmers , struck the world with another feature, that of brain stormers.
The snake charmer brought in amusement.
The brain stormer propelled wealth.
The country ,which was parodied for penury, and disease, has emerged as a country of prosperity and wellbeing.

Anyhow, the excited movement of Infosys make us gape. How is it possible to make so much money in so short a time? The argument that runs round is that the promoters were in the right industry in the right moment. Right, everything is right, but how did they expand to a gigantic proportion in a country which is encompassed by red tapism, incoherent regulations, and governance controlled by the self conceited politicians.Again, did they have the right politician around?, the right banker in the vicinity?.

Finally , the selling of stakes by the founder Narayanamurthy , a week ago, for Rs 143 crores, and his wife Sudha , co promoter, from whom Murthy borrowed a few hundred to start the legendary company , has sold 2% of her share in the company for Rs430 crores,is perplexing.

The accumulated revenue is to be invested in their venture capital fund .
Is Murthy seeing a light in the tunnel?

The ancient catamaran, built with country wood,is going to be rebuilt with sophisticated wealth generated from Infosys.

The Murthy's will live happily everafter.

Incredible credibilty!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Oh ! water is boiling,
Oh! it is frothing
Oh! it is splattering,
Hey! simmer it.

Oh! she is heaving,
Oh! she is sighing.
Oh! she is sobbing,
Hey!simmer her.

Oh !wind is blowing,
Oh! it is dashing,
Oh! it is roaring,
Hey!simmer it.

Oh! she is sobbing,
Oh! she is screaming,
Oh! she is fuming,
Hey!simmer her.

Oh! rain is pouring,
Oh! it is flooding,
Oh! it is drenching
Hey!simmer it.

Oh !she is shouting,
Oh! she is provoking,
Oh! she is frightening,
Hey!simmer her.

Oh !light is blindening,
Oh! it is harassing,
Oh ! it is afflicting,
Hey!simmer it.

Cool the water,
Calm the wind,
Control the rain,
Cease the light,
Console her.

Ban On Medicines.

Recent medical advancement has called for a revamping of medications, that has been in vogue for nearly a quarter of a century.
Common cold, which was ignored as part of life earlier, gets the strongest treatment, at present.
If a baby sneezes, the mother dashes to the physician.
The doctor, in turn , prescribes, a syrup, a concotion of an antibiotic,belonging to the family of pencillin and sulpha.
The baby's immuniology gets affected, as the drug works on the nascent system.

A fever, which gets a grade, above the common cold, is pampered as the most exotic disease.Temperature in a body varies according to the weather and mostly in proportion to the constitution. It also expresses the immunity of the body.
Now a contrivance of fever, takes a honourable post. There is much fuss, much cry and much distress. The patient presumes that death is nearing. His kith and kin become jittery. There is a mad rush to the doctor, who scribbles a page full of medicines, one to control the temperature, one to clear the inection, one to cater to the body pain, and the final one to keep up the well being.The practioner also recommends invasive tests on blood sample, urine sample, in respect to. various infections.The patient pays the doctor a large fee, shells out a larger amount to medicine, largest flow goes to the lab.
Thus Fever gets anointed.

An indigestion, which occurs to everyone, at intervals ,as modern emoluments force one to take food in joints outside home, is posted in the highest pinnacle. The patient is hospitalised. He is put on drips for fear of dehydration. The hospital bill is enormous.

All these snobbery leads to the total weakenig of the system. The after effects are devastating. The resistance of the body suffers. There is an out beat of aflictions unheard off.The rigorous and continuous usage of medicines implicate a serpendous harm to the body.

Ater all the body is made of flesh and blood.
Excess medicatioon can be termed as an ignorant abuse of the body.

The ban on medicines prescribed to common ailments is to be welcomed whole heartedly.

Miles To Go

The woods are lovely,dark and deep.
But I have promises to keep.
And miles to go beore I sleep,
And miles to go beore I sleep.

Obama has been in office for nearly eleven months.
He has yet to open his score.
Much talk of reforms and regulations have been in the air.
The steps towards rehabilitation is not aggressive.
The move is as flimsy as a peacock feather.
The fanfare and the excitement over revision of economy is smothering not caressing.
It is superficial, not deep.

The evangelism of Obama's stimulus is losing grounds.
The bail out has not even done a partial cleaning.
It has attempted to hold the bad news of a the final eventuality.
The fear that people nurtured in 2008 ,which was suppressed by their trust in Obama,is surfacing again.
The apprehensions muted has bursted out in the recent elections.
The Republicans have taken control in two major states, of New jersey and Virginia.

