Monday, November 2, 2015

Return Of Awards

The writers and filmmakers have returned their awards.
 They want a tolerant attitude,
 Tolerance in the religion and in the acceptance of the  customs.
 Beef  has become a hot topic.
Hindus revere cow as a Goddess.
Muslims have a love for beef.
 The slaughter of the cattle has been here for years.
 None found fault.
 The insurgency has led to an unrest.
 The Government remains silent.
 The lynching has created a furore.
 The writers, first being Nayantara Sehgal,  have sent back their awards to the Sahitya Academy.
The officials  keep mum.
 Only a few days back the Academy spokesperson came out with a statement.
 But the  anger has provoked many a writer to disown the award.
It is a bolt from the blue.
The administration did not anticipate such a refusal.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Pulses

The inflation is up.
 The price of pulses has gone up.
 The reason is not known.
The steep rise is due to hoarding.
 The price which was Rs 75 a few months back has risen up to Rs 210.
 A steep rise and the common man finds it difficult to make both ends meet.
 The government has been taken unaware.
 Importing pulses has brought down the prices marginally to RS 165.
 It has to go down further.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Raghuram Rajan's Perception

The economy of India has turned stable.
 Thanks to the efforts of Raghuram Rajan, the RBI governor.
His pragmatic approach has led to a stagnant growth in the manufacturing sector.
 There is no initiative in the real estate markets.
 The temporary lull has halted progress to an extent.
 The RBI governor's move is to set the house in order.
 The next step is to promote growth.
 Criticisms are there.
Critical is the analysis.
 Research speaks differently.
 The shrewd economist in Raghuram Rajan perceives growth secondary to stability.
 A firm foundation is required, he feels.
 He is meticulously working towards a focus.
 He wants India to sustain not win alone.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Shoe That Fits.

The shoe is for the feet. Not the feet is for the shoe.

காலுக்காகச் செருப்பா, செருப்புக்காக காலா .
It is a saying In Tamil.
I derive
 a lot of inferences from this old saying.
That fits not you should be thrown away.
This being said Of shoes. This could very well be takne for business too.
 The executives who run the business should be ever on the lookout. One black sheep is enough to pull down the business. Alert and watchful, he should identify the person  who causes a disturbance. Warn him  or if he is not apologetic dismiss him at once. Tis would save a lot. Business could be well preserved..
Deliberation should  not come in here. it is a then and there decision.
This would save the business and lead it towards prosperity. The quicker you are the most beneficial it would turn out to be.
A stitch in time saves nine.
So abide by the decision and go ahead. Suceess is yours. Good Luck!

Gossips In Business

It is being on and off from Atmashruti. Do I not know what goes wrong? and what goes right?.
I am bewildered.

Now, back again. I would like to delve into the rumours that affect the business.  The no meaning talks that encircle the business would dishearten a businessman.If he is strong he could pooh-pooh
them and get going in his work. If he tends to be weak then goes the business and all.

The competitors indulge in spreading slanders. They are at the best baseless but enough to dampen the spirit. An example of such talks could be, the man you know in trouble. he is neck deep in debt. he is making things meet in the hardest way. His revenue is less than his expenditure.  He is making a straight loss.

Ignore them and go beyond. It is a sure way to success

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Invest In Vacant Land.

Investment in land  is  the best option available..
Investing in vacant land is one among the best.
True, they do not produce anything.They do not generate income. They do promise  some cash flow.
It is a trouble-free option. You need not tend the land. The  only important factor is that you should be cautious so that no encroachment is  made through.

Buy a land at the right price. Allow it to lie like that. Sure, if it is buildable, developers would approach.With that, a huge battle is won.

Vacant land does not encourage competition. It does not earn be the reason. So it is your market and you could buy a huge land mass very cheap. Most lands could be bought with money in hand. There is no necessity for mortgage or loan.

The Land gives you immense peace of mind. it is not going to be stolen like gold and other valuables. It would not depreciate as building does. It does not need any infrastructure. it lies just like that. Eye a right piece of land. buy it and you could make a
 profit though not tomorrow but in the years to come.

Saturday, May 30, 2015

Land Value

London and New York topping the list in real estate values. Sydney, Hong Kong ans Singapore stand a reliable second.

Hong Kong and Singapore in Asia are land hungry and each square feet is worth a million Sydeny  beats the curve with high cost in land prices and in between 2011 and 2014 the cost price of land is ballistic. There is already a 2% rise in the land price. Real estate is booming.

In Hong Kong.  the market is stable with only a rise of 2 %. In Singapore, it is a way different. Buying land in Singapore is suicidal says developer Kwek Leng Beng.In Bukit Merah,
a square foot od land was sold for $1162.

Prices are going astronomical. Still there are buyers as affluence also has increased with that the buying capacity.
 To own land is everybody's wish and that has to be fulfilled at one time in the lifetime. The real estate dealers cash in exploiting this sentiment.

Amusement Becomes Pleasure ---Gates And Buffett.

I was amused when I came across a news clipping that called New York and London as Gates and Buffets of rich cities.
Gates is no ordinary man. His activities in business show his mental strength. he is fast and very fast indeed. His hard work and diligence have shown amazing results. Likely, the city of NewYork, which is a city where  most financial reformation and activities take place  is one that resembles Gates dynamic founder of Microsoft. It could be vice-versa too.

NewYork is a city where you could find all races and cultures. The wall Street bustles with activity. The trade is immaculately  shiny.  What is not traded and what else could be transacted. That is the glory of this city.

Buffett is an investment magnate.  He is called the  Wizard Of Omaha. He is a strict believer of values and is frugal in spite of his immense wealth. Buffett learnt the art of stock trade from the rudiments and won high acclaim after working hard for decades. Notably, London, a city of great reputation has been compared to Buffett. Perhaps, Buffett is traditional and moderate like London.

My amusement turned a pleasure after I read a few anecdotes of these two rich people.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

Professionals Hired.

Light up. Do not be discouraged. Negatives would turn positive in the course of time.  Time is the best healer.

When a difference arises, leave it for a while. Do not think and get frustrated. let it lie low. Sense would prevail.
 You could then sort it out.

