Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Unmindful expansion.

Deploying procedures that are not coordinating to the environment has become the fashion of a day.
Building sky scrapers ,when there is land in plenty ,is a new system .
Huddling into flats ,apartments and condominiums ,is the effect of high style living.
Using electrical gadgets have become a neccessity.
Thus the world rotates , while there is a loud cry for going green.

This direction to  bring in not so much required identities have spelt a knell on the earth getting warm.
Days back, the houses were built  with cross ventillation.
The air could move from one direction to another.
Modern constructions reveal windows on one side,.
There is no free flow , thus stifling the air circulation.
This feature leads to breathing problems , like wheezing, asthma.

The restricted space in apartments , with the crowd of modern gadgets , make life pernicious.
The living room ,with the television on most of the time, seems to be a place of relaxation.
But the cringy movable space, and the yelling T.V ,send waves of harmful appeals.
The dining ,with the table set ,gives a grand look.
But the main component, the food, is all made in a hurry.
Pastas, and fast foods find their way to the table.
They are consumed even faster, proceeding to an indigestion and upset of the stomach.
The bedroom  with an elaborate cot and dressing table  presents a felicitous mood.
The time to get into bed ,and relax , gets minimised , by the work culture.
There looks  an extension of comforts but a withdrawal  of competence.
The bath with expensive fittings  has great ambience.
The kitchen with modular fittings express  a fine temperment.
The preparation also attunes to the exhibits .
A  sumptuous feast to the eyes is available.
Is it practical?
Is it eco friendly?

The construction programmes manifested in most cities of most countries , have not produced a monumnetal architecture.
Instead ,they  represent the junk type , typical of mass ,not delicate , not eye catching, not impressive form of art.
They contribute much to the disaster of environment.
They release an undesirable promotion, degrading the principles of  going green.

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