The president and his men stand helpless.
The initial setback will ensue a discreet scrutiny and a definite workable solution.
For every illness there is a remedy. For each pain there is a medication.
So for the economic malady there is a certain prescription that has to be taken up.
Disease will cure ,if treated properly and looked into at the appropriate time. A drag on would ulcerate the malaise.

Obama has four more years to go. He should aim to generate a hypothetical equation to recapture the bygone prosperity.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Setback

Republicans win in Virginia and New Jersey, is a set back to Obama's "dragging his feet"
Policies are veritable. Deliverance is a masquerade.
Discontent arises out of inaction.
Discomfiture spurts out of anger.
Apprehensions kindle annoyance.
Desolation emanates negation.

The elections in the key states , spell a dictum to Obama and his administration.
The President rushed in and out of New Jersey to campaign for Governor Corzine.In spite of Obama's personal drive Corozine lost.

The election mandate illustrates the American mind.
In 2008,the Republicans were seen as unpromising canditates.
As a result Obama was elected to the highest office.
The citizens pinned high hopes on him
They thought he would draw the country out of the crippling recession.
His bail out package ,had a high demand , and was proactive.
It did bring in change in certain energies, but in wholesome did not cater to the devastation.

Unemployment has risen to 10%, while the President is crying wild , that his government has created 650,000 jobs.

Health care is totally neglected.It looks as , "If you have fever , go and see the doctor".It rests on the individual , not on the administration.

The external policy is under deep criticism. The Afghan unrest is a threat, that could not be subdued in eight years.There is a wide disapproval to the fact that the government is pouring the money into turbulent waters. Terrorism remains unabated.

Elections express the countenance of the public.
Elections are exmiations, that rely on performance.
The Democrat governance has pleaded acquittal, for their irrelevance, and inaction.
Their petition has been dismissed by the people.
Once in a way,especially during elections the people's franchise overpowers the powerful

The results are like the bolt from the blue.
The democrats have four long years to go. They can still grow , if they mend their ways.

Once Again !Buffet.

When everyone is looking up at the sky, Buffet has looked through the rails.
The sky is dainty and romantic.
At times, the rails are also chivalrous.
Buffet ,got his board's ratification in 15 minutes to buy Burlington Rail.

Berkshire Hathaway will pay $ 26 billion to buy out Burlington Rail.
The cyclical industry has shown merits in the transportation of goods cheaply.
This low profile industry is plodding on its own, without much fanfare, with investors not showing interest .
The long term viabilty has held Buffet's attention.
AS he puts it "I love these bets", , his entry appears a little risky as most rail companies P/E ratios are in mid teens.

This deal marks a bet on the future of coal.Buffet is getting into the coal market ,in an indirect way,but doing it cheaply.With Berkshire's money,BNSF would be able to invest in infrastructure.BSNF ,is an outperformer, way ahead in revenue than its close competitor Union Pacific Corp.

Buffet is making a valid bet on the future of U.S. economy.
The puf puff of the rails , transporting cargo, may assume a derogatory perception, But Buffet finds diamnod beneath this black soot.

When the world is going haywire over gold, Buffet settles in for coal
Is he an oracle?

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

India SurprisesThe World.

India , of late is creating sensations.
It is a fascinating country.
Poverty , snake charmers, bumpy roads were the watch words of India.
But the ambience of the ancient country has transformed .
It has become a super economic power.
It is the first to come out of the recession.
It has put all the wealthy nations in the back it had quietly fulfilled the transaction of gold from IMF. It has bought 200tonnes of gold for $6.7billion.
This dramatic move will bring down the startling price of gold.

The world stands amazed.
The European nations are bewildered.
China is disappointed, as it was considered a prospective buyer.
Unexpectedly, India has become the most eligible bachelor to woo the golden bride from IMF
It has successully won the hands of this charming yellow golden girl.

India'sforeign exchange reserves held at the central bank totalled $285.5 million on OCT 23, of which gold acounted for of $10 billion. The latest purchase will lift its share of gold reserves to 6%rom 4%., which is less than most developed countries , but more than 4 times of China's share.
IMF's sale of gold is part of its policy to extend loans in concessional rates to the poorest countries.
India and China had promised to buy Gold from IMF , to enable them to promote the specific cause.

The Three Bears.

Reading the various articles about economy, about inflation, about recovery, about unemployment and about health reforms,make everyone of us prosaic and disenchanted.
To revive my enthusiasm , I settled to go through the children's tale Goldilocks And Three Bears
It was a pleasant sojourn.