The  story of the four brothers in the previous one is an example of the negative.Another one could direct you to a positive thinking.

Just as this family of four parted ways, there is another illustrious family which still holds together. Their concept is different. They were too much family oriented and the brothers and cousins found out this would lead to trouble. One of them, with a foresight, proposed the appointment of professionals in the top level. The family would have a say still. The seniormost among them would become the Chief Executive officer and would retire at the age of 65, giving way to the next in line. This way they are united and the volume of business has leaped in bounds and has hit the target. The professionals guide them. They retire and in their place another appropriate and competent person is replaced.

Their theory works good. The family holds an enviable status today in the commercial and financial world. They are ranked very high and come among the top 20's in the world.

The Tug Of War In The Business.

The father and son conflicts have destroyed  the business. The siblings difference have also spoilt the business.
A flourishing business was robbed of its thrive by the brothers competition.One wanted to expand, the other  wished to remain modest, while the third was no interested in any and finally the fourth liked to get away from the business and start his own, The four attitudes that we see now could never hold the business together. A balance should be there and if it is not possible better go individual.

As things happened the business was held together each one pulling the strings, The expansion went ahead. The capital was not there and the finances saw a crunch. The one who said let us be as we are now coming in and shouts at the brother who expanded. The third one who is disinterested totally remains the same even now. The fourth takes up the cudgels and says with proof that he wants to go separately.

Well, this being the situation, how could the business be run. They end up by dividing the company into four. The fourth one is the happiest. his case is now won. he moves away. The third one keeps the share intact. The second one invests in another business and works with caution. The first one goes into an  investment spree Whether he won or lost is another question, but the business of the family concluded with a division.
So far  so good.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Adoption And its Aftermath.

The conflicts between father ans son as  seen earlier weakens the  family business. No two individuals think alike.
 The father, from the old school of management, has his own idiosyncrasies and ideas of management. He might be slow in taking decisions. He would have his own coterie. They would have advised him for long. The growth of the  business would have been slow.

The son, in this case an adopted one, would be quick and sharp. He would have had a large exposure, having done his management courses abroad. He wants growth, not a tardy one but an accelerated rise. He hires professionals.They tell him the old managers ae no good. They should be replaced.
His modus operandi is different and fast.

The tussle starts.. Father, princely bred, feels he has been overwhelmed. He is hurt. It is natural, An eighty-three-year-old man, who had his own way of life  so long is now trapped by his foster son.
He is removed from the chairmanship of his company by the shareholders. His pain transforms into fury. He cancels the adoption decree and proclaims he has renounced his son.

The son, on the other hand, behaves even harsher. He speaks ill of his father. He cuts the remuneration paid by the company to the father. He revokes all sanctions to the old man. He is now the custodian of the business as per the share holding pattern, He and his wife hold the majority.

To get  going and to meet out his expenditure the father sells his house in Hyderabad. He proposes to sell his coffee estate in Coorg. The son  seeks the court's permission to stop the sale. The son's case is dismissed. So goes the.story.

Well, this is unbelievable.  Fairy tales are more credible, one feels. Now with the police complaints  and government intrusions  the conflict has turned ugly.

A foster son cannot become an own son whatever it could be and whoever it might be.

Propagation comes through with justifiable means.  Progeny is through
 the  rightful process, not by deceit and malice.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Conflict In A Melodrama

Conflicts turn ugly
father  and son quarrel
 the one overwhelms  the other 
 the son  is chased 
 the father is ousted
 the son is one adopted 
 the father very  rich and old 
 feels cheated as the son
gets away with the business
 he cries and weeps before a public
 the son apologises  at the behest of police
 the father refuses  to accept 
 so goes  the fight  on and on
year after year,
it pulls on
 the people are no way interested
 say I with a belief 
 malice returns malady
disaster leads to devastation
 greed elopes with death 



The Nuances Of Insider Trading

The Insider trading  has become a novel way to cheat the public.  It is the trading of a public stock company by individuals with access to non-public information about the company.It is mostly associated with  the illegal conduct.

It is legal when the directors, employees, and officers trade stock of their own company, Illegal trading refers to buy and sell a security in breach of fiduciary duty or other relationship of trust or confidence, while in possession of material non-public information about the security.

This happens in many a corporate trading of securities. The insiders  give a tip of the corporates developments. They trade and share it with their friends and relatives. Law, banking, and brokerage firms trade with the leaked information  Government employees have access to the insider information and they trade. To a certain level, misappropriation also finds its way.

With the knowledge  received from the insiders many prosperous investors made huge sum of money during the IPO's and corporate mergers. This type of trading undermines investors confidence
thwarting the fairness and the integrity o the security.

Many have taken advantage of the tips  and amassed huge wealth. It is a gross violation.

Monday, May 25, 2015

The Insider Trading --Latest Addition

A few days ago, read in the newspapers that A. Vellayan  Of Murugappa group faces charges framed by SEBI in an insider trading case related to the acquisition of Sabero Organics by Coromandel International in 2011.

Not one industrialist is out of corruption. The Murugappa group boasts of integrity and decorum as its principles of governance.It has also fallen prey to greed. The SEBI, whole time Director wrote in his order that Vellayan in all possibilities shared unpublished price sensitive information about the impending acquisition of Sabero transaction. He had disclosed this valuable information to his distant relatives AR. Murugappan and V. Karuppiah and one another C. Gopalakrishnan, when this idea took shape.

Vellayan if proved is not the only person in Corporate India who has manipulated and made billions. Vellayan is going to take it up legally and as a measure has stepped aside as Murugappa Group Chief.

The insider trading is an offence that goes unchecked everywhere. The profits generated  thus are a whopping billion or more at the minimum. The trader in stocks does his homework with diligence and makes a profit not any way worthy of this phenomenal transaction of insider trading. Many corporate giants in India do, play safely and make huge profits. If Vellayan is found guilty and convicted, then I feel SEBI has taken a decision.

Let we wait for the development of the
case .

Sunday, May 24, 2015

The "I" Should Come After

 Eventually back in my blog   I rush through my posts relating to Family Business. They seem to be relatable. They are not from imagination. They are a real experience.

