Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Buoyant growth

India has gone through a phase of buoyancy.
Buoyancy in economic growth.
Acceleration in poverty.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh ,proudly says that the Indian economy is in powerful medium.
It discerns the future by recollecting the pat.
The growth is vivid .
The scope is illustrious.
Yet we see poverty down the line.
An anachronism glaring , a controversial oxymoron  glistening, a confronting activity gleaming.

Melinda Gates ,in her interview ,has said  Gates foundation is contributing much to the elimination of this sub continent.
There is still  Polio found in two states in India.
Her stress is to eradicate this dreadful disease, which crippled young babes ,once they get the infection.
The Indian Government in general, and  the concerned state governments  are unaware of the prevelance of this harmful virus, which they expressed has been totally eradicated.
India  requires a Melinda to find  out the existence .
India needs an Overseas foundation to eliminate this spread of virus and eliminate poverty.
Yet , Manmohan singh conveys that India has achieved a resonant success  in the economic scenario.
Does he give a thought to the abysmal poverty that is still hovering around.?
Will he visualise the mouths that go without proper  food?
How many children are malnourished?
Is he aware of the statistics?
How many young ones are school drop outs?
Does he poseess any data pertaining to this aspect?

India ,which blasts about its economic upsurge, is blasphemously struggling to get over the substantial delinquency of infant mortality, undernourishment, poverty, and disease.
A serious consideration has to be pushed into the metabolism to bring about a fruitful  rejoice.
As the economic independence and growth is celebarated , so also social stamina and dignity has to be impelled by the governance to make India  a relevant country in the world.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Lady On Move.

Heard of  A Lady with the lamp,
Seen  A Lady with an iron hand,
Spoke of  A lady with  a sword,
Not heard of A Lady on move.

The Lady  on move,
Is a common slot,
Is a regular scene,
Is a real virtuosity,

The Lady on move,
Is not admired,
Is not eulogised,
Is not sung,

The Lady on move,
Has a radiant smile,
Has an iron will,
Has  daring courage.

The Lady on move,
Nurtures a delicacy,
Nourishes a kindliness
Nestles an affection.

The Lady on move,
Dedicates to service,
Directs to targets,
Deduces to infinity.

The Lady on move,
Is none other than the ordinary,
Is none other than the commoner,
Is none other than you.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Reforming Health Care.

Obama has finally won.
His health care reforms have been voted .in favour
The nine votes has made the diference.
Obama ,it is stated ,is the happiest person.
He was in all smiles.

The Republicans are enraged.
Their stiff opposition  to this policy  made the smooth passage a trifle difficult.
Several states have planned to sue the Fed over the constituionality of the bill.
This move would postpone the bill and if the court ruling is in the favour of the states, it would be thwarted..
The most irking wording is the ".heavy fine"
If anyone fails to take a health policy hae has to lay a heavy fine.

The trillion dollar accruals from the insurance schemes would  save the countrys deficit..
The lenghty legislation process would become expensive and would not save the many number of health plans.

The uninsured become insured. 32 million get themselves insured.
Kid still the age of 26 are eligible for dependent insurance.
Health care providers will be rewarded on the quality of their service.
Senior citizens will get $250 rebate.
The squabble between rhetoric and reform has come to a close.
Reform has emerged victorious.
Obama has finally signed the $938 billion. Health Care reform.

Let us wait and see the reactions .

Sunday, March 21, 2010

A Redeemable Debenture.-InvestmentAgenda

Debentures are loans that are usually secured.
Debenture holders are privileged creditors.
They are entitled to interest ,even if the company makes a loss.

A business has many ways to receive money.
They may be in the form of deposits, debentures , laons .
The debenture holders have a hold in the asset.
This is the most secured form of  advances.
Failure of business may place other creditors in a secondary level.
The secured debentures can be reclaimed without much of a loss.
It is another form of investment that  the investor can think of.

Such being the scenario, the investor can unload his surplus in buying debentures  in credit worthy companies.
At the time of redemption , they stand to gain .
The gain would be of  a reasonable stance say to the tune of 10-15%.
No loss or wipe out as in the case of shares can be envisaged.

This instrument is the most reliable ,most revenue yielding, most assured investment.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Unmindful Throw Away

This is a story of a family, which is  very conservative in spending .
Their lifestyle is deformed, almost without any simple comforts.
Their aim is to collect interest out of the money lent out, get rentals from the let out properties,have frugal meals,devoid of nutrition.
Their assets increases in a stipulated format.
They live a life of exempted luxury ,calling themselves as simple people.

In such a family,  a girl from an ordinary stock gets married.
She remains quiet or a couple of years, watching the regular routine.
One fine morning, she sprang  as a leopard, taking the control of the finances.
She is an elementary school drop out, with no experience in handling money.

A revolution takes place.
She makes a puppet of her husband.
She with the help of few partly educated staff, just throws the currency.
She builds two houses in the same lane.
She decorates the house in the most gaudyfashion.
She keeps a retinue of servants.
Two to take care of her husband, two to be her errand boys, two to look after her child, and two more to to cook , and still a dozen to house keeping and driving.
She donates heavily to schools .
She also participates in Rotary and Lions club meetings, without understanding a word of what transpires.
Her car stable consists of a Mercedes , a Honda city, a MUV, and a Camry.

At a time she enriches her wardrobe with expensive dress materials, replinshes her jewellery with diamond and gold.
Her husband watches her in thrill and excitement.
The other members of the family, who live a below an average life get baffled by this unmindful throw.

The whole town is startled to perceive such a lavish expenditure,from a miserly family

Monday, March 15, 2010

Living Away

It is nice to live away,
from gossip and confusion
from bickering and frustration,
from hate and rejection.

