Friday, April 16, 2010

Cricket Madness.

Cricket is a game that makes everyone crazy.
It is madness , nothing but madness.
The  test cricket went on for five days.
People sat on the pavilion and gallery to watch the game.
The eleven players , in the field , made much fuss, while the eleven thousand spectators made  great noise.

Then came the one day match, with specified overs .
This became highly provoking.
Tempers ran high.
Excitement was rampant.
Money  became the  focal point.

Countries were represented .
There was a minute pick up of the players.
There was a certain extent of patriotism expressed
Mostly there is  only a handul of countries that engage in this jittery game.

Now , there is the IPL series .
The financial outflow is beyond comprehension.
The sponsors spin money, as the cricketers spin the ball.
The game has lost its quality.
It is now money ,nothing but money.
It is an easy way of making billions.

Of late, the junior minister , in the Indian Government, Shasi Tharror has got entrapped in the scandal.
Many stories , that of he favouring  his would be bride , has taken the people by surprise.
The Indian parliament is rocking with this issue.
A play has become a disaster.

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