Being born in a business family and in an industrial oriented one, I had seen the rise and fall, the profits and loss, the make ups and make builds to a great extent. Apart from the business fluctuations the family underwent a turbulence  when the going ended up in a loss.The smooth ride passes off unnoticed .it is only when you encounter bumps and potholes the driver has to be cautious. The business went off, especially in my family, when the returns were lucrative.

The profits diminish mainly due to the factors beyond our control. They being  labour unrest, power failures, raw material costs and fall in prices. Like you, I also believed the same.

later as I grew up and became familiar with  the business, I could decipher more than one reasons for the failure. The Textile industry into which my family was for decades brought us wealth enormous and reputation voluminous. We became the prime family in  the town and society hailed  us as the most successful business house in our part of the country,
As the tradition goes it is the sons who participate in business and the daughters have no say in it whatsoever. My brothers, one by one, came into the stream which was beautifully managed by my father. My father was a conservative businessman. he measured every move. Of course, he made some expensive mistakes, which were rectified then and there.My brothers slowly learnt the business practice. Each one of them was well qualified. My mother saw to it that they  got the best education possible. She was behind them always and monitored every move of them.

The  business could very  take in the four of them as it had units all over the state and plantations in Nilgiris. For a few years, the business ran without any issues. They got married and begot children. Then on the rivalry started. Each one wanted to override the other, set aside a portion of the income for their own. The second brother won the confidence of my parents.

it was his reign all over . he went on a speed unforeseen. he expanded the business. he had so many confidantes. he bought properties in their names. had unwanted understanding with the cotton and yarn merchants. He made it a point to undervalue the goods, both inward and outward and got a commission for doing so from the merchants. That way he amassed great wealth. The other three
remained passive for a period. Seeing him grow in prosperity manipulated and played the game much more discreetly than him. Each one made a lot of money while the business gradually became unviable.

The business and industries fell into debt. They were auctioned and liquidated. This family has taught a lesson.- the I should always come

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My Atmashruti Gone ---- I Thought

 I had to battle  to retrieve my blog. My "Atma Shruti"  disappeared from my dashboard  suddenly. I made all attempts to get back my blog, but they were all in vain. I was upset. I stared at my dashboard   and could find none of my blogs there.

How am I going to bring them back?

I sought the help of blogger. It was of no use. I tried and tried. I knocked the door of Google Forums. Again it was not  useful. I  felt sad and  depressed. I closed  my computer and vowed not to open it anymore. I was angry with my laptop and walked away in a fury.

My anger lasted a few minutes.  I slowly walked  back to my laptop. I went through the settings. I deleted the changes I had made knowingly and unknowingly all through the days.  I reset it to default. Meantime, my phone rang. I rushed to pick it up. I was on the line for more than half an hour. My habit is to talk  continuously over the phone, I forgot my system.After the telephonic conversation,  I went to the kitchen to prepare a drink. I sat in my porch with a cup of hot tea. sipped it at ease and with my reading glasses on started to read  the most gripping novel. How many hours I sat there I know not. I was reading part of the time and dozing a part of the time too.

I woke up from  my reverie and the thought of dinner came across. So,  again into the kitchen, I prepared a few dosas and ate them with a tomato chutney. All done and with my belly full slumber
 approached.  At that minute, I was reminded of my blog and laptop. I ran to my room and switched on the system. Lo! it had been switched on so long, the charge has drained. I cursed myself and plugged into a resource. Finally opened up and to my delight my blog was there all healthy and strong. My joy was so pronounced that I held my laptop to my bosom and cajoled and cuddled it with an extra fondness.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Family Familiar

A family, I am familiar  has been doing business for the past hundred years.
The great grandfather was a dynamic man. He established businesses in Burma and Malaysia. He did not go to any of these countries but deputed managers to his business centres.These managers were assigned to work for three years. This period was called" kanakku" After the three years, they returned home. Another man was sent to take care of the business. This way the interests grew. As Burma came under the military rule, the great  grandfather has died and his son  who took up the business from is the father , diverted his entire interests to Malaysia.The grandfather also did not go to these places. he trusted his managers and they reciprocated his confidence  by working hard.

The properties increased and the grandfather, an able administrator passed peacefully. His sons inherited a lot of wealth. The eldest one, a meek and a good hearted man was not serious about business. The younger brother took advantage of his brother's indifference. he went to Malaysia and stayed there for years together. he bought properties and fragmented them. he made good profits. He kept the most for his family giving a small share to his brother.

The father died some twenty years ago,
His sons took control of the business. Jealousy ruled high and the three brothers tried to deceive and deprive the second one. Luckily he got from his reverie and took the management of a property which earned him  a fortune.The three brothers are now in dire straits.

Monday, May 18, 2015

The Driving Force In Business

The auditors scrutinize the accounts. They stop you when you go beyond the border. They  warn you and make you look into the discrepancies and rework.

A break could hamper your progress. But it would  be a great help as it has protected you from a fall.

The auditor's role is very important. He has to perform with a responsibility.
The cost accountant works out the cost  and sets the price.
His duty is still  more difficult and he has to be accurate.
He has to consider the inputs, the time consumed, the material involved, the labour cost to set the selling price
The nuances of a business are so intricate. A patient  consideration and a quick decision  should be the driving. force.

Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Accountants In Business

Accounts of a business have to be maintained. The Balance Sheet talks of the company's health. Th e profit and loss of a business tells us the status of it. If it is in the profit zone and comfortable in its payments the business would flourish. If it is under pressure the statement of accounts would reveal the truth.Manipulating the accounts. Boosting the sale price and compressing the expenses could give a presentable working. This could be done for a year or two. if it is extended beyond then the company would buckle under pressure and crumble.

Accountants should be careful and should warn the management when they see a negative trend. Any deviation would prove fatal to the company. Caution is the byword.

Accountants do not make good managers is the common feeling. Yes and No. 
It is yes. As such the accountants would look through a microscope and would check then and there if there is any expense that are found unnecessary. management requires a little freedom to solve the situation. It is hard to cope up with a shoe string budget.

