Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Gossips In Business

It is being on and off from Atmashruti. Do I not know what goes wrong? and what goes right?.
I am bewildered.

Now, back again. I would like to delve into the rumours that affect the business.  The no meaning talks that encircle the business would dishearten a businessman.If he is strong he could pooh-pooh
them and get going in his work. If he tends to be weak then goes the business and all.

The competitors indulge in spreading slanders. They are at the best baseless but enough to dampen the spirit. An example of such talks could be, the man you know in trouble. he is neck deep in debt. he is making things meet in the hardest way. His revenue is less than his expenditure.  He is making a straight loss.

Ignore them and go beyond. It is a sure way to success

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