Goldilocks experience in the house of the Three Bears,has relevance to the economy.
She after a walk in the forest , knocks at the door of the house.
As she gets no response,enters .
She tries the various chairs, that of the father, mother and the baby.
She inds the little chair comfortable.
She , then starts tasting the porridge in the three bowls.
Again the analysis takes place, the father's is too hot, mother's is too cold, and the baby's is just right.
She ate it all up.
After the meals , she wants to sleep.
Once again the test of resistance is carried out.
The first bed is too hard, the second one is too soft, the third one is just right.
She sleeps peacefully, until the family of bears come in.

The world is in a state to chose the right direction, that which befits the necessity, that which focuses on the requirement,that which is appropriate at the present context.
As Goldilocks lost her way in the forest and became hungry, so the world economy has been led astray by infinite forces and has been pushed to a stage of despair.
As the young girl chose the right chair.
The economy has to select the right policy.
As the little one found the best meal.
The analyst have to identify the exact solution.
As Goldilocks decided on the proper bed, which is neither too hard or too soft.
The government has to chart out a revival plan that is neither rigorous, nor mild

Krugman recommends a liberalised stimulus. He wants more injection of funds to sustain the economy , which has turned to a path of recovery.
Other economists feel, further advancing will splatter the economy.

A reference to this ordinary child's story gives valid disclosures.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Ford On Board.

Ford earns a whooping $997 million inthe third quarter.
It is the first operating proit of the company since early 2008.
Ford has turned round without taking government money.
The chief architect of this pretty recovery is the Chie Executive Officer Alan Mullally.
He has saved the company from filing bankruptcy.
General Motors and Chrysler restructured themselves by taking part in the stimulus.
Mullaly brought in profits by ensuing sales momentum and cleverly avoiding bail out package. Its shares gained by 20cents.

The managemnt envisages a strong profit in 2011
Certain hurdles are to be overcome.
Ford's entry into the equity market was kept low. The accrued $565 million was utilised to improve Ford's balance sheet.
Ford took incentives from the "cash for clunkers"programme.
It made a hatrick in loss making.The losses for three years mounted to $30 billion.

Ford is the odd man out.
The prediction that it would make sizeable profit in 2011 is a welcome sign.
In an year of acute recession , the results of this auto maker is encouraging.
Many more similar results are anticipated.
Earning profits not only strenghthen the company but pull the stock markets from the blue.

Carousing In Music

The storm is raging powerful,this evening.
It is all pervasive.
Doors slam, windows rattle,trees swing, boo..... boo, strikes the wind.
The loudness is deafening.

The deluge is overwhelming, this evening
It is all powerful.
Gardens ovelow, rivers flood, oceans roar, thud ...... thud .beats the rain.
The noise is baffling.

Locking myself in my room, I switch on my twenty our hour music channel Sruti.
Moderating the volume, I listen to the raga Kalyani.
The musical intepretaion is so exciting.
Kalyani is the most beautiful ragas in carnatic musi.
It stirs you.
It thrills you.
It enriches you.
It enraptures you.
The alapana of the raga by M.S.Subbalakshmi,brings exhilaration, and beatitude .
Drenched in the melody of the rendition , I became almost unaware of the discordant bangings in the open space.

The song which followed the alapana is "Nidhi sala sugama" by Saint Thiagaraja.
The articulation of the words is so gripping , that I perceive the saint breaking down sobbing, while the King offers gifts in a golden platter. The King ,in return asks Tyagaraja to eulogise him in his songs.
The saint refuses the materialistic pleasures
The pent up emotions spontaneously oveflow as "nidhi sala sugama". He sings in his beautiful voice
"Spiritual bliss is the essence of my life.,
Money and fame do not bother me"
The King walks away with his worthless gifts.

M.S. in her own resplendent style, adds colour to Tyagaraja's contribution.

I experience the tweaks of the drunkard as I have filled myself with the most intoxicating drink.
Raga Kalyani makes me wobble.
Melody sends my head whirling.
I feel dizzy.
My eyes gradually fold.
I revel in "eternal Bliss"

The tumultuous melodrama in the outer space resolves.
There is dumb silence.

It is exactly an ecstatic rendez- vous with the Eternal.

Uneasy Calm

Is it an uneasy calm before a storm?
Uncertainity prevails.
Governance all over is perturbed.
Injection of funds have brought in a congenial diaspora.
What will happen , if the stimulus is withdrawn?
The Economy is k3ept alive by implementing no interst?
What will be the out come , if the rate is hiked?

A delicate , delinquent crisis is boggling the world in general and particular.
The consumers , are awry.
Spending has fallen drastically.
Banks are facing closure.
Unemployment looms large.
The Finance secretariat is tricked by scams and scandals.

