Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thiruvedagam - - A Place of Worship.

The Temples Of India are a pride to the land.
Their architecture, their divinity, and the Puranas glorify them.

Madurai is called as Temple city. We find beautiful temples in all directions. They are very ancient.

One such is Thiruvedagm on the banks of River Vaigai. It is 20 km from the city.
in a quiet hamlet surrounded by coconut groves.
The temple is built of stone. It is eulogised by the Saiva saint Thiruganansambandhar.

I went to the temple on no ordinary day last week. The Navaratri festival was celebrated in a way best known to the archakas and the trustees. The kollu  was there. Only that much I can say. The dolls were displayed  without any theme. I could not see any  beauty or order in their arrangement. It was on a corner.

Lord Shiva, the presiding deity is a "Suyambu". His sanctum is ill- lit. The steps to the sanctum are greasy, sticky and black full of soot and dust. On every step, a vessel is  there: a stainless steel bucket, a brass plate, a hollow vessel, a water hose  lying at random. On the floor, empty boxes of pathis, the coconut coir,  paper, and rags are strewn.  Inside the sanctum, on the  clothesline strips of clothes are hanging. The tapestry is  tattered. Torn and  when drawn covers half the distance.  The archakas wipe their oily hands. The tapestries in the shrine need immediate  attention.
Two plastic chairs are kept at the entrance of the sanctum for reasons unknown.

The Goddess Yelavar kulali,  resides in a dirtier place than her consort. The Archana was done in a mechanical way and the  brass Tham Balam has lost its shine. It is oily and black.

On the entrance, there is a big culvert that speaks of the history of the temple and tells us of those who contributed to the temple renovations. Three families, predominantly, have contributed to the temple. They are the Nagarathars from Devakottai and one member of a particular family is the permanent trustee.

Their participation in the festivals and poojas are noteworthy. It stops with that. They do not see to the upkeep of the temple. This is not wisdom.

One goes to the temple to shed off his mental agony and receive the blessings of the Gods.  One wishes to relax in peace .

Does one find such peace in Thiruvedegam? A question that has to be addressed.

Will tranquillity  descend and prevail  amidst such  disgusting scenario?.
An answer that has to manifest in the actions through the years

Monday, November 2, 2015

Return Of Awards

The writers and filmmakers have returned their awards.
 They want a tolerant attitude,
 Tolerance in the religion and in the acceptance of the  customs.
 Beef  has become a hot topic.
Hindus revere cow as a Goddess.
Muslims have a love for beef.
 The slaughter of the cattle has been here for years.
 None found fault.
 The insurgency has led to an unrest.
 The Government remains silent.
 The lynching has created a furore.
 The writers, first being Nayantara Sehgal,  have sent back their awards to the Sahitya Academy.
The officials  keep mum.
 Only a few days back the Academy spokesperson came out with a statement.
 But the  anger has provoked many a writer to disown the award.
It is a bolt from the blue.
The administration did not anticipate such a refusal.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Pulses

The inflation is up.
 The price of pulses has gone up.
 The reason is not known.
The steep rise is due to hoarding.
 The price which was Rs 75 a few months back has risen up to Rs 210.
 A steep rise and the common man finds it difficult to make both ends meet.
 The government has been taken unaware.
 Importing pulses has brought down the prices marginally to RS 165.
 It has to go down further.

Saturday, October 31, 2015

Raghuram Rajan's Perception

The economy of India has turned stable.
 Thanks to the efforts of Raghuram Rajan, the RBI governor.
His pragmatic approach has led to a stagnant growth in the manufacturing sector.
 There is no initiative in the real estate markets.
 The temporary lull has halted progress to an extent.
 The RBI governor's move is to set the house in order.
 The next step is to promote growth.
 Criticisms are there.
Critical is the analysis.
 Research speaks differently.
 The shrewd economist in Raghuram Rajan perceives growth secondary to stability.
 A firm foundation is required, he feels.
 He is meticulously working towards a focus.
 He wants India to sustain not win alone.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The Shoe That Fits.

The shoe is for the feet. Not the feet is for the shoe.

காலுக்காகச் செருப்பா, செருப்புக்காக காலா .
It is a saying In Tamil.
I derive
 a lot of inferences from this old saying.
That fits not you should be thrown away.
This being said Of shoes. This could very well be takne for business too.
 The executives who run the business should be ever on the lookout. One black sheep is enough to pull down the business. Alert and watchful, he should identify the person  who causes a disturbance. Warn him  or if he is not apologetic dismiss him at once. Tis would save a lot. Business could be well preserved..
Deliberation should  not come in here. it is a then and there decision.
This would save the business and lead it towards prosperity. The quicker you are the most beneficial it would turn out to be.
A stitch in time saves nine.
So abide by the decision and go ahead. Suceess is yours. Good Luck!

Gossips In Business

It is being on and off from Atmashruti. Do I not know what goes wrong? and what goes right?.
I am bewildered.

Now, back again. I would like to delve into the rumours that affect the business.  The no meaning talks that encircle the business would dishearten a businessman.If he is strong he could pooh-pooh
them and get going in his work. If he tends to be weak then goes the business and all.

The competitors indulge in spreading slanders. They are at the best baseless but enough to dampen the spirit. An example of such talks could be, the man you know in trouble. he is neck deep in debt. he is making things meet in the hardest way. His revenue is less than his expenditure.  He is making a straight loss.

Ignore them and go beyond. It is a sure way to success

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Invest In Vacant Land.

Investment in land  is  the best option available..
Investing in vacant land is one among the best.
True, they do not produce anything.They do not generate income. They do promise  some cash flow.
It is a trouble-free option. You need not tend the land. The  only important factor is that you should be cautious so that no encroachment is  made through.

Buy a land at the right price. Allow it to lie like that. Sure, if it is buildable, developers would approach.With that, a huge battle is won.

Vacant land does not encourage competition. It does not earn be the reason. So it is your market and you could buy a huge land mass very cheap. Most lands could be bought with money in hand. There is no necessity for mortgage or loan.

The Land gives you immense peace of mind. it is not going to be stolen like gold and other valuables. It would not depreciate as building does. It does not need any infrastructure. it lies just like that. Eye a right piece of land. buy it and you could make a
 profit though not tomorrow but in the years to come.