It is no. The accountants are very diligent in controlling the expenses and never allow any extravagant expenditure. Frugality is the essence of successful business. They could excel if they are given an opportunity to perform.

Again it is their eye that speaks. A little giveaway could bring success. A great control over the financials could lead to achievements big.

Accountants are the backbone of a business and prosperity
 depends on their skill 

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Any business To Succeed.

There is a debate. it is about the business in general. Why do so many business fails? Why do so many others succeed?

Prudence  could be an answer. But many who have managed with great care and wisdom have failed.

It is luck.Yes, it could be. Luck is a  predominant factor. That is not in your hands. There comes in the unknown. The unknown could be the divine to many and might be else to the non-believers.

 It is the time.  The timing is important. The tide is to be followed. Entering a business when that particular branch of business is dull would not help you.  This is to the manufacturing industry.
Say, if textile markets are very slow, it would be a mishap if you start a textile oriented industry.

It is the funding. The financial institutions give you a loan when you need then you could make use of them and earn  a profit. If they delay then the business would suffer due to lack of funds The profit margin would dwindle.

 The last could be skilled labour.
Skilled labour is the chief factor that accounts for the profitability. The production per shift counts. if the production goes down the profit also goes down, If there are faults in manufacturing the quality of the product  is lost. Selling would become difficult.Stocks would pile up. The profit margin would decline.

These factors are to be  taken care off for any business to succeed.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Time mangement in Business-- Time Ticks.

Time is the factor that takes you across. The decision quick at times helps. The decision deferred at times facilitates. See the situation then decide.That be wisdom

The business will not wait. It has to go on and with speed as competitions are heavy.The sooner you catch the bird the better it is for you. If your competitor likes to sell a product for 10 dollars, offer a dollar less, or 50 cents less, clasp the market go ahead. Once your product goes haywire slowly hike the price. You are done. If yo had waited for an even price with your competitor you have to wait eternally. Another one would enter and gone are your produce and revenue.

Learn the market trend. Be watchful. Change according to the situation. Remember change is the only thing permanent. Always on watch should be your motivation.Care not others. hear not their talks. Concentrate on your efforts and on your production. Success is yours.

Pass on the baton to your successors.You would be hailed as leader. Jubilation
would be around.

You Would Be Blessed ------A gospel.

The Family business is all set to go with the ethics intact,.They being a balanced approach. with no favours en route.
 Go with a decided mind. Have a thought of not your family alone. Include all the families around. Do not behave like an individual when you are appointed as the manager. Think you are for the group. They depend upon you. Work for them. pay them. Keep them happy. You reach the goal.

If you step aside and look backwards, the path you have crossed you could see a beauty in it, a satisfaction permeates and you have set off the mark.Grand you are and the extended family would cherish you and would set you as an example for the incumbents.

let that be your achievement. The trust reposed on you should not go astray. Cherish your goal and smooth sail
your years of management. This is not a piece of advice to you. it is your gospel that I have pronounced so long and so forth. Follow them and you would be blessed.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

The Growth Of Intrusions In Family Business

he family interference in the business leads to a crash. This has to be collectively restricted. Whoever it might be family interest in the business is permissible. Other than that the other ideas of personal inclinations that of keeping aside a portion of wealth, hiking the bills for the sake of a family, manipulating in the accounts should not be entertained.

if the interruptions are allowed then it would be a complete sweep. The management should be careful with such interceptions. preserving the ethics the definition that long eluded my thoughts, should be the motivation.

I have seen in various organizations that this spirit ids obnoxiously missing. The anomalies are overlooked initially.  They are only small abnormalities and could easily be neglected would be the feel of the management. True trivials should not affect the big decisions. But ignoring them would lead to their growth. Once they grow huge it would be not easy to uproot them. Restrict them at the primary stage so they would not turn cancerous .

With this in the mind the family business has to be managed .

The In -Laws Interference in Family Business.----- Indian Perception.

the family business is taking a long go. The negative elements confront me day in a day out.
 The jealousy the we find amongst the members would stifle the growth if not checked early.

 My experience in business, that oo in a family oriented is on of bitter and sour to an excess.
The family to which I belong had a thriving business once. Mind you the tense and underline the word once. This family disintegrated because of jealousy. Not alone envy but also greed.

The Indian families are close knit and their relationships are intricate. The matrimonial alliance also plays a role in the business. You might be surprised to read this, but this is what happens in the Indian sub-continent. The daughters-in -law direct and destruct the family unity. If they hail from a family with an equal status the problems would be fairly less. if they come from an ordinary background their peevish attitude enters and they who had not seen the affluence resort to all willy nilly tactics.use their female power. wield their influence. Finally the family breaks. With it the business

I am pained to see my family's business collapse. it has fallen beyond redemption. Still the animosity is raw. Brothers attacking each other not in words alone but physically too. They have no regret for what has transpired. They go on with their grouses and anger.

I fear that this combustible temper would pass on to the next generation too. I see no light. It is pitch dark.

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Weak Management.

The depth of the management could be found in the managerial behaviour. Managers who keep cool and do not panic at the time of crisis are worthy in real. The hesitation and the frenzy do not tell about the managerial efficiency. A solemn and silent managers who could overwhelm and control the unexpected eventuality are to be promoted.

I saw today a person, well over sixties, who talks a lot but does a little, become frustrated over a very simple issue. The reconciliation of accounts has become a child's play with innumerable software available. The accounts have been created and the statement prepared. He got exasperated and mumbled and grumbled while the printing was going on.

Such a desperation is not to be found in managers.It is a quality much despised. He has to give time to the accountant to complete. If the accountant fails then the manager should fire him instead of grumbling.This is an example of weak management.

Tempers should be limited.  Encouragement should be moderate. The decisio
 is vital. Success is to be celebrated. This is how skilled managers perform.

A Tragi Comical Episode In Family Business

The Family business is a subject that comes up with new propositions every day. Yesterday saw a letter written by a brother to one of his brothers. Both are in their sixties, the one who wrote is 65 and the other one who received is 64.

