Sunday, October 16, 2016

Thiruvedagam - - A Place of Worship.

The Temples Of India are a pride to the land.
Their architecture, their divinity, and the Puranas glorify them.

Madurai is called as Temple city. We find beautiful temples in all directions. They are very ancient.

One such is Thiruvedagm on the banks of River Vaigai. It is 20 km from the city.
in a quiet hamlet surrounded by coconut groves.
The temple is built of stone. It is eulogised by the Saiva saint Thiruganansambandhar.

I went to the temple on no ordinary day last week. The Navaratri festival was celebrated in a way best known to the archakas and the trustees. The kollu  was there. Only that much I can say. The dolls were displayed  without any theme. I could not see any  beauty or order in their arrangement. It was on a corner.

Lord Shiva, the presiding deity is a "Suyambu". His sanctum is ill- lit. The steps to the sanctum are greasy, sticky and black full of soot and dust. On every step, a vessel is  there: a stainless steel bucket, a brass plate, a hollow vessel, a water hose  lying at random. On the floor, empty boxes of pathis, the coconut coir,  paper, and rags are strewn.  Inside the sanctum, on the  clothesline strips of clothes are hanging. The tapestry is  tattered. Torn and  when drawn covers half the distance.  The archakas wipe their oily hands. The tapestries in the shrine need immediate  attention.
Two plastic chairs are kept at the entrance of the sanctum for reasons unknown.

The Goddess Yelavar kulali,  resides in a dirtier place than her consort. The Archana was done in a mechanical way and the  brass Tham Balam has lost its shine. It is oily and black.

On the entrance, there is a big culvert that speaks of the history of the temple and tells us of those who contributed to the temple renovations. Three families, predominantly, have contributed to the temple. They are the Nagarathars from Devakottai and one member of a particular family is the permanent trustee.

Their participation in the festivals and poojas are noteworthy. It stops with that. They do not see to the upkeep of the temple. This is not wisdom.

One goes to the temple to shed off his mental agony and receive the blessings of the Gods.  One wishes to relax in peace .

Does one find such peace in Thiruvedegam? A question that has to be addressed.

Will tranquillity  descend and prevail  amidst such  disgusting scenario?.
An answer that has to manifest in the actions through the years