Madoff scandal gives out voluminous accounts of inaccuracy .
Galleon hedge fund trading has incorporated in its memorandum irregular , illegal ,unthinkable , articles in his
We get scoops , which are mind blowing.

Madoffs operations had shown doubltul practices, suspicious mode of business.
The exposition was not immediate . The unruliness was not addressed/
The Fed had information of the detention.
But kept quiet.
This purposeful negligency forces a mistrust in the administration.

The passive spectatoral role of the government does not augur well.
Those in authority are silenced by the reward they get from the misdoers.
Rewards are the pay out for actions accomplished, not a remuneration to endorse illegsl course of transactions.

The hard earned money of the investor is knowingly dragged and emptied into the ocean of vile, cheat and perfidy.

A thorough vigilant supervisory regulation is mandatory.
We have to go back to the days of strict licensing.
Liberties and freedom should be monitored , as an excess will direct to a chaotic promiscuous leverage.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

It Is This And It is That.

Economy is recovering , says Obama.
The stimulus package of $787 billion has bailed out the economy from a recession.
The implementation of tax-cuts has also helped the gain in economy.
There is 3.5% growth in GDP.

Unemployment is yet to be targetted.Obama's administration proudly puts forward that it has created 650,000 jobs this year.
Unemployment topped 10% in October as against 9.8% in September.A contradictory statistics,gets us into a confused melange.
Obama is not upbeat about this issue.
He fumbles with his hands , as every maid does , when they are caught unaware of the mess they make while doing the household chores.
He retorts saying that the previous government is responsible for the economic fall and employment trouble.

Obama takes credit for the goodnews,and tries to shift responsibilty or the bad news to his predecessors. The economy itself is in a dilemma. It is convalescing. It will not drop dead. But may slip to coma, if not taken care off properly.

It is a recovery here and a setback there.
The two eventualities , progresson one side, retrogration on the other have a tug of war
between them .
The result is eagerly awaited.

Strategy Of Money Making.

Ethics ,Moral, Justice do not have any significance in today's business.

Business ethics is a bygone concept.
Profits account for a succesful venture.
The way to accrue revenue is the prime concern.
This motivation of reaping gain has been misconstrued in the modern world.

Let us take a commodity- gold.
Gold price is approximately $1043 per ounce.
This includes various charges, like procurement, brokerage,etc.
The fluctuating market drives one to buy.
As gold is a tempting investment , investors flock to buy the metal.
The seller , guaging the interst, holds back.
The buyer , apprehending a rise in price , tries his best to compel the jeweller to sell.
The latter, after much persuasion, accepts to sell it $1050 per ounce.
The transaction shows a profit margin of $7.
But this apparent margin is not the real profit.
There are innumerable intricaies which have latent value.
The seller would have accumulated gold for cheap price, when the markets were down for a day.
The next day the price rises in no realistic terms .
The dealer got the news from the insider, who according to t restrictions, should not have revealed the details.
But money plays the truant.
Not everyone can access this insider tip of.
It is those, who have high range alliances, who have the buying power, ,who can kill their conscience,can accomplish. This proactive performance is praised as a stellar one.

The stock markets go up and down by such manipulations.
Merging detail of a company X with a company Y , shoots up the stock value of X and Y., which is ranging between $2-$3.
MR Dogood, knows in advance,with the insider MR. DOmuch confiding the details.
Mr Dogood covers say 100,000 of the stocks of X and Y .
Once the amalgamation is announced , stocks rise.. It goes up to$6. Mr DOgood sells his stock.
He makes a neat profit
C.P of 100,000 shares =100,000 x2.5= $250,000.
S.P of 100,000 shares =100,000x6 = $600,000.
Gross profit = $350,000.
Deducting 10% (expenses) = $35,000
Nett profit (includes2% brokerage) = $315,000

Amazing ,is it not?
Mr. Dogood gives 2% as brokerage to Mr Domuch, for hs tips.

But where is the ethic, moral and justice?
This illicit , illegality can be termed as prostitution.
A woman sells her body to earn her livlihood.
It harms her alone.
The anecdote of Dogood and Domuch is absolute cheating. .The two have traded body, mind and thought. It is a dirty prostitution.
The world hails such prolific squanderes as billionaires, as tycoons, as business magnates , but scorns at the poor woman who ekes out a sordid living.

This powerful investor has deprived the rights of the small time counterpart, who has less money, less contacts, and above all who has a conscience.

The righteous lie low.
The just make little money.
The contented are beckoned as imprudent, lazy, and idiots.
well, these great souls depart from the world, unlamented, unsung.
In validity, they have lived an exemplary life inflicting none, harassing none.