The writer of the letter has made efforts to pick and choose bombastic words and use redundancy in his expressions. I could very well publish the letter or at least a part of it, as an illustration, for my argument how trivia leads to a collapse.

The  65-year-old man writes that he one of the six children of his father had recovered the property, which is their house from the mortgage. The others remained reticent.  He was imprisoned a couple of years back for the management lapses of his brothers. he was pushed out the house by their actions of cutting electricity and water supply. The brothers are living in the family house while he is residing in a rented premises. So goes on the letter which sounds very pathetic. The writer suffered T.B and had a by -pass surgery in 201 all because of the agony he endured. Now the nephew is resorting to the same old tactics.He has cut the electrical connection in the office. he wants to stay away from court and cases as he is 65. But the impudence of his nephew, who is a nincompoop has provoked him to write the letter.  He has refrained from posting the letter to another brother who is the said nephew's father as he has cast evil aspersions on his family to which his elder sister would vouch for it.

His elder sister by now would be 66 now.

The office is a very small one using minimum electricity. The nephew could very well pay the bill which would run into few hundreds. Even more this 65-year-old man could magnanimously offer to pay the bill instead of bemoaning and writing letters. This man who cries hoarse that he lives in a rented premises has allocated two bungalows to his two sons which are no way his own but inheritance.

This family is very familiar to me. The asset rich group has lost most of the properties intheir fights and differences in which the elder sister played a pioneering role. The writer himself has suffered greatly due to his elder sister's greed and deceit.

I was shocked to read the letter. But my initial setback was superseded by the amusement I derived fro the correspondence. This family would not come to terms and would lose what little they are left within few years from now.

Monday, May 11, 2015

The Secondary Management And The Choice.

The Manager once appointed has to select his team. To perform the team has to supplement and complement each other.This could be ascribed as Secondary Management,

How could this be
done? Again the selection has to take place. This time it is a team, mind you, not an individual or say two or three persons in the top management.

The expertise is important. It is a long drawn process with a careful integration.

A call for and the response should be evaluated. Among the applicants choose the majority by their qualification and background and the rest by their looks and interaction. Now, it is not the managerial personnel you are choosing. It is the sales officers, the supervisors and the accountants so on and so forth. The sales team has to be dynamic. They should possess charm and interactive ability. They should know the technique of how to push the sales up.  Sales are the vital element in any industry. Without sales, the goods would stagnate and the rotation would be affected.  The supervisors should have the technical knowledge and must be well versed in the area of production The accountants as it goes by the profession mus be thorough with the accounting practice. An in-house program should be introduced so that the management could easily access the accounting modules.

With the team in structure,  the industry or the business would grow and see great heights.

The Selection Of Managers--------Crucial

Barkis is willing. yes, like Barkis there are many managers who are willing to improve the performance and many more who want to bring down the promotions and lead to a disaster.

This comes to the appointment of the managers. Choosing the best is a task, not a simple one but an onerous one. It lies in your strength and it could be your weakness too.

Do not give way to likes and dislikes. Do not consider the merit alone. Do not try on the educational qualification as the only criteria. Do not rely on Yes men.

These could be for the dont's.

Coming to the do's.
Let the overall personality take the primary. The person counts, not his qualification the most. The integrity matters, no the skill alone. The sincerity works up not the result alone. Weighing all these, a man with pleasant manners, a genial disposition, an understanding capacity, a lively smile and the rapport he creates do matter.The business tact and knack are predominant and that would come under the personality.. A dull-headed person, however,
hardworking he is would not contribute to the progress. So as a brilliant one lethargic and static is equally a liability to the company. A moderation of all these should be detected in a person and he should be chosen to wear the mantle.

The choice is the essential element is running the business.

One has to watch, trace, deck and adorn. A true test indeed!.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Competition In Family Business Illustrated.

The competition that prevails would affect he running of business too.To elaborate, let us take an instance from the manufacturing industry especially the textile.

 The yarn is spun from cotton. The quality matters the most. The warp and the weft yarn go to make up a cloth. The weft yarn could have defects and could fetch a price with the unevenness. The warp has to be perfect with no faults. The strength of the cloth depends on the quality of warp yarn. perfection is a must. To get a good yarn you have to purchase appropriate staple length of cotton suitable to the counts that you spin. Cotton with much trash content would not come out as good yarn. The process of cleaning the cotton has to be doubled then.  This involves a strain a and the manufacturing cost would increase manifold.

The competitors would score off in the procurement of cotton.  Here cash plays a significant role. With down payments, you could easily bargain and buy good quality cotton for a price.. If not cash and if you opt for long payments then the suppliers would compromise on quality. There goes the
  quality  down. Competiton supersedes and the profit margin decreases. You are bound to lose the rank and the efficiency also would remarkably deteriorate.

Considering all these inputs, one has to be careful and should possess  a
liquidity to buy, manufacture and sell if he has to stay in this competitive world.

Eschewing Unwanted Elements.---Fraud,

Business is run on faith and trust. The trust if misplaced would signal a loss. Trust well placed would signify growth.

Why did I bring in the negative side first? As seen trust gets weakened as time passes and corruption finds its place. Familiarity breeds contempt  goes the adage. Definitely it is so. Service brings in experience in most cases. In others, it also takes itself to fraud. The longer the managers are in service the greater the risk of cheating.

How to curtail this indecent activity?

It is a crucial effort and should be done with caution. Let us take, for example, a plantation, Oil Palm, in Malaysia. Managing the oil palm plantation is no joke. it needs inspection. It requires control. It necessitates action. The greater the owner involves himself the lesser would be the manipulation. If the manager is let to control, he in an a course of time tries to dodge. He cheats in the production report. When actually there is a  yield of  150 tons in 150 acres, he would record say 140 Tons and the 10 tons would be shared by the manager, the Mandor, and the buyer. That way he would make a fortune in the years and would even if left unchecked would buy lands around with the revenue. it all happens in every place. certain issues are to be taken seriously others are to be cautioned and the process has to continue.
The plantation needs to be taken care off. A slow and a firm approach is essential. Start from the roots. First change the purchaser, then the Mandor and finally the Manager. let it be done in a phased manner. Their intention would be laid bare and the best could be achieved.