It is nice to live away,
from crowd and bustle,
from noise and hustle,
from  buzz and rustle.

It is nice to live away ,
from greed and conceit,
from frenzy and deceit,
from fear and retreat.

It is nice to live  in
with cheer and fortitude
with happiness and beatitude
with  peace and solitude

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Thinking Aloud

Corruption of JusticeReactions  differ.
Thoughts vary.
Perceptions are range bound.
Judgements  refract.

Justice is beyond any critical evaluation.
It is above any slander.
It is not encompassed by time, prejudice and material.

That which is exactly efficient  is now reigned by unethical codes.
The standard of judgement has detiorarated.The verdict is not plausible, as it is tagged by various factors.
Getting deep into it, we can enunciate,
Power corrupts justice.
Money grapples justice.
Emotions control justice.
It is finally , a decision of the heart, than that of  thinking that dominates.
The faculty of reasoning  assumes a dull endeavour.

Those in power employ, deploy and frame the conduct as they wish and as they desire.
The judges, who have taken an oath, affirming not to deviate from truth,go astray at times, thus extending justice to unfair means, and  deceiful entities.
The wealth  with all its resources directs justice to unwarranted movements.,stalling factual references and  sincere editions.
The burst of temper ,imprisons faith and trust motivating to distasteful approach.

The potentiality, the prosperity, and the prejudice sentence justice to an instant death, robbing it of its value and pride.

Monday, March 8, 2010

A Resignation Untoward.

An unusual discomfort prevails.
An uncalled  depression lurks.
A switch over is eagerly  watched for.

It  was a bright morning,with a sun up early in the morning.
Got up with a bright cheer,and a radiant smile,
While browsing through  the morning news, got a call ,which caused an upset.
The whole day got spoilt.
It was an unimportant news, no way connected to me.
But the way it was delivered, and the impudence expressed made me sad.

I am referred  as a determined person, away  from the dust and din of gossip,and slander.
I ,mostly remain undaunted, and unflinched by such unholy talks, but as age advances,I feel I am prone to more  anxious disturbance.
I withdrew , not from the visibility, but cuddled into my own,after this telephonic conversation.
I appeared normal , but was broken into hundred pieces  in my non physical interior.

Shattered mentally, I dragged on the whole day, entertaining guests, looking out of the day chores, answering my business calls
Dusk set in. No one else was able to find out my depression..
I could feel a strong throb in my heart, a violent gulp in my throat.
I rushed to my cosy bed.
Took solace in my pillow,broke down.
I sobbed to my hearts content.
Tears soaked my pillow.
I ended up with Why Me?,Why Me?,Why Me?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Man in a gullible garb

India is a holy land.
It is rich in  culture.
It is  a spiritual oriented nation referring every odds and every occurrence to Karma.
Vedas and Upanishads give out analogies to the day to day activities.
It abounds in temples  and Godly men,who dress up in orange attire,rudraksha,smearing themselves in ash.
The Indians prefer to have a Guru of their own,according to their taste and interest.

The upstarts in religion,have a huge sway over the people.
They play on the people's feelings.
They keep track of the devotees thoughts.
They ,then manifest their power  of charm to woo the people.
They work carefully and make a steady entry into the untreaded regions.
The  mesmerised devotee go behind him,not alone but with a troop of kith and kin.
They pay obeisance ,with a fabulous presentation ,which includes cash and kind.
The swamiji blesses them profoundly.
The blessing is proportional to the donations.
The more you donate ,the more you receive.

He indulges in manifold activities.
He sets up ashrams, where the inmates are treated with great care .
The old , the young and the invalids get consolation from his talks.
His interpretation of philosophy is so lucid that the gathering lose their selves.
Immersed in a deep trance his followers pay what he demands.
He gets fattened with currency.
He becomes a biilionaire in a time unimaginable,with properties all round .
He lives in a palatial ashram surrounded by mirth and pomposity.

As his wealth grows ,he loses his equanamity.
He enters into nefarious acts.
He wanders across for lust, or pleasure.
His rash ,indecent movements get exposed one day.
Then there is a mad rush and chaotic riots.
His ashrams are burnt.
Media ,which made him popular mangles him to dust overnight.
His followers  lay hurt .

Why this mad rush happens?
Why this ghastly defeat occurs?

The Sanyasi is not to be blamed but the people who are to be found fault.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Optimistic Greed.- Stock Market's Alchemy

Stocks are only paper assets.
The more you hold, the more you are trapped.
Long term investment  has been approved by all.
Short time ones are gambling.
Intraday trading are high end casinos.
In the casinos, it is the house that is rewarded, not the player.
We find the same calibre in the stock markets.
Yet the desire to compete never dies.
Can we term it as optimistic greed?

The ups and downs in the last decade ,have wiped a neat percentage of investment.
The despair was present for a few years, but the urge to win or precisely to make quick money has dispelled this strain.
Again there is a frenzied momentum in the market.
The cues signify a thrust upwards,and a pull downwards .
This tug of war has set in a throbbing unrest among the investors.
This oscillation is created by stock bourses.
While there is a mad rush for accumulation of stocks ,there appears a down trend in the market.
The gullible investor  gathers a  sizeable volume.
The market rises marginally.
Happiness looms large.
A step up occurs.Joy be with the investor.
He adds to his collection.
The temptation becomes unresistable.
The stock market crashes suddenly.
The investor is duped.
The suicidal inclination settles in.
Meantime ,the fat cats  in wall street, would have fattened themselves.
They would have earned millions in this volatile game.
Our friend, the investor has lost most of his savings.
He gropes in the dark.
This is for a couple of days.
Again , the addiction impels him to get into trading.
He is on the stage once again.

Is there any rehabiltation centre for investors such as the one  for drunkards and drug addicts?