Dodgy Dealings.---- Management

Just a few hours back came across a pertinent issue that comes up in every business. Be it a family or a public company the problems arise. Do not think I am talking in a roundabout manner, I want to strike the point with a vehemence.
A group working in a plantation alleged that the managerial staff are cheating the management by manipulating in the yield. The manager, the supervisor and the buyer adjust the tonnage weight and take equal share during every harvest. Their booty increases as the yield increase.
The previous manager was even more greedy. He took a big portion and his staff remained subservient to him. The man who exposed this manipulation has worked in the plantation for more than twenty years..he has broken away from the scheming group for reasons best known to him. When asked, why he did not complain earlier? His reply is vague and he mumbles saying that they asked commission from him. He paid them till now. Even now, he is willing to pay but they do not entertain him anymore. Perhaps they have found a person who would pay them more.
Having heard all these came to a conclusion, it is the money that plays the game. The more you give the more you can survive.
When would the world come out of this cursed  vicious circle? God only knows.

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Act Quick At The Time Of Crisis

The windfall and turbulence would be found in business. The windfalls outnumber the turmoil.  The bad days are there for every venture. Good managers would be able to predict mishaps much earlier.
They should tide over the crisis with prudence. it is hard to come out unscathed. It is harder still to bring in profits during these stormy days. But it is the duty of the managers to diminish the difficulties by opting various methods and see which could be appropriate to minimise the losses.

That is in all the managerial skill, the business acumen that is much talked about. Anyone can sail in smooth waters. it requires special capacity and foresight to predict and sail the waters when it is in a fury. The same could be said of the managers.

When the markets are down and the production is more the stock would increase affecting the rotation. Money is needed to keep the business going. If it is stacked and is blocked then the business would suffer. The managers should rise up now, They should bring down the production by cutting one shift per day. Announce a lay off for workers.That way production cost could be saved. Market the manufactured goods quickly. Allow a discount. As goods that lie for days in the godown are akin to dead bodies in the mortuary. Sell the piled stock as soon as possible. make money at the earliest. Waiting is unpardonable. it is action, immediate action is the need. G ahead. You will succeed.

The Unknown Factors. That Affect business

With the family business well into the wings. it flies sky high, the members are happy. They earn rich dividends and satisfaction prevails. that be the concept of family business.

The members have to keep in mind the turns in a business.  Unknown issues and unprecedented incidents could disturb the results of the company. These factors are to be perceived with reasonable understanding. The members have to compromise to the situation. If the influence is for the better
then there would be no issue. if it is for the bad the affectation would bring in a turmoil. This should be averted as the incidents are beyond anyone's control.

The factors might be fluctuations in prices, rise in taxes, weather conditions, power  variations, cost rise, manufacturing issues so on and so forth.

To conclude, we have to weigh all these considerations
and pass a verdict. The management if it fails in spite of the favourable trends then has to be removed and replaced by competent persons to avoid further loss and further dent to the reputation.

Friday, May 8, 2015

Business Is For Profit ----- No Place For compassion.

A thorough analysis of Family Business has led one to believe that faith is the factor that holds the business together.

Suspicion should never enter the door and even a slightest trace would cause a havoc. Tread with caution and repose unlimited faith in the person who runs the business. Give him your support and never look at him with jaundiced eyes.

A check should be on the role. it should not strangle the flourish or thrive. A verification, to put it in a mild way should enhance growth. it should be a stimulant than an interruption.

The chief should have a mind to assimilate ideas, recommendations and take them in the right spirit. He should not feel that he is the be all and end all in the management. Mind you, he should never forget that he is on deputation. He holds the post by their will and has to perform with caution and tactfulness. His prime aim should be to accomplish the task with laurels. He should satisfy, even more, enthusiastically work for profits, more profits and make his family own and extended happy.

The family business, as heard and as seen, is an onerous task.To run it successfully one has to be street
smart, has to have integrity and also sincerity. If these three qualities are not found the business is bound to slip into losses.

Remember, business is always for-profit where compassion is not to be given place.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Unity Foremost In Business

We have seen the orientation, disorientation and the collapse of the family business.
 A business, generally relies on unity.If that element is lost then the edifice would collapse.This is what we find in all the disintegrated family businesses.

Unity is hard to find. If at all it is there, it is the bare minimum we can find. Siblings do not see eye to eye. Uncles and grandfathers differ. This has been the scenario now, where each and every word matters. A word that hurts spoils the show. A model that irks condemns the behaviour. A failure in the least disrupts the functioning. So on and so forth goes the unity, wherein we cannot trace growth and prosperity.

If that be the case, it is better for the family business to divide and diversify. Each family be allotted a venture and if possible let it overseen by a common patriarch, if not go your way and have no link with the central. That could be a better proposition in the run.

Not advising of a disintegration but a spell out of a proposal that would be feasible and workable in the smooth functioning of the business.

Professioals Inside Family Business.

The family oriented business is still found in many parts of the world. They are giving way to professional management slowly.
 The families which are into business for a long time and which managed the activities are now recruiting professionals to take care.

Professionalism is indeed the need of the hour. Their perception would be loaded with exposure and training. Not that they have the meticulous modus Operandi they too have not any attachments to the business. Sentiments do not take a role. It is profit. Nothing but profit.

The company should perform. Whatever action need be taken would be implemented as soon as possible.If they find a business outdated they would hive it off and deploy the funds into a more lucrative one. That way they do not keep the funds idle.A return is a must. Idling is condemned.

Many family businesses have their own members on board and slowly incorporate other directors in who are professionals. They are at the helm for a period. They have to show results.If they fail they would be removed and another appropriate person would be brought in.

A slow but steady change is taking place silently.

The Family Business --- An Example Of A Collapse

The family business takes me on a journey, Cited examples of the large business families around me, I thought I had completed my assignments.
Last night, while I was relaxing, another family of repute came into my mind. I felt I should add this to the subject too.

Well, this family has been into business for quite a long time.They had the business in many parts of the country and also in Burma, and Ceylon. They had paddy fields in Burma and involved in banking also. The Ceylon based business comprised of tea estates and real estates. This family became wealthy, in the course of time, as they supported the British raj. The Governor Generals had a special corner for them and they on the go assigned valuable lands in and around Madras to this family.

The family was also known for usurping the properties of their kin in the guise of caretakers. Rumours still run about them. That is all history now,

They set up a university with their own donations supplemented by the collected funds. The university did impart education but as years passed it became a money spinner for the family. For each appointment right from menial to ViceChancellor percentage of the commission was fixed. So did they in engineering and medical seats. Imagine a student paying millions to become a doctor. What would be his status in the medical profession deemed to be very noble and has a call of caution around.. The graduate from the University claims himself to be a doctor. How far can the people trust him? If money is the way to becoming a professional then I and you without studying could well wear the garb. The candidate who enters the college does not apply his mind to study. He knows that his family would make him a doctor by advancing money to get through. This university has produced so many doctors of this calibre.

Oh! I have gone astray from the main. The business I was talking about flourished. The family did not interfere in the activities. It was the paid managers who oversaw. They were not in any way professionals.As there was no competition the business thrived. The family wallowed in luxury.

it so happened that the family could not beget an heir to their wealth. So the two branches as per the community's practice, adopted sons. Those two came from a much unknown families. They could not cope up with the high profile  parents. The one chose a life of his own.  He sailed abroad. The other one stayed in and discreetly took the control of the companies, set aside the father, and became invincible in the course.

The adopted father feels helpless. With his money gone and his age not by his side is trying to pull himself
from his leviathan slumber. It is too late. Very late.

An example for the wrong side.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

The Family I Know----- An Example.

A family into business for generations together has kept their transactions intact. business is a venture not in a way related to anyone. They behave as fellow directors once they enter the boardroom. relationships are at the door. The brother, father, son and uncle exist not in the business centre .it is found greatly in the portals of their own homes. The fights and differences at the personal level do not find a place in the business. They are well without the circle.

This family I quote is a close knit one with three generations into it. They have set their own rules. A member who has turned 65 should retire from business. No active participation is allowed, however much the person is capable or being the only member in a particular branch of the family.The senior most position is given to the person who is the senior in age, mind you less than 65. If a member would turn 65 next year he would occupy the post for a year then automatically go into the pavillion. If there are no members above 60 and the available member is only 45 and the rest are above 65, this person takes yup the mantle. he could remain in the top for another 20 years. A way lucky,as he would have the longest slot, a way unlucky as he has to bear the brunt and responsibility for 20 years. Well, that is the rule and the way they follow it makes me put my finger in my lips and exclaim Hurrah!.

This family also has formulated one more clause. That is the most important. The females of the family are never allowed to participate in the management of the companies.  However, they could involve themselves in charities and educational services which the family runs under a trust. The women are thus occupied and their mind does not juggle and frame schemes to overthrow one another.

I admire this family's foresight and idealism. They have gone a long way. They would ,
for sure, if they keep up the rules would reach the slot of excellence in no small terms and time.

Could Family Business last Long?

Could family business last long?
Yes and no.

Some businesses have lasted for generations. Others have disappeared very soon.

To businesses to last we have to straightforward, transparent and sincere. If we think it is the entire family that is going to be benefitted, why should we work hard the very thought would dissipate the spirit and disintegrate the business. If one considers it as a business and he be the executive who has been appointed to take the company forward, then the company would ideally grow. He could take the required perquisites.

To business to disappear, you need not do anything wonderful, just start a controversy sit aside and watch how it brews and how it flares up. The tempers would fly, heated it would become and finally a division would take place.

Further swindle the money from the common pool, show loss in the business not once but continuously the business would collapse.

moreover ask the members to contribute to the company to set off the losses the business would ultimately close.

That is the end of the
Family Business.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Success In Family Business

The success of a family business lies in the unity of the family. This is the most vital part in running
 a concern purely with the family members on board. If the faith in the management gets diluted then the crash of the venture is well predicted. No amount of patch up would then result in a smooth execution.

How could this unity be preserved?

 This should be thought of with great deliberation. Unnecessary interference by the family members should be restricted. those on board should evince a keen interest in the management. They should not sleep for a while and wake up all of a sudden then come up with ideas. This would disrupt the peace of the managerial environment. A watch and go through procedure should take the priority. Intercepting each and every move should not become a practice. A check once and a while, a verification at random and an insight into what is happening should be the motivation The peep and a peek should be avoided to ensure a hurdle free running of the business.

the monthly meetings should review the scenario Then the yearly ones should be attended without fail y the directors. Issues, if at all require attention should be taken into consideration. The queries pertaining to the workings should be raised then and there. Answers should be sought. If there is a dissatisfaction then the chief should come out with a revision and then submit the annual returns to the departments The profits should be divided and dividends should be announced. The family should be impressed by the performance and should also get the maximum benefits from the company

If these are followed to the exact, then the business would prove successful.

The Concept Of Family Business

The concept in family business is to hold the ventures together under a family's head. The liabilities and assets should be well within the reach of the family. Transactions are to be transparent. The man at the helm should be genuine and should favour none.

If there arises a misstep then the business would suffer.It should be a tread with caution, a balanced walk on a rope The policies should be discussed.  The periodical meetings should be held. The implementation of the policies should be done as per the schedules. Not any way in a hurry. A  free hand should be given to the chief executives when they have to act on an urgency or an emergency.

So any crossing or counterchecking should not be the case. The suspicion should not find  the
 way. If at all it arises then it is a total disbelief in the management. This exercise should be averted. Only sincerity would hold the business. Other flip flop activity would crumble in no time.

That way be the way to run a family business. Of course, the top level management could draw a salary equivalent to their efforts and a bonus for effectively managing the show. An understanding should never be in oral terms. All should be put in black and white and act as testimony to the managerial skill.

The Transformation In Business

The viability in family business being the essential criteria to run it, many families ignore the concept and attach much importance to sentiments. Of course, the family involvement, its reputation do count. Business is for profit. As such the monetary consideration comes into the fro.As times change the perception undergoes a metamorphical transformation.  The orientation also has to change.

 If the core business goes through a hard phase.That has to be considered seriously. If need it has to be set aside, wound up and liquidated or the face has to get a lift. it could be old wine in new bottles or new wine in new bottles. It depends on the circumstances.It banks on the prudence.

The time you make up your mind is the crucial factor. If dilly dally then the business would eat you up. Procrastination should not be there. The moment you decide the same moment you execute. Then you save money and time. 

That is not the end of it. With the realized money go in for a catch. A business that would earn you 
 revenue and would be lucrative.You should have done the homework earlier.A quick action and a swift transformation would yield benefits.

Monday, May 4, 2015

Pawn Shops.

The Family business has many facets to be considered. One being the seniority. The other the capacity.
Looking into the third factor the viability which I feel is most important in business. Just because it has been handed over to generations it is not the best. It was working at one point of time. it would have done pretty well. Now, times have changed so does the outlook.
I know a family which was doing very well in money lending. The father did from his village lending out money to his relatives for a decent interest. he made money and lived comfortably. his sons moved out to a town nearby. All the four of them had set shops. Each one advanced money against the security which would be in the form of land, jewels and materials. They made huge profits.

it happened one day, the first son was alone in his house as his wife had gone to a temple some 300 kilometres to participate in a function. The maid had gone home. The man locked his door and went into his bedroom. Caught unaware a man bounced from nowhere, overpowered him and stifled him to death. The burglar took all the pawned valuables and made way quick. The next morning the maid came, She saw the house open. She called the neighbours and all went in to see the man deal with a pool of blood around.

The wife rushed back and the rest is history. The viability comes into the scene. Pawn shops and their likes were prominent in ester years. As the days have advanced,
people are not so much inclined to these old age business. They go direct to the banks and raise money pledging security. it is far more safe and cheap too. The pawn shops and their gold have become obsolete.. The business model is outdated. A reformation should take place for such kind of business to prosper.


Sunday, May 3, 2015

The Top Executives In Family Business

There arises an issue in family business,as who has to preside over. Seniority is the outcome.
 How far seniority works? Does it not depend on efficiency? Does it not rely on exposure? Does it not call for literacy? Many and many queries crowd my mind as I deliberate on the subject of Family Business .

The senior most member of the family is the one who is older in age. Well, if this man lacks all the basic qualifications, is he still eligible to take the reins?If at all he his given an opportunity he does not perform what would happen to the business/

If it is circumventing around the landed properties, not much harm could be done. If it is encircled by manufacturing industry then acumen is very essential. Now this senior member slips and fails what would happen to the industry?

Analysing all these possibilities, it is the man who is shrewd, who is genial, who is genuine, who could handle the affairs be offered the top post for the industry to flourish.

Will the family hierarchy give way to this new clause

Saturday, May 2, 2015

The Business Of Brothers.

It is a series of lapses that had led the business to a disaster. Begun well with ambitions set in the sky the duo Raj and Appu piled success after success. They entered into hospitality. They bought a priced property in the centre of the town which hosted the officers bungalows.  It belonged to a composite textile mill which was the pride of the town.

Raj and Appu hired professionals from Sri Lanka to redo the buildings. The architects and interior designers did a good job. Another Sri Lankan hotelier was also brought in to run the hotel for a contract of five years. The going was good and the hotel was one of the best in the town.

As always the two brothers wanted to expand. They are very enterprising and had business acumen so much but they lacked a perseverance. They would jump from one to the other without giving a thought of what would happen and how could they manage the bourses  by taking new projects.

This was their strength and weakness. In their aspiration  to widen their business,
they forgot the money involved. They borrowed and finally were left in the lurch. Their meticulously configured projects crashed. They were deep in trouble..

Adding woe to the misery Raj and Appu fell apart. it is a usual phenomenon.When things go good friendship lasts. When there is a downward trend the first to go  are the friends.
A tale well begun ended up in a calamity.

Friday, May 1, 2015

The Solomon Grundy

The family business in my part of the country, rather the participant being my own cousin has made enormous wealth in a short time. Has been in the high profile aviation industry. he started the airlines with a bang. being in his early twenties he became a successful business magnet.  He has his eyes always on the air and his nose too correlates with his eyes.

An achiever all throughout, he managed the business with a modular knack. His airlines supplied the best food. The staff were courteous and the service was exemplary. With my fingers on my nose, I use to stare at this young man as I compared myself with him. I, past my middle age, could not make both ends meet while here is a gentleman who mints money in a sway.

All that glitters is not gold goes the maxim. One fine morning, as usual I sat down on my patio to browse through the newspapers. My eyes got stuck at the headlines. The bold letters displayed the wily acts of my cousin, who had rigged and had done feats (pardon me for using the word) that had put the banks and other financial institutions that have lent liberally in a quandary. Still he spoke with a confidence and stated that there were no anomalies in his transactions.

To cut matters short, the news appeared daily for some months about his manipulations. To nobody's surprise,
the airline came to a halt.  I recall the rhyme of Solomon Grundy, who was born on Monday and finally got buried on Sunday.

The Family Business

It is the business that keeps the family going. A family that has been for long has now disintegrated.
The disharmony has led to the breakup. While the patriarch favoured one of his sons the others pulled away from the business. They did not go away without anything but took with them a considerable asset both in business form and also in value.

The shatter led to a disaster. The favoured son took the reins and set aside his aged father with the support of his mother. The business that was reputed and that earned high revenue turned a loss making one.

The banks extended no help and the outstandings which were very limited mounted in three fold with the interest accumulating. The industrial units were closed. The management had to pay lay off initially to the workers.  The interest and wages mounted along with the other statutory obligations, such as Sales Tax, Provident Fund and  Gratuity.  The raw material suppliers queued in front of the office gheraoed the management and at last the curtains came down.

The patriarch passed away. A broken man, he was and died an unhonoured death. His favourite son did not realize his mistake. He went on in his own style and the prized property was auctioned.

 The family which had once hundreds of acres of land, huge fixed deposits. a fleet of cars and palatial bungalows is now with a residual balance.

That be the
fate of the highly reputed business house in India.